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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Урок по английскому языку для 5 класса "The Place We Live in: Modern Conveniences"
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Урок по английскому языку для 5 класса "The Place We Live in: Modern Conveniences"


hello_html_m76270369.gifhello_html_m76270369.gifhello_html_m76270369.gifhello_html_m76270369.gifhello_html_m76270369.gifhello_html_m76270369.gifhello_html_m76270369.gifhello_html_m76270369.gifТема “The Place We Live in: Modern Conveniences”

Класс: 5 учитель: В.Ю. Резвова

УМК: Верещагина И.Н., О.В. Афанасьева English-V

Цель: систематизировать знания и умения учащихся по теме “The Place We Live In”.


  1. активизировать лексику по теме «Современные удобства» в аудировании, чтении, говорении;

  2. развивать навыки аудирования и чтения с извлечением специальной информации по теме «Современные удобства»; формировать критическое мышление;

  3. воспитывать уважение и любовь к своему дому.

Ход урока:

этапы урока

деятельность учителя

деятельность учащихся

1. Организационный момент

-Good afternoon! Nice to see you again! How are you? Who is absent today?

Great. Today we’ll go on collecting all the information, all the ideas for our future projects “The house of my dream”, which you should be ready to present in a few lessons.


индивидуальные ответы учащихся

2. Основной этап

Введение в ситуацию

And now look at the whiteboard. (слайд 1)


We live in the 21st century, the century of high technology. What kind of houses do people live nowadays? Do these two groups of houses look the same or different?

What makes them different? Are they comfortable

People live in different houses: high and low, big and small, old and new …

индивидуальные ответы учащихся

Modern conveniences

этапы урока

деятельность учителя

деятельность учащихся

Активизация изученных лексических единиц

and convenient?

Right you are. During the lesson we are going to solve the following problem: What modern conveniences are important for different people nowadays? What modern conveniences can’t we live without?

To begin with let’s remember some of modern conveniences we have in our city. (слайд 2)


Repeat after me. Well-done.

Now we will work in pairs. (слайд 3)


One minute for you to match them with their definitions. Your time is up. Let’s check. What is a vacuum cleaner? Is it a machine?

What is central heating/air conditioner/gas/a lift/a

make these houses different.

Учащиеся хором повторяют слова.

В парах на листах выполняют задание.

A vacuum cleaner is a machine …

Называют дефиницы в

этапы урока

деятельность учителя

деятельность учащихся

Работа с аудиотекстом

vacuum cleaner/electricity/cold and hot running water?

What other modern conveniences can you name? (слайд 4)


In pairs try to write as many as you can on these sheets of paper. You have only 2 minutes to do this task. Finish up, please. Your time is up. Each pair, please, count how many words you have got. How many words have you got?

Who has got the most number of the words, read them aloud, please. Who has the other variants? Read, them. What good work!

You see how many conveniences we have got. For different people different conveniences are important. What is important for students? We’ll listen to the dialogue about two foreign students. They want to study abroad and choose a place to live in. Your task is to understand the dialogue and fill in the missing information. On your desks you have the sheets of paper with the task for each student. You should hear the information about the address, price, type of housing and modern conveniences. For each right answer you will get a point. Then we’ll count your result, all the points


В парах заполняют карты памяти.

Подсчитывают количество записанных слов.

Читают свои варианты.

этапы урока

деятельность учителя

деятельность учащихся

Работа с печатным текстом

you have got. The highest possible number of the answers is 7. Who will have the most number of points will get a five. Look through the task once again. You will hear the dialogue twice. Are you ready to start?

It was the last time. Now let’s see what answers have you got. Answer the questions.

  1. What is the address?

Who has got the same number, put a point for yourself. The next.

  1. How much should they pay?

  2. What type of property is it?

  3. What modern conveniences has it got?

Count your points, please. How many have you got? And you? Who has got the most number of the answers gets a five. Keep it up!

So, what flat have the students chosen? What was important for them? What was there? Was it a surprise for you to know about it?

People don’t want to live without modern conveniences that are useful and can make our life easier and more comfortable even when they are far from their homes. These are the foreign students. Children have got another opinion. Now we’ll read an interesting story to find out what role modern conveniences play in their life. But first of all let’s divide into groups. The first group is the students who spent their summer holidays in the

Слушают диалог, индивидуально выполняют задание на листах.

