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Тренировочные упражнения по англ. языку по теме "Косвенная речь"

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Упражнения по теме «Прямая и косвенная речь, согласование времен»


Helen: I want to tell you something about my holiday in London.

Gareth: What does she say?

You: She says that __________.

Helen: I went to London in July.

Gareth: What does she say?

You: She says that __________.

Helen: My parents went with me.

Gareth: What does she say?

You: She says that __________.

Helen: We spent three days in London.

Gareth: What does she say?

You: She says that __________.

Helen: London is a multicultural place.

Gareth: What does she say?

You: She says __________.

Helen: I saw people of all colours.

Gareth: What does she say?

You: She says that __________.

Helen: Me and my parents visited the Tower.

Gareth: What does she say?

You: She says that __________.

Helen: One evening we went to see a musical.

Gareth: What does she say?

You: She says that __________.

Helen: I love London.

Gareth: What does she say?

You: She says __________.

Helen: The people are so nice there.

Gareth: What does she say?

You: She says __________.


Your friend is an exchange student in the USA at the moment. You are speaking with him on the phone and your friend Sue is standing next to you. She is very excited - you have to repeat every sentence to her.


Tom: I'm fine.

Sue: What does he say?

You: He says that __________.

Tom: The weather here is great.

Sue: What does he say?

You: He says that __________.

Tom: My host family is very nice.

Sue: What does he say?

You: He says that __________.

Tom: I have my own room.

Sue: What does he say?

You: He says that __________.

Tom: We have a national park here.

Sue: What does he say?

You: He says that __________.

Tom: We went there yesterday.

Sue: What does he say?

You: He says that __________.

Tom: It was great.

Sue: What does he say?

You: He says that __________.

Tom: I'd love to go there again.

Sue: What does he say?

You: He says that __________.

Tom: The teachers at my school are very nice.

Sue: What does he say?

You: He says that __________.

Tom: My English has improved.

Sue: What does he say?

You: He says that __________.

1. She said, "I am reading."

She said that __________.

2. They said, "We are busy."

They said that __________.

3. He said, "I know a better restaurant."

He said that __________.

4. She said, "I woke up early."

She said that __________.

5. He said, "I will ring her."

He said that __________.

6. They said, "We have just arrived."

They said that __________.

7. He said, "I will clean the car."

He said that __________.

8. She said, "I did not say that."

She said that __________.

9. She said, "I don't know where my shoes are."

She said that __________.

10. He said: "I won't tell anyone."

He said that __________.


1. They said, "This is our book."

They said __________.

2. She said, "I went to the cinema yesterday."

She said __________.

3. He said, "I am writing a test tomorrow."

He said __________.

4. You said, "I will do this for him."

You said __________.

5. She said, "I am not hungry now."

She said __________.

6. They said, "We have never been here before."

They said __________.

7. They said, "We were in London last week."

They said __________.

8. He said, "I will have finished this paper by tomorrow."

He said __________.

9. He said, "They won't sleep."

He said __________.

10. She said, "It is very quiet here."

She said __________.



1. "Where is my umbrella?" she asked.

She asked __________.

2. "How are you?" Martin asked us.

Martin asked us __________.

3. He asked, "Do I have to do it?"

He asked __________.

4. "Where have you been?" the mother asked her daughter.

The mother asked her daughter __________.

5. "Which dress do you like best?" she asked her boyfriend.

She asked her boyfriend __________.

6. "What are they doing?" she asked.

She wanted to know __________.

7. "Are you going to the cinema?" he asked me.

He wanted to know __________.

8. The teacher asked, "Who speaks English?"

The teacher wanted to know __________.

9. "How do you know that?" she asked me.

She asked me __________.

10. "Has Caron talked to Kevin?" my friend asked me.

My friend asked me __________.

11. "What's the time?" he asked.

He wanted to know __________.

12. "When will we meet again?" she asked me.

She asked me __________.

13. "Are you crazy?" she asked him.

She asked him __________.

14. "Where did they live?" he asked.

He wanted to know __________.

15. "Will you be at the party?" he asked her.

He asked her __________.

16. "Can you meet me at the station?" she asked me.

She asked me __________.

17. "Who knows the answer?" the teacher asked.

The teacher wanted to know __________.

18. "Why don't you help me?" she asked him.

She wanted to know __________.

19. "Did you see that car?" he asked me.

He asked me __________.

20. "Have you tidied up your room?" the mother asked the twins.

The mother asked the twins __________.


 1. "Stop talking, Joe," the teacher said.

The teacher told Joe __________.

2. "Be patient," she said to him.

She told him __________.

3. "Go to your room," her father said to her.

Her father told her __________.

4. "Hurry up," she said to us.

She told us __________.

5. "Give me the key," he told her.

He asked her __________.

6. "Play it again, Sam," she said.

She asked Sam __________.

7. "Sit down, Caron" he said.

He asked Caron __________.

8. "Fill in the form, Sir," the receptionist said.

The receptionist asked the guest __________.

9. "Take off your shoes," she told us.

She told us __________.

10. "Mind your own business," she told him.

She told him __________.


7. – Повелительные предложения в косвенной речи (с отрицанием). Перепишите предложения в косвенной речи, обратите внимание на изменение местоимений.

 1. "Don't touch it," she said to him.

She told him __________.

2. "Don't do that again," he said to me.

He told me __________.

3. "Don't talk to me like that," he said.

He told her __________.

4. "Don't repair the computer yourself," she warned him.

She warned him __________.

5. "Don't let him in," she said.

She told me __________.

6. "Don't go out without me," he begged her.

He begged her __________.

