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ИнфоурокИностранные языкиКонспектыВнеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку на тему "Никто не забыт, ничто не забыто".

Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку на тему "Никто не забыт, ничто не забыто".

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«Nobody is forgotten, nothing is forgotten»

Death, ruins, ruins, loss of loved ones,

That's what war is!

Grief, despair, pain, and compassion.

That's what war is!

On June 22, 1941, Russia was attacked by Germany. The Anglo-Russian Alliance was formed on July 22, 1941 for mutual military aid in the war against Germany. The United States also gave the Soviet Union assurances of military help.

Forging across the Rhine in March 1945, the Allied forces defeated the German forces. As a result, Hitler lost all hope and committed suicide on April 30, 1945. Hence, the Germans surrendered unconditionally, on May 7, 1945. Japan continued to battle until atom bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6 and 9, 1945 respectively, by the United States. Japan finally surrendered unconditionally on August 14, 1945, signing a document of surrender on September 2, 1945. This is the beginning and the end of this terrible war.

War leaves an indelible imprint in the fate of every person who experienced it personally. It changes the lives and forces us to survive. Memories of the war affect up to depth of soul and force one to experience strong emotions. In such a nice season as spring when everything in nature is awakened and alive we remember the war of 1941. It came quietly, as autumn is coming, and went loud as the raging sea. War is a terrible word, because war is the blood, the pain, the bitterness of loss. I know from my grandfather, this terrible war has affected every family in our country. In each family someone was lost. Lots of people have no opportunity to bury them by the rules. Many of them were lost without trace and relatives didn’t know where their dead relatives or close friends were buried .War is ruthless and destroys everything in its path, leaving only miserable ashes .People, who have been in war, remember it with eyes full of tears, sorrow and death. About the great Patriotic war much has been written, much is told. But the point in displaying the whole truth about the war can not be set, because the truth about the war is simply unfathomable. We, fortunately, know about the war only from movies, books, memories of veterans, who every year becomes less and less. We must not forget our veterans. They are happy even when, we young people, greet them, smile at them, ask them about their health. There quite a lot of heroes, who were born in our republic, or who began to serve in the Soviet Army of heroes, or who went to the front from Kazan. There are hundreds and thousands of heroes, these brave, courageous and unselfish people, who did not spare their lives for our peaceful life. I would like to dwell upon them, Fesenko Vladimir Ivanovich , Belov Alexander Aleksandrovich, Ziganshin Gabsalyam Minyazovich, Ivan Grigorjevich Kobyakov.

Alexander Belov was born in the village of Big Meadow. When the war began, Alexander was called to mobilize. In July 1942 he was wounded in both hands. After the hospital, he returned to the front 348 Guards- heavy self-propelled artillery regiment. He was awarded medals and orders. After the war he returned to Kazan, where he worked conscientiously, for which he received a medal "Veteran of Labour".

January 27 is the Day of the siege of Leningrad. Among the 400,000 children, who were in the besieged city , was Vladimir Fesenko.

During the siege, he was only 3 years old, but hunger , cold, bombing, weeping of his mother are still in his memory. Vladimir Ivanovich, as like many other children was taken from Leningrad» by the road of Life». During the evacuation, while they were traveling in unheated trains, Vladimir was ill and was taken to the hospital. Then he was cured. Аs for his mother, she started working in a factory.

Ivan Grigorjevich Kobyakov was born in 1918 in the village of Krasnaya Sloboda of Bryanskay region. He is Russian by nationality. He began to serve in the Soviet Army from 1939. He is a major. A leader of the 3 motor fire battalion of the 1 Kalinkovichskaya motor fire brigade of the Don Tank division. He is awarded by orders of Lenin, of Red banner, of the Red Star, of the Great Patriotic war. He became a hero in August of 1944. Now he is a major- general of the tank reserve forces.

In 1936 he graduated from the medical college. He wanted to be a doctor. But it took a short time to cure his patients. When Finland was going to attack Russia, Ivan Kabyakov was called to the Soviet Army and as a military doctor he took part in the battles with Belo Finns. During 4 months, day and night in severe frosts of 45 a medical doctor who was 22 years old, rendered a medical aid to the wounded in war and those who were frozen at that severe winter. Even he realized that a war is a hard, daily, bloody labour.

A military activity of Ivan Kobyakov began in unusual way. In June 1941 a young lieutenant was appointed to be not a commander of a platoon or a company, as it is to be at the beginning of a military cancer, but a commander of the battalion headquarters. And the first battles began. These battles were very hard and violent with the Hittler forces, which had been very well prepared and equipped. He was wounded and taken to the hospital. And again the battles, and again the wound. After recovering he was appointed a battalion commander of the 14 motor fire brigade of the tank division.

