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Урок по английскому языку "The world of professions"

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Theme: The world of professions

Objectives of the lesson:

activating and enriching the vocabulary on the theme,

creating the atmosphere for natural language communication,

developing speaking skills,

helping the students to make the correct choice of the future profession considering the demands of the trading market

Teaching aids: interactive whiteboard, video fragment “People work in the country.

  1. Organization moment.

  2. Warm up.

We discussed many interesting topics at our English lessons. We spoke about education in Kazakhstan, Great Britain and the USA. It is important to get knowledge and good education if you want to be successful in life. Youth is the time of taking decisions and making choice. Today we’ll talk about an important problem you’re going to face very soon. It’s the choice of your future profession.

What professions do you know? Let’s have a brainstorming.


What have you got? Read your list of professions.

  1. Presentation of the new words.

Today you will be able to learn more words denoting jobs and professions. See the video and remember the words.

A).(An animated song https://www.youtube.com “People in my town”)

B). Repeat after me:

firefighter car mechanic pilot postman police lifeguard nurse

judge chef [´ƪef] waiter actor astronaut go down

  1. Consolidation of the new words.

1). Try to use the new words in your speech. Answer the questions:

  1. Who fights with fires? – A fighter.

  2. Who mends cars and changes tires? – A car mechanic.

  3. Who helps people in the court? – A lawyer.

  4. Who asks what you want in cafes and restaurants? – a waiter.

  5. Who teaches children at school? – a teacher/

  6. Who plays on the stage? – an actor.

2). Well done. Now I want you to read and guess the riddles:

A person who cuts men’s hair, sometimes shaves them, and who usually works at the barber’s (A barber).

A person who works in a hospital and helps doctors to cure sick people

(a nurse).

A person who sells things and food for people (a shop assistant).

A person who writes interesting stories and novels (a writer).

A man or a woman who cooks meals (a chef, a cook).

3). You know many words denoting professions. Look through the words in the box and pick up synonyms:

lawyer programmer job secretary profession career architect occupation journalist model work

Job, profession, career, occupation and work are synonyms. Do you know the difference between them? Let’s look up in the dictionary:

A job is the work that a person does regularly in order to get money.

A profession is a job that needs special training, often a university education and brings a high social status.

An occupation is a job or profession.

A career is the series of jobs that people does in his or her life, usually in one and the same field.

A work is something a person does as a job to get money.

4). Phrasal verbs.

While listening to the song “People in my town” you heard the question “What is going down”? Can you translate it?

To go down is a phrasal verb which means «быть приемлемым для кого-то». So the question “What is going down you”? from the song means «Какая профессия подходит тебе»?

There are some more phrasal verbs for you to remember:

to look at – посмотреть на

to look for - искать

to look through – просмотреть, бегло прочитать

to look after – ухаживать, присматривать

to look up in – посмотреть, искать в каком-либо источнике (словаре, справочнике)

Translate the sentences into Russian:

  1. Don’t look at me so angrily!

  2. I am looking for my glasses and I can’t find them.

  3. Look through the newspaper. There are many interesting articles about people of different professions.

  4. Nurses look after sick people in hospitals. They help them.

  5. If you don’t know the word look it up in the dictionary.

5. Relaxation.

You have worked very well. It is time to relax. Let us listen to one more song about people’s jobs.

(An animated song https://www.youtube.comOccupation song”)

  1. Reading

Did you like the song? What is it about? We are going to read the text about a very fantastic job. Guess what is it about?

So, read and then we’ll discuss it.

A Film star

Pauline wanted to be an actress. When she was a little girl she often put on a smart dress and danced in front of a large mirror as if she was on the stage. At school she was an active member of a drama club and played different parts in performances. Once Pauline together with other participants of their club were invited to another town to perform in Shakespeare’s tragedy “Romeo and Juliet”. Pauline was fantastic in the part of Juliet and the play had a great success.

Her parents, teachers and friends told her she was born to be an actress. As her parents cared about her education Pauline got a musical school certificate and a secondary education. Then she entered Theatre Institute. After finishing it she found a job at one of the New York theaters. Her actress career started at a professional stage. She worked hard but financial reward left much to be desired. There were many talented and skillful actresses around her. It was difficult to compete with them.

At the bottom of her heart Pauline had got her own ambition. She dreamed to star in the film. Several times she took part in mass scenes. But a young actress wanted to play a special part. One autumn morning a producer called her and promised a role in a film. The girl was very happy. “Dreams come true. I’ll be a film star soon” she thought. It took much time to make a film ready. But the day of a film performance approached. Pauline came to the cinema to see it. The whole film she was waiting for the scenes with her play. But the film ended and nobody saw Pauline in it. It turned out all scenes with her performance had been cut down.

Answer the questions. Write your answers, please:

  1. What did Pauline want to be as a little girl?

  2. What did her parents and friends advise her to do as a job?

  3. Would she like to be a teacher?

  4. Did Pauline take part in any performances when she was a schoolgirl? If did in what?

  5. What education did Pauline get?

  6. When did her career as an actress start?

  7. Why was the girl shocked and disappointed after watching the film?

  8. Did she realize her ambition?

  9. What would you advise Pauline to do?

Finish the sentence, please. Write no less than three sentences:

If I were Pauline I would … .

  1. Pair work. It is very interesting to learn about your future plans. Work in pairs and discuss the questions:

  1. Do you think about your future profession?

  2. Do you want to be an actress/an actor?

  3. Have you got any traditions in your family?

  4. What do you want to be?

  5. What do you know about your future profession?

  6. What do you need to get the profession of your dream?

8.The results of the lesson.

We have done a lot of work today. You have worked hard. But our lesson is coming to the end. Did you like it? What did you learn? I am going to give you good marks. Your homework is _________ .

I hope you will realize your dreams and you will choose the right profession. But remember! If you want to be successful you should work a lot and get good knowledge. I wish you good luck!

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