7. "Don't forget your bag," she told me.

She told me __________.

8. "Don't eat in the lab," the chemistry teacher said.

The chemistry teacher told his students __________.

9. "Don't give yourself up," he advised her.

He advised her __________.

10. "Don't hurt yourselves, boys," she said.

She told the boys _________

 1. She said, "Go upstairs."

She told me __________.

2. "Close the door behind you," he told me.

He told me __________.

3. "Don't be late," he advised us.

He advised us __________.

4. "Stop staring at me," she said.

She told him __________.

5. "Don't be angry with me," he said.

He asked her __________.

6. "Leave me alone," she said.

She told me __________.

7. "Don't drink and drive," she warned us.

She warned us __________.

8. "John, stop smoking," she said.

She told John __________.

9. "Don't worry about us," they said.

They told her __________.

10. "Meet me at the cinema." he said.

He asked me __________.

 1. He said, "I like this song."

He said __________.

2. "Where is your sister?" she asked me.

She asked me __________.

3. "I don't speak Italian," she said.

She said __________.

4. "Say hello to Jim," they said.

They asked me __________.

5. "The film began at seven o'clock," he said.

He said __________.

6. "Don't play on the grass, boys," she said.

She told the boys __________.

7. "Where have you spent your money?" she asked him.

She asked him __________.

8. "I never make mistakes," he said.

He said __________.

9. "Does she know Robert?" he wanted to know.

He wanted to know __________.

10. "Don't try this at home," the stuntman told the audience.

The stuntman advised the audience __________.

11. "I was very tired," she said.

She said __________.

12. "Be careful, Ben," she said.

She told Ben __________.

13. "I will get myself a drink," she says.

She says __________.

14. "Why haven't you phoned me?" he asked me.

He wondered __________.

15. "I cannot drive them home," he said.

He said __________.

16. "Peter, do you prefer tea or coffee?" she says.

She asks Peter __________.

17. "Where did you spend your holidays last year?" she asked me.

She asked me __________.

18. He said, "Don't go too far."

He advised her __________.

19. "Have you been shopping?" he asked us.

He wanted to know __________.

20. "Don't make so much noise," he says.

He asks us __________.


1. She realized that nobody (will come/would come).

2. We understood that she (sees/saw) nothing.

3. He said he (will arrive/would arrive) in some days.

4. My mother was sure I already (have come/had come).

5. I didn't know they (are/were) in the room.

6. We supposed the rain (will stop/would stop) in some hours.

7. He said he never (has been/had been) to London.

8. We wanted to know who (is singing/was singing) in the next room.

9. I always thought he (is/was) a brave man.

10. When I saw him, he (is working/was working).

11. We know she always (comes/came) in time.

12. They thought he (will have finished/would have finished) his work by the evening.

13. She said she (has/had) a terrible headache.

14. We supposed they (will send/would send) us the documents.

15. He said he (has not seen/had not seen) us for ages.



1. Her brother said he never (to see) that film before.

2. He came home and listened: his son (to play) the piano.

3. They didn't worry too much because they (to lock) the door.

4. I asked her when she (to give) me that book to read.

5. We wanted to know if they (to enjoy) the meal.

6. She supposed she (to like) the hotel.

7. I am afraid they (not to come) yet.

8. He wanted to know if the station (to be) far away.

9. Eric doesn't know who (to phone) him at five o'clock.

10. He admitted he (not to be) here for weeks.

11. She was sorry she (to arrive) so late.

12. Jean promised she never (to speak) to me again.

13. Andy said he just (to buy) a new car.

14. My mother decided that she never (to drink) coffee late at night.

15. I hear you already (to find) a new job.

16. We were sure our children (to sleep).

17. I didn't think they still (to discuss) that problem.

18. It is remarkable that you (to come) at last.

19. My doctor thinks I (to be) allergic to pineapples.

20. Sophia knew her aunt (to be) glad to visit her in two days.



1. When I opened the window, I saw the sun (to shine).

2. We are sure Simon (to marry) her some time later.

3. He can't remember where he (to put) his glasses.

4. George thought the restaurant (to be) expensive.

5. She was disappointed that she (not to get) the job.

6. I didn't understand why they (to destroy) their relationship.

7. He is not sure they (to find) their way in the darkness.

8. Jane asked me if I (to invite) Ann to the party.

9. People say that he always (to be) very rich.

10. She said she (to wait) for me since seven o'clock.

11. They thought I (to give) them my telephone number.

12. I am afraid I (not can) answer your question.

13. We wanted to know what (to happen) to John.

14. George thought he (can) repair the car himself.

15. She is very upset: she (to break) her watch.

16. Bill said he (to feel) ill.

17. We thought she still (to be) in hospital.

18. I knew he (to pass) his examination at that time.

19. My cousin promised he (to visit) me in a week.

20. We didn't know they (to be) tired.


1. Я думал, что она болеет.

2. Мы надеялись, что он придет вовремя.

3. Я не знал, что его сестра учит английский язык.

4. Он уверен, что закончит работу до вечера.

5. Она сказала, что не хочет идти на прогулку.

6. Мы хотели знать, когда она пришла.

7. Мой друг говорит, что уже прочитал эту статью.

8. Я не знал, что он занят и не может мне помочь.

9. Никто не хотел верить, что он сказал правду.

10. Она надеется, что я не буду работать целый день в воскресенье.

11. Мы увидели, что дети играют в футбол.

12. Он сказал, что его мама доктор.



