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Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку на тему "Что делает нас уникальными" (7 класс)

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Внеклассное мероприятие Что делает нас уникальными?


Образовательные задачи:

Обобщить лексико-грамматический материал по теме;

Активизировать употребление в речи учащихся речевых образцов в речи;

Совершенствовать навыки монологической и диалогической речи;

Практиковать учащихся в чтении и аудировании с различной стратегией.

Развивающие задачи:

Развивать способность к речевому общению;

Повышать общую мотивацию с помощью творческой работы и личностно-ориентированных вопросов.

Воспитательные задачи:

Способствовать развитию самостоятельности школьников;

Воспитывать толерантности, интерес к культуре и людям других стран, понимание уникальности каждого человека.

Оборудование: карточки с текстом для чтения, видеоролик о принцессе Диане,


T. Good morning, dear friends. How are you today? Does anything trouble you ?

Do you have any problems with your parents? Do you think they don’t understand you or they are too strict? How many friends do you have?

Ответы учащихся P1,P2, ....

T: Somebody says “No” Somebody says “Yes”. Why ?

P1: We are different.

P2: We have different intersts.

T: Yes, You are right.

Everybody is the big world and there is a white side and a black side in this world. Today we’ll speak about our character and innate qualities.

Now let's draw a mind map

? What makes people unique?

? What makes you unique?

AIM: Today have an unusual lesson. You are all journalists of our school magazine. And I am your editor-in -chief. We'll work together and the topic is «Everyone is Unique».

We’ll create 4 pages for our magazine today.

Page 1. Proverbs about appearance and character

Page 2. Celebrities

Page. 3. Hobbies

Page 4. Psychological page.

Page 1. Look. I have a magic box. You'll take one card, next you read a proverb on this card in Russian and give us its English equivalent.

Appearance is deceptive.

The face is the index of the mind.

A fair face may hide a foul heart.

Better an open enemy than a false friend.

The eyes are the window of the soul.

Wealth is nothing about health.

Never judge by appearance.

Handsome is as handsome does.

Beauty fades like a flower.

The hardest work is to do nothing.

Prettiness makes no pottage.

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Fools are wise as long as silent.



An old English saying goes, «Judge not according to the appearance».

Many years ago such following words was written:

When wealth is lost? Nothing is lost;

When health is lost, something is lost,

When character is lost, all is lost!

Page 2. Next page of our magazine is CELEBRITIES.

Every day we listen a lot of information about famous people on TV, radio programmes. Our readers, to my mind, want to read about these people.


? Do you know this woman?

? What do you know about her?

About Princess Diana (students’ reports)

Page 3. Also we have different hobbies.

? What is a hobby?

? What hobbies do you know?

? What about your hobbies?

? Do you like music?

? What kind of music do you like?

Read the extract from the British radio programme and complete the graph.

Hi there!

What kind of music are young people buying these days?

A report in the Guardian shows that people is still the ""> Number two on the list is heavy metal and good old-fashioned rock 'n' roll. Fans make up 22% of album – buyers. For you in the 22 %, I am playing some Metallica later in the programme.

Dance fans are down at 15 %. Not bad. Young classical music buyers are only 5 % of the age-group. I'm very sorry. Mr Mozart! Fans of folk songs are just 2 %. At right at the bottom is jazz. Less than 1 % of young people buy jazz tapes and CDs. I don't know. What's wrong with kids these days? I love jazz myself…

50 %

40 %

30 %

20 %

10 %







Page 4. Psychological page.

? Do you know that our position when we sleep can tells a lot about us.

? Who like to sleep on your back?

? On your stomach?

? On your side?

? And curled up? (read the characteristic)

? It’s really interesting, isn't it?

So, you see that we all celebrities and plain people have different tastes, different hobbies, dreams, likes, dislikes, health, and features of character, appearance. We are all unlike, we are all unique! We all build our life by our hands!

Now let's plant the tree of our success.

What can you do after this lesson?

Take, please, your leaves, write on it what can you do now, and stick it on the trunk of our tree. (at the blackboard)

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