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Урок Tips for travellers

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Тема урока: «Путешествие». 8 класс.

Цель урока: в конце урока учащиеся должны быть способны написать сочинение о путешествии.

Оборудование: учебник «New millennium English» Н.Н.Деревянко (8 класс), компьютер, дополнительный текст, презентация по теме, интерактивные упражнения.

Ход урока:

  1. Интерактивные вопросы по теме. Активизация учащихся.

  2. Выполнение упражнений учебника №1,3,4.

  3. Презентация по теме. Обсуждение отдельных слайдов.

  4. Интерактивное упражнение. Работа учащихся на компьютере.

  5. Работа с аутентичным текстом по теме. Заполнение пропусков при просмотре видео.

  6. Ролевая игра «Class improvisation» по теме. Обобщение материала урока.

  7. Подведение итогов, оценивание работы учащихся.

  8. Домашнее задание: написать сочинение по теме «Путешествие».

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In the United States, we all know that tipping a waiter is practically mandatory, but in Japan, tipping is actually considered ……... One of the trickiest parts of travel is figuring out when to tip, or how much. It gives me serious anxiety sometimes. These general rules will help guide you with tipping etiquette across the world.

In North America, tipping is basically ……, and should be between …….. and …….%. Wait staff are not paid a living wage in the United States and Mexico, so tips make up a significant portion of the waiters' wages. In Central America and the Caribbean, wait staff are mostly paid a good minimum wage, so tips of …….% are expected. Do not leave an additional tip, if the tip is already automatically included in the bill. It will most likely read as 'Propina'. In South America, tip between 10 and 15% on the bill, though this rule varies, depending on the country. Some like ……..will automatically include tips on the bill, while others like Bolivia won't include a service charge at all.

Tipping in Europe greatly varies from country to country. For example, in England, a ……..% tip is expected. In Ireland, tips of around 12.5% are often included on the bill, but you should never tip a bartender. Remember that. Instead, offer to buy them a ……. In Italy, you don't need to tip at all, while in …….., it is customary to leave a 5% tip on top of the standard 10% service charge. For travel to Europe, it is best to research tipping etiquette for each country, before traveling there.

In the Middle East, while a 15% tip is usually included on bills, you should consider leaving an additional small tip called 'Baksheesh'. Salaries are much lower in the Middle East than in western countries, so Baksheesh is an essential part of a wage earner's annual income.

Because wages are low in Africa, it is important to tip your waiter at least 10 to 15%. This also goes for any of your tour guides and ……… drivers.

Generally, tips are not expected in ………, except in major tourist areas. Leaving tips in …….. is considered very rude, and ……… prohibits tipping in its laws. However at luxury hotels and tourist areas, many people do tip. Hong Kong is the major exception to this rule, because it is socially acceptable to tip there.

Do not tip in ………., and only tip for exceptional service in New Zealand. Waiters get paid very well in Australia, with the minimum wage for wait staff at around ……..$Australian or $12 U.S. per hour.

These are general guidelines, but I definitely recommend studying up before you board a flight outside of the US, just to be on the safe side.

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