1. They are working in the garden. (We were sure).

2. I have never been to Paris. (I told).

3. They have been waiting for him for ten minutes. (He didn't know).

4. Tim hasn't written for them for ages. (She knew).

5. Kath will not see us. (My mother wrote).

6. He is going to the park. (He told me).

7. They are skating. (I supposed).

8. Somebody has stolen his purse. (He did not notice).

9. Sophie is a very clever girl. (Everybody knew).

10. He doesn't agree. (He told).

11. She hasn’t done her homework. (She said).

12. I don't like going to parties. (I told them).

13. She doesn't know how much the dress cost. (Mary told me).

14. We will come again next year. (We wrote them).

15. I am washing the car. (I told him).

16. He has already seen this play. (He didn't tell us).

17. She is not feeling very well. (She told the doctor).

18. He is translating the article. (I saw).

19. She will talk to Susan. (She promised).

20. He can not swim. (I didn't suppose).



1. Она сказала, что будет рада увидеть нас вновь.

2. Он сказал, что знает, как я себя чувствую.

3. Я сказал, что он только что вернулся из командировки.

4. Мы не заметили, как дети вышли из комнаты.

5. Она пообещала, что пришлет нам письмо.

6. Он не хотел верить, что они не понимают его.

7. Он не сказал, что не любит ходить в театр.

8. Мы надеялись, что он уже вернулся домой.

9. Она сказала, что живет в Саранске уже двадцать лет.

10. Мой брат сказал, что не согласен со мной.

11. Мы хотели знать, где он и что он делает в это время.

12. Все знали, что она поедет в командировку, но не знали, когда она вернется.

13. Я не мог понять, почему он не пришел. Я подумал, что он болен.

14. Мама сказала, что она вернется до семи вечера.

15. Никто из учеников не знал, что он такой сильный.

16. Он сказал, что занят, что он работает над докладом.

17. Моя сестра сказала, что никогда не встречала эту

женщину раньше и ничего не слышала о ней.

18. Мы были очень рады, что они не заблудились в незнакомом городе и пришли вовремя.

19. Все думали, что лекция начнется в десять.

20. Мы не надеялись, что увидим его снова.



1. Он надеялся, что проведет следующее лето у моря.

2. Мама сказала, что она хочет остаться дома.

3. Я знал, что ничего особенного с ним не случилось.

4. Нам казалось, что она смеется над нами.

5. Все знали, что он ошибается, но никто не решался сказать ему об этом.

6. Она сказала, что ждет свою подругу уже четверть часа.

7. Они спросили меня, что я буду делать в субботу.

8. Я не был уверен в том, что он поговорил с родителями.

9. Тренер объяснил нам, что это очень опасный вид спорта.

10. Моя двоюродная сестра пообещала мне, что навестит меня через неделю.

11. Отец сказал, что не знает, звонил ли мне кто-нибудь, потому что его не было дома.

12. Она сказала, что не хочет кофе, что она выпьет чай.

13. Он сообщил нам, что делегация прибудет сюда около трех.

14. Я хотел знать, какой язык они изучают и разговаривают ли они по-английски.

15. Он понял, что потерял хорошую возможность заработать немного денег.

16. Она волновалась, потому что не знала, понравятся ли детям ее подарки.

17. Они сказали, что экономическая ситуация хуже, чем они думали.

18. Мы надеялись, что это будет интереснейшая встреча.

19. Мой брат написал мне, что он поступил в университет.

20. Его дядя сказал, что придет к ним в гости.



1. "Give me a cup of tea, please", said my mother to me.

2. "Don't ask me such stupid questions", said Susan to him.

3. "Open your books at page ten", said our teacher to us.

4. "Don't make so much noise", said mother to her children.

5. "Please, open the window", asked his friend.

6. "Don't lock the door", said her granny.

7. He said to me: "Turn the sound down".

8. "Don't phone me so late", said my sister to me.

9. She asked me: "Please, give me his address".

10. "Don't tell her the truth", said they to him.

11. He said to his daughter: "Don't tease the dog!"

12. "Give us a drive, please", they asked him.

13. "Don't be late for the lesson", Susan's teacher said to her.

14. Marry told me: "Don't be frightened".


1. Мама попросила меня купить хлеб.

2. Мой брат сказал мне помыть машину.

3. Она попросила свою дочку не шуметь.

4. Родители сказали ему не выходить из дома.

5. Сестра попросила меня помочь ей.

6. Милиционер приказал им остановиться.

7. Они попросили ее не рассказывать правду об этом случае.

8. Я сказал своему другу прийти в семь вечера.

9. Учитель попросил ученика подойти к доске.

10. Она попросила не звонить ей.



1. "Sit down, children", she told us.

2. "Hurry up", my friend told me.

3. "Leave your keys on the table, please", mother told him.

4. "Have your tickets ready", two men told us.

5. "Don't eat for several days", my doctor told me.

6. Nick's father said to him: "Please, pass me a cigarette".

7. "Don't smoke in my room", she asked me.

8. "Don't go there," Jane's parents said. "Stay at home".

9. Mary said: "Give me his telephone number, please".

10. Mr. Jones said: "Don't stop!"

11. Jane’s mother told her: "Don't spend so much money".

12. "Take the children from school for me, please", he asked.

13. "Please, help me to translate this text", David said to me.

14. "Don't go near the dog", he told to his son.

15. "Give me a cup of tea, please", my granny asked me.

16. My teacher said: "Please, bring the register'.

17. "Stay back!" - ordered the police.

18. "Give me a lift into city, please", she asked me.

19. My friend said to me: "Lend me some money, please".

20. "Don't forget to post this letter", she said to me.



1. "My son is a student", said Henry.

