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Конспект урока по курсу "Business English" в 11-м классе по теме: "Структура компании" (Company Structures)

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Громова Юлия Викторовна

Учитель английского языка

ГБОУ Школа № 1950

г. Москва

Открытый урок по деловому английскому языку

в 11-м классе по теме: "Структура компании" (Company Structures)



Организационный момент + задача урока

Постановка целей, задач урока (краткий план на доске – см. приложение учителя)

Today we are going to speak about company structures. You will describe me a typical structure of multinational companies. And girls are going to present us the information about the structure of “COCA-COLA” We also will read some information about the leadership in the Internet.

Lets start!

1. Речевая зарядка.

Ответы на вопросы учителя

1. Give me a typical structure of a company.

2. Who is the leader of a company?

3. What responsibilities does Chief Executive Officer have?

4 Now give me the whole information about the structure of a company (спросить 1 ученика)

5 Now describe all the departments of a company (на доске список отделов компаниисм. приложение)

2. Обучение навыкам аудирования

And now you are going to listen to 7 people. They will describe you the departments where they work. Your task is to find out in what departments they work.

CD ex1.2

1) Listen and match

2) Checking.

4. Совершенствование навыков монологической речи

А story about the structure of “COCA-COLA”

1. Презентация компании учениками (см. приложение).

2. Проверка усвоенного материала – тест на копиях (см. приложение)

5. Обучение чтению с полным пониманием прочитанного (материал из сети Интернет – см. приложение)

Вопрос учителя:

1. Who has the overall responsibilities in a company?

Now we are going to read the text about leadership and management.

Чтение материала в сети Интернет

Вопросы учителя по прочитанному тексту:

1. Who is the leader of a company?

2. Tell me, please, what skills every manager must have.

3. Can you add anything else to this list?

6. Совершенствование лексических навыков (материал из сети Интернет – см. приложение)

Лексический тест + анализ (%)

Записать выражения в тетради

7. Домашнее задание

1) a story about COCA-COLA

2) a topic “Company structures”

3) terms

8. Подведение итогов урока

I’d like to thank you for good work at the lesson. I give excellent marks to …, good – to …, etc.

The lesson is over. Good bye!


  1. Is “COCA-COLA” a multinational company? Prove it, please.

  1. Who owns this company?

  1. Does “COCA-COLA” have a complicated structure in management? Why?

  1. Why does it provide money for sporting and cultural events?

5. What does “COCA-COLA” want to do in future?

The taste of success

Why Coca-Cola is so successful? There are many reasons: it is dependable. It always tastes exactly as you expect it to. Thanks to clever selling and advertising over decades, the image of coke has become part of our lives. But Coke is not the only product that The Coca-Cola Company sells. It produces a variety of soft drinks that together outsell the products of every soft-drink company. A network of companies makes and bottles Coca-Cola and other products of The Coca-Cola Company for their local area. They work under licence – and under strict supervision.

Working for Coca-Cola

Some 32000 people work directly for Coca-Cola and about another 650000 indirectly. The company fosters a spirit of community in its workers. Because bottling and canning are now highly automated Coca-Cola and its franchisees employ far fewer unskilled workers than in the past. Coca-Cola makes a point of staff training, mostly on the job, in its own premises. It likes its staff to work in pleasant surroundings and to feel that they could not do better elsewhere.

How Coke manages

The people who own Coca-Cola are its shareholders. The board of directors is answerable to them. If the company makes a good profit the shareholders will benefit. If it makes a loss value of the shares will fall and so will the shareholders’ faith in the company’s directors.

The board of directors

As in all large companies, the top decisions in coca-Cola are made by the board of directors. The Coca-Cola Company’s Board of Directors has 14 members. Of these some are executive directors who work full-time for Coca-Cola. The others are non-executive directors.

The chairman of the board supervises its meetings and insures that its decisions are carried out by the company. Carrying out the decisions is primarily the job of the chief executive. At coca-Cola, as in many other companies, the position of chairman and chief executive are held by one person.


The chairman delegates responsibility either to the other directors or to the corporate officers who control various divisions of the company. Corporate officers include a chief financial officer, a treasurer, a company secretary, a general counsel (lawyer) and a large number of senior vice-presidents and vice presidents. Many serve on sub-committees to the board.


At every level of a company it is important for people to work as efficiently as possible. Managers have the job of seeing that they do. It is their role to enable their staff to carry out their work efficiently, cost effectively and on time. They have to make sure that employees are confident and happy in their work and feel well rewarded and keen for promotion. No matter how good the workers are, they cannot perform well with a poor management that lacks direction and drive, or fails to understand the worker’s problems.

The System

If you ask most business people to describe their business structure, they compare it to a pyramid. At the peak is the chairman or a chairwoman, beneath him or her the board, beneath them the managers, beneath them the workers and at the base the customers and consumers. The Coca-Cola Company describes its business as a pyramid, but an inverted one-with the six billion all-important consumers at the top.

The diagram shows the size and scope of the Coca-Cola system at the present time. By the time you watch our presentation, the pyramid will probably have grown stronger.

Coke in community

Coca-Cola seeks in its advertising and public relations to promote a positive public image. It is a promoter of refreshment and friendship. It pursues a “good neighbor” policy in all that it does.

In its home town of Atlanta people have great affection for the company.

SPONSORSHIP Coca-Cola does much at home and abroad to promote its product by supporting good causes. It provides money for sporting and cultural events. In return it gets its name prominently displayed on publicity for the events and at the event itself. Coke has been involved with the Olympic Games since 1928.

The Future


In Latin America and southern Asia and the Pacific region, the population of young people is rising rapidly. These areas are also getting richer. Coca-Cola has always appealed to the young, so it seems likely that it will concentrate its marketing efforts in these regions.


The management sees roof for much more growth in products, such as juice drinks, and a source of future profits. It is also likely to take its business worldwide.


The future for Coca-Cola seems limitless. Every day applications continue to flood in to run bottling plants-ever on the moon. Coke has already been enjoyed in the weightlessness of earth orbit. The company designed the first space container for the shuttle astronauts to drink from. Who knows, Coca-Cola may be the first soft drink to find a home on a new planet.

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