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Тест по английскому языку для 10 классов

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Test 10th form

I. Tenses

  1. Peter (read) a book now. He often (read) books about adventures.

  2. Jane (finish) her work by 4 o'clock tomorrow.

  3. Fred (not write) the dictation last week.

II. Sequence of Tenses

  1. I (play) tennis for two hours when I (decide) to have a rest.

  2. While Henry (work) in the garden, his parents (come) home yesterday.

  3. Kate said that she (visit) us the next week.

III. Pronouns, including reflexive

  1. Lucy likes to make ... dresses by ...

  2. ... takes ... books and ... take ...

  3. My sisters prepared ... breakfast by ...

IV. Articles (where needed)

  1. ... Petrovs live on ... Pushkin Street near... Museum of Revolution.

  2. ... "Trafalgar Square is in ... centre of... London.

  3. ... most difficult subjects for me are ... algebra and ... English language.

V. Questions

  1. Everybody likes to travel, (tag, general)

  2. Susan went to the cinema with her friends, (subject, alternative)

  3. How often does it rain in your place? I wonder...

VI. Conditionals

  1. I will go to the party if he (invite) me.

  2. William (write) the test well if he (study) hard. But he doesn't.

  3. If I (not meet) them yesterday, I (not know) the news.

VII. So/Too/Either/Neither

  1. David never watches detectives on TV, and (I).

  2. My friends are good sportsmen, and (my brother).

  3. Nancy has never been to this city, and (her parents).

VIII. Degrees of Comparison

  1. January is (cold) month of a year.

  2. Dan is (good) pupil of twins.

  3. Everybody knows (large) the city is (many) people live in it.

IX. Reported Speech

  1. Victor asked his sister, "Where did you buy this book?"

  2. Alice said, "I have never been to these countries."

  3. George said, "My friends like to play hockey."

X. Passive Voice

  1. The book (illustrate) by next month.

  2. Our office (clean) every day.

  3. They have finished their task in time. (Passive)

  4. The house was painted last year.(Active)

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