2. "She is working at the library", said her mother.

3. My friend said to me:" I have not seen you for ages!"

4. " I shall solve the clues tomorrow," said All.

5. He said: " There is nobody here to stop them".

6. The soldier said: "We will find a place to lie up. I am afraid they will kill us".

7. My friend said to me: "We have been waiting for you for ten minutes".

8. Jane said: "I am all right. Nothing worries me".

9. "I am busy now. I am doing my lessons", said Tom.

10. "She is not here. She has just left the office", the secretary said to us.

11. He said to me: "This man is the doctor for the hospital".

12. "There is no one by that name here", they answered.

13. "I am ill. I have a high temperature", he said to us.

14. "We have tried to telephone him", they said.

15. "I don't think I will have done this work by the evening", she said.



1. "I was to London last year", she said to me.

2. "I have never been here before", he said to the girl next to him.

3. She said: "One of these men is my husband".

4. «I have come here to meet Jane", he said to me.

5. "We can not help you: we are too busy", they told me.

6. "I will come to visit you the day after tomorrow", she said to me.

7. He said: "I was tired so I went home after the party".

8. "They are at the little hotel near the station", said Mike.

9. She said: "I am trying to listen to music. Go out!"

10. "I haven't been waiting long", said Stephen to her.

11. "They are getting married tomorrow", he said.

12. She thought: "I will do it on Sunday".

13. They said to me: "We are meeting them at four o'clock today".

14. "I am going to the cinema", she said to me.

15. "He can not speak any foreign languages", Mary said to us.



1. "I am not joking", said my friend.

2. He said: "I have already spoken to the manager".

3. Joan said to Mary: "I didn't feel very well yesterday".

4. Simon said: "I must go now. I am in a hurry".

5. "I like swimming and playing tennis", she said.

6. Mike said: "My parents are arriving tomorrow".

7. "We were in this city two years ago", he said.

8. She said: "My friend doesn't like this film".

9. David said: "I will help you tomorrow if I have time".

10. "I have already translated two articles", said Jane.

11. "We are .going to stay in this hotel", they told us.

12. Julia said: "I will have finished my work by seven o'clock tonight".

13. "I want to know where you spent last night", he said.

14. "I will be working the whole day next Friday", said my cousin.

15. "Mind your business", he said to me.



1. "The publisher has told me that he is going to accept my book", he said to me.

2. My mother said: "Speak in a low voice. The baby is sleeping".

3. "I have my English lesson today", my brother said to me.

4. The student said: "I am afraid I will not pass my exam tomorrow".

5. "I have seen two nurses. I will find out where they are", said the man.

6. John said: "I have never tasted anything so tasty".

7. "Your joke is stupid. I don't want to listen to your jokes any more", she said to Peter.

8. "I am not crying", Julia said.

9. "I will not leave you alone if you want me to stay", Catherine said.

10. "We are going to go to the disco", my friend said to me.

11. Ann said: "Last Saturday I was at the theatre, but I did not like the play".

12. The doctor told me: "Beer will not be good for you".

13. He said: "It is too late to start to ski if you have never done it before".

14. "We have been married four years", they said to me.

15. "Don't worry about me. I feel fine", she said to her mother.


1. "I am very hungry. I want to eat something now", a boy said.

2. "I will never finish this work if you don't help me", his wife told him.

3. He said: "This machine is not good but the others are much better".

4. "I've heard about it before", she said.

5. "You will come with me to see Ann", said Miss Barkley.

6. "I don't know", he said. "There isn't always an explanation for everything".

7. "He didn't join us in the bar", my friend said.

8. "I am awfully sorry, but I can't help you", my cousin said.

9. "We know all about it now", his parents said to him.

10. "I was working hard the whole day yesterday", Nick said.

11. "They will have returned by nine o'clock", my granny said to me.

12. "I don't know why he wanted to go to war", she said.

13. "There is no work for you now", said the manager to him.

14. "You did exactly right", she said". "I don't mind at all".

15. "He has been leading a sort of an interesting life", his friend said.



1. "We are going to have dinner", my mother said to me.

2. "She has made great progress in her English", her teacher said.

3. "I will be glad to help you, don't mind", Joe said to Polly.

4. "We are playing a boring game", his children said.

5. Robert said: "Nobody has mentioned about it".

6. "I can't stay here", he said.

7. "As soon as you see him, give him my telephone number", Henry said to me.

8. "I'll just step out the door for a minute", Julia said.

9. "Be a good boy and be careful", his father said.

10. "If I go back my parents will not let me go out", the boy said to his friends.

11. "I think you don't know anything about it", Victor said.

12. "They have been discussing this question for two hours", said the secretary.

13. "I am all right. I feel better now", the patient said.

14. "If it is possible I will return in time", he said.

15. Her sister said to me: "She is still doing her homework".



1. She said she had already found her book.

2. My father told me that he was busy.

3. The pupil said he had not learnt the lesson.

4. All said that he was ill and felt unwell.

5. My sister told me that if she got that book she would give it me to read.

6. Mother asked me to stay at home as the weather was bad.

7. The man said he had never been to England.

8. Jane told us she would be working the whole day on Sunday.

9. The man said that there was not room for us.

10. His father asked him to put the papers on the table.

11. Barry said that he thought he had left his watch at home.

12. Jane said that she is going to go for a walk.

13. The teacher told the boy to leave the room immediately.

14. Derek told me he had got to entertain his cousins on Sunday evening.

15. She said she would bring me a glass of milk every night.


1. She told me she was not surprised at the news as she knew about it.

2. He said he had had an accident.

3. Liz said she could give me the newspaper as she had finished with it.

4. The boy said he was afraid he had broken my vase.

5. Kate told her mother she would not be out for long.

6. They said they didn't understand why he had been late.

7. The woman said she was taking her four-year-old niece to see Paris.

8. Steve told me he had been working sixty hours a week for the past month.

9. He said it would be difficult to go back.

10. Alison told me she was having dinner.

11. John said he was sorry he hadn't phoned me before.

12. Barry told the doctor he felt ill as he had had an enormous meal.

13. She said she was right after all.

14. They told us they were leaving on January 7.

15. She asked me not to open the window.



1. Jane said: "What are you doing"?

2. She said: "Did you invite him to the party?"

3. "Have you finished your exams?" he asked me.

