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Конкурс "Законы экологии"

Выступление к презентации по теме "Animal Protection"



Фонограмма (песня М.Джексона «The Earth») + презентация

Слайд №1, 2, 3.

To begin with, nowadays the question of animal protection is of great concern in the world. Animal World is an important part of the biosphere of our planet. Eating plants and each other, the animals are involved in the biological cycle of matters. Animals play a large role in maintaining "a system of dynamic balance" in nature. Animal life is closely connected to plant life, and a change in the number of the first inevitably affects the population and general condition of life of the latter.

Слайд № 4

Human economic activity affects animals, causing an increase in the number of ones, reducing the others, extinction of the third.

Слайд № 5

Human impact on animals can be carried out in two ways: direct, that is direct persecution and extermination and indirect changes in living conditions. Many animals are subjected to the effects of both factors.

Слайд № 6

Indirect effects on animal has reached a very wide variety. Cutting down forests, plowing of the steppes, drainage of wetlands, dams, planting shelterbelts and roadside forest strips, building of towns, villages and roads, air pollution,

Слайд № 7

water pollution

Слайд № 8

and soil pollution - all these and many other human activities have radically change the face of the Earth and the living conditions of animals.

Some animals can not adapt to the changed places and move into new or die.

Extinct species can not be restored, they are forever lost to mankind. However, analysis of the causes of extinction is important for the prevention of this sad phenomenon in the future.

Слайд № 9

The system of protection of wild animals is composed of measures aimed, on the one hand, to protect the animals from direct unlimited destruction, death from natural disasters, and on the other hand - to protect their environment.

Now we would like to dwell upon some of the endangered species. And let us start with the Amur tiger.

Слайд № 10

The Amur Tiger. The Amur Tiger is under the threat of disappearance, it is included in the Red book of the Russian Federation. In the nature now remains about 400 Amur tigers. The area of the Amur tiger covers the south of our Far East and northeast of China. A tiger is one of the greatest land predators, the largest representative of family cat's.

Слайд № 11

Under natural conditions tigers live on the average ten-fifteen years, and in zoos tigers live till 25 years. The destiny of the Amur tiger is dramatic. The Amur tiger has appeared on the verge of disappearance owing to non-controllable shooting of adult individuals, intensive catching of cub tigers, due-to cutting down the forests. In 1935 in Primorski Territory the big and unique Sihote-Alinsky national park has been organized. A bit later – Lazovsky, Kedrovaya Pad’ and Ussuriisky reserves. Since 1947 hunting for a tiger has been strictly forbidden.

Слайд № 12

The Small Panda. The Small Panda is the predator, in the size is a bit larger than a cat. There are two subspecies of a small panda existing today. Though the area of a small panda occupies very big territory, this kind is included in lists of the International Red book with the status "endangered". A kind is classified as dying out because only 2,500 individuals remain.

Слайд № 13

The basic danger is represented by constant cutting down of woods in these regions, and also hunting for a small panda in the territories of India and the southwest of China because of its beautiful fur (out of which people make caps).

Слайд № 14

The Polar Bear. The Polar Bear is the largest animal among all predators. Its main victim is the Arctic seals. The world for a polar bear is limited by ice-rinks. Today about from 20 to 30 thousand polar bears in the world. Extraction of polar bears in the Russian Arctic regions is forbidden since 1956. With a view of protection of polar bears it is offered to organize especially protected natural territories and water areas.

Слайд № 15

The Snow Leopard. The Snow Leopard is a large predatory mammal from the family of cats living in hills of the Central Asia. Now the number of them is catastrophically small. Illegal, but financially attractive hunting for the fur of a snow leopard has reduced its population. In the XX-th century it has been brought in the Red book of Russia, and also in security documents of other countries. From 2010 hunting on these animals is forbidden.

Слайд № 16

Now let us come over to the poll which we conducted among the pupils of our lyceum. Boys and girls were asked three questions:

  1. What rare animals do you know?

  2. Why do they disappear?

  3. What can you do to protect endangered animals?

Слайд № 17

Among the well-known rare animals are the Amur Tiger (35%), the Panda (21.7%) and the White Tiger (16.7%).

Слайд № 18

The pupils find extermination to be the main reason of the animal disappearin from the planet (88%). And the second reason there is the pollution of the nature (12%).

Слайд № 19

And to save animals people must raise them in captivity (50%), create national parks (35%) and not to pollute nature (15%).

Thus, the pole showed that the children possess some information on the problem, feel sympathy with the animals and suggest some ways out.

To finish our report we would like to remark that we want to help in protecting the animals:

  • We are going to make our best to keep the environment clean;

  • We are going to learn more about the endangered animas’ life;

  • And now we would like to draw your attention to this problem by our T-shirts.

Thank you for your attention!!!

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