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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Урок английского языка в 4 классе по теме "Music of holidays"

Урок английского языка в 4 классе по теме "Music of holidays"

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Тема урока: Music of Holidays

4 класс

I. Подготовительный этап

Время: 2 мин.

T. : Hello! ! I’m glad to see you.

Учащиеся отвечают:Hello! We are glad to see you too!

How are you? ( I`m fine, thanks.)/ I`m tired…/bored…/scared…)

Are you happy? ( Yes, I am…No, I am not)

T: Now look at the board and guess the theme of our lesson. ( обучающиеся определяют тему) / There are lots of pictures. What will we talk about?

(ответы детей). –на доске картинки праздников.

T.: Yes, you are absolutely right, we’ll talk about holidays today. What do we usually do during holidays? (we cook dinner, give presents, have fun, sing songs, dance…). We can`t imagine holidays without music… what kind of music is it? Let`s try to find out!

( название урока появляется на доске) “Music of holidays

At our lesson we will go up the stairs, and try to answer some questions.

1 слайд презентации

T/: Holidays/ They can be national, state, religious, and family. Let`s talk about some of Russian holidays.

II Актуализация ранее полученных знаний

Время: 7 мин.

2 слайд презентации


Look at the screen, read and translate the names of the holidays:

Match the dates to the holidays:

Read the dates.

Don`t forget the ordinal numbers (we add TH to the numbers) what sound do they give? / /

Исключения 1st, 2nd, 3rd

Ok. Match the dates with the holidays

1.The 1st of January

2.The 23rd of February

3.The 9th of May

4.The 8th of March

5.The 7th of January

6.The 14th of February

a. New Year`s Day

b Christmas

c Victory Day

d Saint Valentine`s Day

e Women`s Day

f Defender of the Fatherland Day

(1a, 2f, 3c, 4e, 5b, 6d)

Answer the questions:

  1. When is Victory Day ? (Women`s Day? Christmas?...)

  2. What holiday is on the 14th of February?

  3. on the 23rd of February?

  4. On the 1st of January?

(открываем 1 «лесенку»)

3 слайд презентации

Now let`s try to guess the types of music on these holidays. Listen and write in your note books.

(звучат фрагменты песен. Учащиеся записывают названия праздников в тетрадь)

4 слайд презентации

  • The 1st of September (the Day of Knowledge)

  • New Year`s Day and Christmas

  • Victory Day

  • Women`s Day

  • Defender of the Fatherland Day

  • Easter

  • Birthday

(открываем 2ю «лесенку»)

Find and match the pictures ( праздник- атрибут)- проводят линии на доске

Well done, children!

When is your birthday? (ответы детей)

When was your last birthday?

What tense do we use to talk about the events in the past? (PAST SIMPLE)

III Этап введения и закрепления нового лексического материала по теме «Места в городе» используя в речи глагол “to be” в Past Simple (WAS/ WERE)

Время 5 минут

5 слайд презентации


Let`s revise the rule!

Когда используем Past Simple? (Чтобы описать события, которые происходили в прошлом)

Какие сигналы времени мы знаем? (yesterday, last…, …ago)

How do we form Past Simple? (ответы детей с использованием таблицы)

Affirmative (утвердительные):

I, he, she, it WAS ….

You, we, they WERE…

Negative (отрицательные):

I, he, she, it WAS not (wasn`t)…

You, we, they WERE not (weren`t)…

Interrogative (вопросительные):

WAS I, he, she, it… ?

WERE you, we, they… ?

Short answers (краткие ответы): Yes, … was/were.

No, …wasn`t/ weren`t

Look at the pictures and make up the sentences (картинки театр, школа, больница и др.)

I was at the theatre yesterday.

We were at the hospital two days ago.

She wasn`t at the cinema last week…

Were you at school yesterday? Yes, I was. /No, I wasn`t.

Make up your own short dialogues. (раздаю картинки с местами, даю установку и образец).

-Were you at the cinema yesterday?

-No, I wasn`t. I was at home. Were you at the Baker`s 2 days ago?

-Yes, I was.