4. My friend said: "Does your sister live in Saransk?"

5. Mother asked her daughter: "Have you hurt your leg?"

6. He said to the shop assistant: "How much does it cost?"

7. "Have you ever been to the USA?" they said to me.

8. Steve said: "Where did you stay in Moscow?"

9. My father said to me: "Can you pass me the magazine?"

10. They asked: "What time will the train arrive?"

11. My mother said to me: "Why didn't you buy bread?"

12. His friend asked: "How do you get to school?"

13. Barry said to me: "How long have you been waiting for your friend?"

14. She asked: "Who is singing in the next room?"

15. I asked my friend: "When did you telephone me?"



1. Не asked me: "Can you give me your pen?"

2. She said: "Has he already come home after lessons?"

3. They said to him: "Which school do you go to?"

4. Liz asked: "Are you seeing the manager tomorrow?"

5. My mother told me: "Where have you put my book?"

6. She asked: "How long have you been translating this article?"

7. Jane asked: "Did you go to London last year?"

8. "Are you busy now?" Nick asked his brother.

9. Kate's mother said: "What marks have you got at school?"

10. She asked me: "When will you go to the USA?"


1. Не said that he had studied English before he entered the institute.

2. She said that her parents lived in the country.

3. He told me that his son would arrive the following day.

4. David said he had broken his bicycle.

5. They told us they were busy: they were discussing a very important question.

6. Tom said he had been working at school for three years.

7. She said her daughter would go on a trip the following month.

8. James said he liked to see adventure films.

9. My friend said she wanted to buy a dog for her children.

10. Jane told me she would return me my book the following week.

11. His mother told him not to go to school because he was ill.

12. Sue said Ann had invited her to stay in her house for the following weekend.

13. His friend told him that he didn't think he could help.

14. She said she could not go for a walk with me as she was watching an interesting TV programme.

15. They told me that the train was leaving at the moment.



1. She said: "My parents are arriving tomorrow".

2. "We will be waiting at the station when you arrive", they told him.

3. "When I get money, I'll buy a new car", said my friend.

4. He said: "I must go and post a letter".

5. She said: "I stayed in a hotel for two weeks".

6. "Don't speak in a loud voice, your brother is sleeping", told mother to him.

7. "I can see you tomorrow", she said.

8. Beth said: "When father comes, I shall show him my picture".

9. "I've made some discoveries for myself today", said Meg.

10. "If you go straight, you will lose your way", the warning said.

11. "It's a nice country. You can reach the sea from any place", my uncle said.

12. "Don't play with a dog. Go and do your lessons", his elder sister told him.

13. "If they come to see me, I'll bake my favourite cake for them", said Jane.

14. He said: "I will take the place of the man of the family now".

15. "Remember the warning! Don't play with fire", said the man.



1. "Last year we spent in the Crimea". (They said)

2. "They moved to a new flat yesterday". (They said)

3. "I don't remember what she said". (He said)

4. "We have seen him today twice". (They said)

5. "I shall help you if you like". (She said)

6. "I have been translating this text for two hours". (He said)

7. "They are watching us at the moment". (Beth said)

8. "He will be retired next month". (His father said)

9. "You are have to be more polite". (Our teacher said)

10. "I am not doing something special now. I am watching TV". (My friend said)

11. "She will go for a walk if she has time". (Her mother said)

12. "I have not told anybody about it". (Nick said)

13. "It will be nice of you if you apologize for your behaviour". (Polly said)

14. "I am going to go to university". (His friend said)

15. "You will fail your exams if don't work hard". (My parents said)

