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Урок конспект на тему "Talking about you"9 класс конспект

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Lesson plan

Grade: 9 «а,б,ә»

Teacher: Bekmurzina T.S.

The theme of the lesson : «Health Habits»

The aims of the lesson:

1.To expand the knowledge of the theme “Health”

2.To develop pupils’ speaking abilities on the theme.

3.To explain the importance of health in our life.

4.To learn to look after health.

The type of the lesson: Integrated lesson

Methods of the lesson: explaining, question-answer

Visual aids slides, an interactive board, posters and markers, pictures, cards

Connection of the subjects: English – Kazakh

The procedure of lesson

I.Organization moment

Teacher: Good morning pupils! I´m glad to see you.

Who is on duty today? What date (day) is it today?

Who is absent today?

II. Checking up the home task

What was your home task for today ?

Are you ready?

III.New theme

Teacher: We are going to deal with the very important problem – good and bad habits, because the theme is called “Health habits”. So we have a lot of work today. Let us begin. Look at the blackboard. There are our aims on it.

1. To learn and train new words.

2. To read the text and try to speak.

3. To revise adverbs.

IV. Warm - up.

I’d like to start the lesson with the proverbs. Look at the screen and match the beginnings and the endings of the proverbs.

An apple a day / is above wealth

Good health / keeps a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

Early to bed and early to rise / keeps the doctor away.

V. Presentation of the new material

Teacher: Well, look at the blackboard. You see the words. Let us read them and translate.

• a diet – диета

• wholemeal – ұнтақталмаған ұннан жасалған

• fibre – жасуынық(клетчатка)

• obesity – семіздік

• smoking – темекі тарту

• alcohol – алькогол

• weight – салмақ

• to keep fit – дене бітімін сақтау

• overweight – артық салмақ

• to be rich in – бай

• inactivity – әрекетсіздік

• skip – жіберу

• care about - күтіну

• depend on - тәуелді

• pay a lot of attention to - аса назар аудару

• promote - көтеру, ұсыну

VI. Make a list of good bad health habits.

Ex. 1. p. 15

healthy diet, do sports, eating sweets, drinking alcohol, obesity, snacking, eating breakfast, smoking, taking drugs, skipping breakfast, exercising, eating high fibre food, physical inactivity, sleeping too much or too little, regular meals, eating wholemeal bread, sleeping 7 or 8 hours, eating low fat food, getting up early

Good habits Bad habits

VII. Grammar for revision

• Complete these healthy eating tips using much, many, little, a lot of.

• Don’t Forget:

• Too ----- food makes you thin.

Too ----- food makes you fat

Too ----- sweets are bad for you, especially for your teeth.

Eat ----- high fat food and ----- fibre.

----- fruit and vegetables keep you healthy.

Walking ----- makes you fit.

Sleeping too ----- or too ----- can make you nervous and restless.

• Key: little, much, many, little, much, a lot of, much, much, little

• Correct the mistakes

• 1. Eat more sugar. (less)

2. Don’t eat vegetables.

3. Eat many fat. (little)

4. Eat the same things. (different)

5. Eat less fresh fruit. (more)

6. Eat a lot of salt. (little)

7. Eat a lot between meals. (don’t)


XI. Make up a dialogue.

– There are situations. Make up the dialogues. Let’s make compliments to each other. (Cards)

1. You meet your friend. She looks slim. You make a compliment. She expresses her thanks and expresses reasons.

2. You meet your friend. His hair doesn’t smell. You make a compliment. He expresses his thanks and expresses his reasons.

3. You meet your friend. She looks great. You make a compliment. She expresses her thanks and reasons.

4. You meet your friend. She looks great. Her teeth are white and look strong. You make a compliment. She expresses her thanks and reasons.

5. You meet your friend. He has lost weight. You make a compliment. He expresses his thanks and reasons.

XII. Marking

Today you were very active. The lesson was interesting. Thank you. And listen your marks…

XIII. Conclusion.

Right down your homework. At home you’ll write the essay on the topic “How to keep fit”.

I liked your work at the lesson. I’ll give an excellent (good, satisfactory) mark to …The lesson is over. Good - bye!




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