(открываем 3ю «лесенку»)

Let`s check your homework (упр. 1 с. 80)

IV. Этап первичной проверки понимания и усвоения лексико-грамматического материала.

Время: 12 мин.

(Мультимедийное приложение)



Open you books at page 76. Look at the screen. Open you exercise books and write the numbers from 1 to 6. We can review the names of days of the week. (ответы детей хором)

Where was Kim last week?

Учитель включает аудиозапись, осуществляет проверку понимания текста, предлагает прослушать во второй во второй раз и составить предложения с опорой на картинки.

Дети в тетрадях пишут рядом с цифрами день недели. (проверка)

Kim was at the shop last Saturday….

Write down one of the sentences. ( записывают в тетрадь предложение по выбору)

Now exchange your works, check up and mark this work!

Well done! ( открываем 4ю «лесенку»)

What is the weather like? Would you like sunny weather? Let`s try!

6 слайд презентации


7 слайд презентации

Bright blue the sky,
Sun up on high,
That was the little boy’s picture,
He drew for you,
Wrote for you, too,
Just to make clear what he drew -

May there always be sunshine,
May there always be blue sky,
May there always be Mummy,
May there always be me!

(открываем 5ю «лесенку»)

V. Этап применения полученных умений и навыков в новой ситуации.

Время: 9 мин .

8 слайд презентации

May there always be Mummy! Mother, Mom… such a nice and warm word…. Our mother is the main person in our life. Eight days ago it was Women`s Day.

Let`s listen to your poems (дети читают наизусть стихи о маме и о празднике)

I have a special treasure
A gift from up above
A precious treasure
It is my mother’s love.

Mom is such a special word

The loveliest I've ever heard

These words to you, above all the rest,

Mom, you're so special,

You are simply the best!

Mommy I love you
More than you see
You have always been there
When I needed you to be

I wish there was more
For you I could do
But all I can say
Is how much I love you

My dear, dear mummy,

I love you very much!

I want you to be happy

On the 8th of March!

9 слайд презентации

You’re not only my mother,

You’re also my best friend,
No one can ever change that.

It’s not something that could end.

I know that I am blessed,

From heaven up above,
So lucky to have,

My mother’s love!

I like the way you look,
I like the way you cook,
Now I want to say:
«Happy Mother’s Day! »

Thanks a lot!! (открываем 6ю «лесенку»)


Now take sheets of paper with the texts or you can look at the screen.

10 слайд презентации

Read the words before your work (хоровая работа)

national – международный

send –отправлять, отсылать

gift - подарок

the beginning –начало

smiling -улыбающийся

recite poems-читать стихи

Now read the text and answer the questions.

The 8th of March is Women's Day. It is a day of our mothers, grandmothers, girls and all women. It is a national holiday. Many people send their mothers a card or a gift. Men give flowers and presents to all women. It is a merry holiday. It is the beginning of spring.

On this day you can see a lot of women smiling. Everybody likes this holiday. Children have concerts at school on this day. They sing songs, dance and recite poems.

 All women are nice and happy on this day.

Answer the questions:

  1. When is Women`s Day?

  2. What do people do on this day?

  3. Do you like this holiday?

  4. What do you usually do?

( Открываем 7ю «лесенку»)

11 слайд презентации

VI. Итог на рефлексивной основе

Время :4 минуты

Учитель предлагает учащимся закончить фразы:

T: So, my dear, you’ve worked hard. I’m very happy . And now try to complete the sentences:

Now I can…. Now I know…. I don`t know… It was interesting for me… It was difficult for meI will learn

Выбирают окончания фразы в соответствии с собственной внутренней оценкой.

12 слайд презентации

T:You have got a note. If you liked the lesson and you learned something new, then fix your note on the part of the lesson, which you like best of all.

Now we are at the top of our stairs. Music helps us to learn English, to become nice and kind. Live with music, children and be happy!!!

VII. Домашнее задание

T: At home you’ll have to read and translate the text and if you want to have a good mark- retell the text.

Thank you for your hard work. Good bye! 13 слайд презентации

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