16. Two years ago they were students. (She said)

17. Next year I will go to the USA. (Kate said)

18. I was not at school yesterday as I was ill. (The pupil said)

19. I think he will become a singer as he sings well. (His teacher said)

20. We are not sure she has already finished her work. (They said)


1. Why did not he come to the yacht-club? (He didn't tell us...)

2. Where has she been? (We didn't know...).

3. Do you often play basketball? (She asked me...).

4. Why doesn't she come early? (He wanted to know...).

5. When will the next train leave? (We asked...).

6. What are you doing? (My friend asked me...).

7. How long have his parents worked for the company? (They didn't know...).

8. When did Jack phone me? (He wanted to know...).

9. How often does she visit them? (He asked me...).

10. Who gave him money? (She didn't know...).

11. How many times have they seen this film? (He wondered...).

12. Why will not she come to the party? (He asked...).

13. What is the little boy playing with? (She wanted to know...).

14. What will they be doing at 5 o'clock? (My friend asked...).

15. What are your hobbies? (He asked me...).



1. I said: "Did you become a manager five years ago?

2. He asked me: "Does your sister study at school?"

3. She said: "Is he working on his report?"

4. Jack said: "Did you meet anybody at the party?"

5. Kate said to him: "Do you like modern art?"

6. Pat said to Nick: "Are you busy?"

7. Jane asked me: "Have you already found the keys?"

8. My friend said: "Have you already chosen a book to read?"

9. They asked us: "Are you tired?"

10. We asked: "Will you come to see us on Friday?"

11. Peter said: "Have they been waiting for hours?"

12. Mary asked me: "Have you known him since childhood?"

13. Mark said to Kate: "Do you prefer coffee to tea?

14. I asked my brother: "Can you help me?

15. She asked her: "Has he already received a letter?"

16. Jane said to me: "Do you agree with his decision?"

17. I asked her: "Can you give me a new cassette?"



1. Are there any people in the house? (The policeman asked...)

2. Has he already returned? (He asked me...)

3. Did you sister refuse to go to the cinema? (She asked...)

4. Will you return my book in time? (He asked me...)

5. Is he a good-looking man? (She wanted to know...)

6. Have they ever been to New Zealand? (We asked...)

7. Are you coming back today? (They asked us...)

8. Did the bus come in time? (He wanted to know...)

9. Does she know anything about his problem? (They asked...)

10. Can you translate this text without any dictionary? (She asked him...)

11. Is she cooking dinner in the kitchen? (He didn't know...)

12. Will they recognize us in the crowd? (They wanted to know...)

13. Are you in a hurry? (She asked me...)

14. Will she return in time? (They did not ask me...)

15. Can you think about the future and not about the past? (He asked...)


1. My friend asked me: "Which book did you take?"

2. Father said to Kate: "What are you doing now?"

3. Tom said: "Have you met Pat before?"

4. Judy asked Nike: "Did you invite your friends?"

5. My aunt asked me: "Have you already finished your exams?"

6. The teacher asked his pupils: "Do you like the story?"

7. The passenger said: "What time does the plane arrive?"

8. Grandmother said to Jack: "Will you send a telegram tomorrow?"

9. She asked her guest: "Do you prefer coffee to tea?"

10. Mother asked her children: "Who has broken the cup?"

11. The child asked his father: "What is this toy made of?"

12. The doctor said to his patient: "How are you feeling now?"

13. Sam asked Jane: "Haven't I seen you somewhere before?"

14. He asked his friend: "Can I get you something to drink?"

15. John asked Chris: "When are you leaving?"



1. She asked me if I liked Coke.

2. My friend asked me if he could borrow my car.

3. John wanted to know if that had not caused any problem.

4. She asked me if I would not mind about it.

5. They wanted to know where I was going.

6. Kate asked Mike whether he preferred eating at home.

7. We wanted to know when he would tell us the truth.

8. I asked her where her father was.

9. They wanted to know if the results of that experiment were exciting.

10. Susan asked Ann when she would give her new telephone number.



1. Ann asked me: "Have you been shopping here all morning?"

2. She said to me: "I am married and I've got one daughter".

3. The woman told me: "I'm talking my niece to see the city".

4. They said to me: "How long have you been a hairdresser?"

5. He asked the man: "Could I possibly borrow your magazine?"

6. She asked him: "Do you have any friends in Moscow?"

7. Ann said to her friend: "I am meeting my cousin but the train is late".

8. I told him: "You are much more open-minded then other people".

9. Nick asked Tom: "How long have you been married?"

10. I asked Liz: "Do you mind very much if I open the window?"

11. Jane said: "I hear someone playing the guitar in the flat above".

12. She asked me: "Who cooks and cleans for you?"

13. I asked them: "Are you going to see anything interesting?"

14. They said to me: "We have just moved into a new flat".

15. Nick's father asked him: "Bring me a cup of coffee, please".


1. The passenger asked: "Where's the information desk?"

2. The teacher said to his pupils: "Turn to the first page of Unit two".

3. He asked us: "Is it all right if I open the window?"

4. I said to my friend: "I am afraid I can't come out for a sea with you".

5. She told Jack: "I will not forget to send you a telegram".

6. They asked: "How much are the tickets?"

7. He wrote in his letter: "I know you are ill and I hope you shall get better".

8. The man asked me: "Do you know what time the train gets to Sochi?"

9. Mother told Pete: "Don't forget to call me when you reach the place".

10. My friend told me: "I'll help you to do your homework if you like".

11. He asked his grandson: "Have you any idea what I did with my glasses?"

12. His granny asked him: "Don't open the window".

13. The teacher asked the boy: "Why are your hands so dirty?"

14. Father said: "Look at these clouds. It is raining soon".

15. Jack said to Sam: "Are you doing anything this evening?"

16. "I haven't learnt a poem for today", said Pete.

17. She said: "I like this song from the sixties".

18. He asked me: "Where was Richard going when you met him?"

19. My grandmother said to me: "You're grown up now".

20. "What did you do at the lesson yesterday?" said his mother.

21. "Have you paid for everything?" the security guard said to him.

22. Nellie said: "I want to keep this because it reminds me of my grandfather".

23. "We have got about twenty supermarkets in our city", the manager said.

24. My mother said: "Don't brush too much oil on the meat".

25. She said to him: "I have not spoken to you for three days".

26. "I have lost my key. I'm looking for it", said Tom.

27. "Why do you think the exam will be easy?" she asked me.

28. "How long has Ann lived in Ruzaevka?" asked he.

29. "Your English is very good", he said to me. — "You make very few mistakes".

30. "He will be away till next month", his wife said to us.



1. Не asked me: "When can I talk to you?"

2. Eric said to me: "Come and have a look at my new bike".

3. "I'll get the ticket to the concert. I promise!" David said.