5 Highcroft Court, Winslow

£550 per month

a flat

They have chosen a flat with a washing machine, a dishwasher, a television, a telephone.\ There was ….

индивидуальные ответы учащихся

Учащиеся делятся на группы.

этапы урока

деятельность учителя

деятельность учащихся

country, at the dacha. The second one is those who spent the holidays in Volgograd, at home. And the third – who spent at the seaside. Good. We have got 3 groups. Here is the task. (слайд 5) While reading you should find the answer to the question: Why was Peter so happy to spend his holidays in the country house? from these variants:

  1. The house was very far from the city.

  2. He was going to stay there for the whole summer.

  3. There weren’t all the modern conveniences


  1. There was a football ground there.

If your answer is right the real reason (that is a noun) should be placed here in these boxes: (слайд 6,5)

You have got 10 minutes for it.

Be quick. You are short of time. Let’s check. Who is ready to answer? Which group? What is your variant? And yours? What word have you got? Please, go to the whiteboard and write it down in the boxes.

Now we’ll check if your answer is right.

(слайд 6)

Группы предлагают и обсуждают свои варианты.

I think There weren’t all the modern conveniences

there. It was a bath. The boy didn’t like to wash.

этапы урока

деятельность учителя

деятельность учащихся

Домашнее задание

Творческое применение полученных знаний и умений


Good of you. Who was the most attentive in your group? And in yours? The most attentive group has\have got fives. Everyone, open your record books, please, and write down your home task.

(слайд 7) At home you’ll do exercises 18 and 19 on page 29 to find some other interesting facts about the boy. It’s not difficult at all. You see tastes differ. The students want to have a good place where they can study and have a rest together with their friends, to have as many modern conveniences as they can afford. The children are happy when they don’t have them.

But what is important for you? (слайд 8)


What house would you prefer to live in? Look at the board. There is a cave, a block of flats, an Indian settlement and a small country house.

Записывают домашнее задание.

Индивидуальные ответы учащихся.

I would like to live in ….. because ….

этапы урока

деятельность учителя

деятельность учащихся

3.Заключительный этап.

Оценка результатов урока

Подведение итогов

Choose the place and give your reasons. Well-done. A good job.

So, what did we speak about at the lesson?

Is it important for all people?

All these ideas will help you to finish your projects “The house of my dream” at home. We‘ve worked hard and spoken a lot to see your interesting and good works. You are sure to present both city and country houses. But where is it healthier and better to live? We will speak at the next lesson.

To sum up, I would like to finish the lesson with the proverb. We are looking something more convenient and comfortable, something better but we shouldn’t forget (слайд 9) that East or West home is ….


You are right home is best. Our city of Volgograd is the best of all cities, isn’t it? Thank you for your work. Good-bye. (слайд 10) You may be free.

We spoke about modern conveniences.

No, it isn’t. Because tastes differ.

Индивидуальные ответы учащихся



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Краткое описание документа:

Конспект урока по теме “The Place We Live in: Modern Conveniences” в 5 классе углубленного изучения английского языка; УМК: Верещагина И.Н., Афанасьева О.В.English-V.

Данный урок комплексного применения знаний является одним из серии при работе над ситуацией «Daily Life». Учащиеся вырабатывают умения описывать свой дом, квартиру, используя лексику по теме "Современные удобства".

Урок построен таким образом, чтобы содержание урока соответствовало требованиям государственных программ, поставленным целям и задачам, принципам дидактики.

Применение технологии критического мышления способствует формированию интеллектуальных качеств учащихся, развитию их речевой компетенции (аудирование, чтение, говорение); ученик и учитель овладевают способами работы с информацией, методами организации учения,

Использование электронно-образовательных ресурсов (текстографических, мультимедиа), созданных с помощью Microsoft PowerPoint, на уроке создает условия для успешной деятельности учащихся, вызывая у них положительные эмоции, и, таким образом, влияет на их учебную мотивацию; воссоздает коммуникативную ситуацию, определенный настрой, подготавливает к теме обсуждения, способствует развитию лексических навыков, лингвистических способностей, речевых умений (аудирование,чтение, говорение), помогает осознать языковые явления при работе с лексикой по теме урока, а также сочетать различные виды речевой деятельности в разных комбинациях.

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