4. Delia said: "Tom has invited me to go sailing at the weekend".

5. The man said: "Don't park your car in front of the gate".

6. The manager said: "We have received a complaint about the prices".

7. "Do you know the cause of the fire?" asked the policeman.

8. "When I get a job, I'll buy a new car", said Mike.

9. "You will get a sunstroke if you spend more time in the sun", he said.

10. She asked me: "Have you ever made a speech in front of one thousand people?"

11. "If time allows, discuss this question with me", my brother said.

12. "Will you refuse to see your best friend for a million pounds?" he asked me.

13. Paul said to us: "Someone has stolen my case".

14. The tourist said: "I don't speak French and can't order a cup of coffee".

15. My sister said: "I've got a headache".

16. She said: "I don't know where I have lost my hotel key".

17. The firefighter said: "The main cause of fires is carelessness".

18. "We will have finished building by the end of the year", they said to me.

19. My mother said to me: "Go to bed".

20. "When did you receive a telegram?" asked the boy.

21. My friend asked me: "Have you ever used electric toothbrush?"

22. "Sit down at the table and have a cup of tea", said Alice to me.

23. She said to Mike: "Have you got a lot of relatives?"

24. "I'm afraid I will be late for dinner", said Helen.

25. Julia asked us: "Are you going away in the summer?"

26. "This time next week we'll be doing our exams", said they.

27. "How much do you earn?" he asked his brother.

28. "Don't hope we'll get there in time!" said Mike.

29. Ann said to her little sister: "I've told you several times not to take my pen".

30. He told me: "They have invited to go to an archaeological dig".



1. "How long do you work every day?" said the man to Peter.

2. Ann said: "Put the milk back in the fridge!"

3. "They will come back in time for college", said their father.

4. The guide said to the tourists: "We can't go through passport control together".

5. Bill said to the boy: "I've just realized you are telling the truth",

6. Her friend said to her: "Why do you keep complaining all the time?"

7. "I'll earn nothing as it's voluntary work", said the student.

8. She said: "I hope we get there in time to get a good seat".

9. The boy said to his father: "I am doing my home task".

10. Mother asked: "Why haven't you had breakfast yet?"

11. The manager said to us: "You will be working six hours every day".

12. "I think you are lying", she said to the boy.

13. My cousin asked me: "Will we go to the cinema on Monday?"

14. "I met your sister in the street yesterday", she said to Johnny.

15. Mother asked her children: "Where are your toys?"

16. "Please don't tell a lie", asked Susan.

17. Janet asked Helen: "How did your husband react to the news?"

18. "I feel very sorry for you", said George to Hester.

19. "Your wife has left the hospital. She's on her way home", said the doctor.

20. "Don't you want them to help you, they'll do it with pleasure", said Pete.

21. "Don't look at me like that", said the woman.

22. The pupil said: "London is not as big as Tokyo".

23. "What will you have achieved by the next year?" asked he.

24. The man said: "I'll go and get some roses to welcome her home".

25. "There is nothing to worry about", said George.

26. He said to us: "I have no idea how to help you".

27. "Let me show you how to do it", the old man said to the boy.

28. "How are you today?" asked the doctor politely.

29. "I'll have read this book by then", said my friend.

30. She shouted to them: "Get out!"

31. "What game is the boy playing?" said Nick.

32. "New York is on the same latitude as Lisbon", she said.

33. "There is not the right way to do it", Peter said. "I can show you the right way".

34. The policeman said: "This man has spent four weeks in prison".

35. "The title of today's discussion is the greenhouse effect", said the teacher. "Are you ready to discuss this problem?"

36. "I think he won't have finished studying until he is twenty-five", said Jane.

37. The woman said: "I think I'm going to give the police a ring".

38. "Do you think I am fool?" he said to me. "I don't think so".

39. "I've just received some money from my aunt", said Julia.

40. They asked him: "Where did this woman die?"


1. Не asked us politely: "How long will you stay here?"

2. "Moscow is much larger than Saransk", he said.

3. The pupil said to the teacher: "I got most of my information from this book".

4. "Their older son went to work in the factory", she said.

5. My mother said to me: "This letter is from the Jones family".

6. "Did you stay with them last summer?" they asked me.

7. "I'm in the kitchen." My mother said to me: "Come and help me".

8. Helen said to me: "I know they're your best friends".

9. "Do you often meet at the institute?" Mike asked me.

10. "We didn't recognize that place", said Fred.

11. He said: "I'm sure they will not refuse to come".

12. "My father was the first member of the family to go to college", said John.

13. Ann said: "I hate borrowing other people's things".

14. "Why did he decide to turn back?", my friend asked me.

15. "You are kidding!" said James. "I've just read about that".

16. "How long are you going to stay here?" asked Jane.

17. "Look at this", she said to us. "He is on a life support machine".

18. "They don't teach anything about politics", he said.

19. "When did they run out?" said James.

20. "I don't agree that boys always get into fights", our teacher said.

21. "Why are you talking to a stranger?" said my friend.

22. "I think she works in a bank", said Andrew.

23. He said: "I am not tired, I can go for a walk with you".

24. "It has been snowing for two hours", she said to me.

25. "I'll never read his novels again", said Nellie. "I've had enough of this".

26. "She likes to dance and she goes to the discos almost every day", her mother said.

27. The secretary said: "There is nobody in the office. The staff has gone home".

28. "Wait for him a little. He will be ready soon", John's mother said to us.

29. "Whom are you waiting for?", he asked them.

30. "I want to talk to you about this", said the boy's mother. "What's this?"

31. "Why hasn't she paid repairs yet?" asked father.

32. The librarian said to children: "Return books in time".

33. "Where were they last night?" said Dan to them.

34. The teacher said: "The children are doing their sums at the moment".

35. Kate said: "I have read the story and now I am making up a plan".

36. "Are you playing tennis this afternoon?" asked Bill.

37. Ann said about Jack: "He never thinks about other people".

38. "What happened to Jane last night?" said Mary.

39. "It will take me an hour to cook the dinner", said Helen.

40. My parents said to my younger brother: "Cross the street when the traffic light is green".


1. She said: "My grandmother hates leaving doors open".

2. "Do you think you are always right?" she asked me.

3. "Is there something wrong with you?" my friend said to me. - "What can I do for you?"

4. "You told me to be objective and that's what I do", said Mary to her mother.

5. Frank said to Jane: "I suppose nothing will change your decision".

6. "Please, don't help him!" said woman. - "He can do it by himself".

7. "Which of you is free now?" asked the teacher.

8. "Don't criticise your friend", said Nike.

9. Rita said to me: "What has mother told you to do today?"

10. "I can look after myself", said the old man.

11. "Why did you use the phone without asking?" said John.

12. "Don't fold back the pages of my book?" Frank said to Mary.

13. Mark said to me: "You have never been so insulted!"

14. "Do you think it's strange that he wants to sleep on the floor?" Julia asked Tom.

15. "If I feel better, I will come to see you tomorrow", said Helen to me.

16. She asked me: "What are you planning for summer".

17. "Don't smoke in the compartment", asked the passenger.

18. "Why did you return home so late last night?" my mother said to me.

19. He asked Jane: "How long have you been waiting for your cousin?"

20. "I'm not paying for your lunch, Tom", said his friend. "I haven't got any money".

21. She said to Mabel: "I've never heard anyone worse. He is a bad singer".

22. "When did they leave the country?" he asked Helen.

23. Bob said: "I don't think it will happen".

24. "I won't do it until you give me some money", said the boy.

25. "What is that book in your hands?" he asked me.

26. "Please, let me go", she said.

27. "What do you think we will do on Sunday?" my son asked me.

28. Paul said to me: "If he phones, tell him that I am not at home".

29. "Do you think that the doctors are good?" asked Lucy.

30. "Listen, Ann!" said her friend. - "I've met Boris with another girl".

31. "What's the weather like? Is it still raining?" asked my aunt.

32. "Don't be late. We will be waiting for you", they said to me.

33. "Do you believe him?" said the old lady.

34. "What is this play about?" said Tom to Mary.

35. Jenny's father said to her: "Stop talking!"

36. "Have you left a message on an answer phone?" I asked him.

37. My granny said to me: "Turn off the radio immediately".

38. "Why hasn't Bruno finished the conversation?" said Ron.

39. She said to the policeman: "Can you show the right direction?"

40. "Get out of the car and don't move!" they told him.


1. His father told him to cross the street where he wanted to.

2. My husband said he was thinking about buying new car.

3. The teacher told him to keep the books clean.

4. He told me that he never got letters: nobody wrote to him.

5. Alice said she was tired and she was going to lie down.

6. My friend asked me how long I had known Ann.

7. She asked us we would agree to help her.

8. Peter said he had learned the rule and he was doing the exercise.

9. George said he didn't want to catch cold and stay at home.

10. She asked Tom where he had left his umbrella.

11. They told me they had been waiting for me for twenty minutes.

12. I asked my friend what time he was going home.

13. Our teacher told us that we would write the test in a week.

14. I asked my uncle when he would take me to the zoo.

15. She said she was busy as she was working on her report.

16. Не asked me if I would be working late that night.

17. Frank asked Ann where she had bought that book.

18. My aunt said she could hardly stop herself from laughing.

19. Peter said he would have his appendix removed.

20. Mother told me she hoped I had already stopped smoking.

21. She asked Tim if his cold was any better that day.

22. Ann said she was not sure which profession to choose.

23. The stewardess said the airlines had a comfortable cabin.

24. Michael said he had been to Rio twice.

25. Mother said she was afraid we hadn't got any fish for our cat.




1. They said: "We have forgotten to phone our friend".

2. "I'm going to the cinema straight from work. Will you go with me?" Barry said to Ann.

3. "What will you be doing at ten o'clock on Friday?" asked Ben. "I think I will be having breakfast", said Mike.

4. The man asked us: "Is there a post office near here?"

5. "Where is my magazine, Alice?" asked mother. "I have put it on the table", said Alice.

6. "I won't do it until they give me some money", said the boy.

7. "Don't smoke in the compartment", said the passenger.

8. Rita said to me: "What has mother told you to do today?"

9. "Which of you is free now?" asked the teacher.

10. "I think she works in a bank", said Andrew.

11. Helen said to me: "I know they're your best friends".

12. "I met your sister in the street yesterday", she said to Johnny.

13. Eric said to me: "Come and have a look at my new bike".

14. He said to me: "Where was Chris going when you met him?"

15. The doctor said to his patient: "How are you feeling now?"



16. Когда мой друг пришел ко мне, он спросил, почему меня не было в школе.

17. Том спросил своего двоюродного брата, занят ли он и сможет ли он поговорить с ним.

18. Я спросил своих родителей, кто прислал нам эту телеграмму.

19. Дедушка попросил внука закрыть окно, потому что в комнате холодно.

20. Он сказал мне, что хочет пить и попросил принести сок.



21. My friend asked me how long I had known Ann.

22. George said he didn't want to catch cold and stay at home.

23. She asked Tom where he had left his umbrella.

24. They told me they had been waiting for me for twenty minutes.

25. I asked my friend what time he was going home.

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