……..Years of 1942. Severe battles near Stalingrad. A young commander struggles an enemy very well. That is why he received very valuable awards- Order of Red Star, Order of Red Banner and Order of Lenin. Each awards is not only evaluation of merits of a soldier, it is also a military biography, reflecting courage and brevity, mastery, heroism will to the victory and ability to inspire people to fight for the sake of Motherland. All this refers to officer Ivan Kobyakov. The tank division, headed by Rodin on the 14 infantry division of the enemy.Then the task was to go to town Kalach, to pass the river Don and to capture Kalach a success of this mission was in the fact that not to give an enemy a chance to destroy a bridge across the Don to the North of Kalach. To capture the bridge a special detachment was formed, consisting of two motor fire companies, headed by Ivan Kobyakov, five tanks and some armored vehicles a commander of the detachment was G. Filippov. Acting in the head detachment Ivan Kobyakov,s battalion followed an enemy. But the fascists wanted to make a cunning manaeuver – to recede at first and then to perform a counterattack. But not to allow exploding of the bridge and insure ferrying of main forces is the battalion. And commander of the battalion made a decision – to follow an enemy, come up nearer to the bridge, to capture it to keep until the main forces will approach it. It was a risky decision, but there was no another way out. His battalion followed an enemy for some kilometers. When the first part of the enemy reached the opposite bank, Ivan Kobyakov gave a command to open fire and capture the bridge. A brave decision of the commander and good activities of his soldiers ensured capture of the bridge. It was very important because across this bridge the division could cross the left bank of the Don and surrounded fascist forces between Don and Volga for heroism and quick wit many officers and soldiers and of the head detachment were awarded orders and medals.

…….A year of 1944. A short history of the Great Patriotic war tells on page 355:”at night of June 27 the 1 Guard tank division made a succesful maneuver and separated roads from town of Bobruisk of the West and North-West”.The battalion of captain Ivan Kobyakov helped to do it very much.

The fascists continued to capture stations Brozh and Glebovaya Rudnya. The battalion to work 25-30 kilometers on a swampy land. Facing an enemy, the battalion attacked him, destroyed and allowed to approach station Brozha.

A reconnaissance platoon found out that a rail road was mined and prepared for explosion. A successful battle of his battalion with German firemen hindered enemy plans. After destroying an enemy near Bobruisk the Soviet Army began a continued attack. His battalion was near Slutsk. And again his task was to keep a bridge, not to give it be exploded. Ivan Kobyakov himself with some of his firemen rushed in the town Marjina Gorka and destroyed fascists firemen, who kept the bridge. The brave people, headed by the commander, counterattacked some rushes of the enemy, antimined a bridge and ensured ferrying of our forces. For great heroism, mastery and courage Ivan Kobyakov was awarded title”a hero of the Soviet Union». His military road stopped near Berlin. In March of 1945 he was directed for studying in the Tank academy. After war Ivan Kobyakov continued to give his experience to young cadets. From 1963 to 1975 Ivan Kobyakov heads the Kazan high tank school. He was a deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the Tatar republic.

Our veterans are our amazing generation. They were dead and were defeated in a fierce battle, even when the ground was burning, crumbling stones, melted iron. And no matter what, they retained the ability to empathize with the pain of others, to be compassionate, to be and to remain human in all, the most inhuman conditions. Veterans are unusual people. For us they are an example of courage and fortitude, endurance and mutual assistance, perseverance and optimism. They showed the true friendship and camaraderie. And it is difficult to imagine that older soldiers were the same as those we loved and wanted to be loved, laughed, rejoiced, believed in the happy future. Many had to endure people who have undergone Great Patriotic war, but they, the soldiers, cannot be considered a generation, with a broken soul, cannot be considered "lost generation"..

The poet Konstantin Simonov, who during the war worked as a correspondent for the newspaper "Red star" and was in the army, dedicated to the memory issue a bright-line:

Don't forget about the soldiers,

That fought the last effort,

The bandage was moaning in medenbach
And I hope for the world!

I am sure that none of those soldiers, about which wrote K. Simonov, will never be forgotten, and their feat will remain forever in the memory of posterity reasoning about the war

Wait for me, and I'll be back
All deaths out of spite.
How I survived, let us know
Only you and I, -
You just know how to wait
Like no one else.
These words are also from Konstantin Simonov,s poem "Wait for me», which became so popular because most cherished thoughts of many people during the war were the idea that they should wait, and that this expectation softens them the hardships of war.

World War II produced disastrous consequences that were unparalleled in the history of mankind. It caused unprecedented destruction of life and property. There was a complete destruction of fields and factories, mills and workshops and the houses of the civilians. Lots of people died and many more were permanently disabled. In the opinion of Chester Bowles, World War II "killed twenty-five million people, permanently disabled twice that number and devastated much of Germany, Italy, Poland and the Balkans, Russia, China and Japan."During the war, the Nazi dictator, Adolf Hitler initiated a movement that aimed at wiping out the whole race of Jews. This was called the holocaust. This movement was part of his plan to conquer the world. Millions of Jews were imprisoned into concentration camps and were subjected to inhuman tortures. The captives were even starved to death. Cruel experiments were performed on these helpless victims. The aged, the sick and the disabled were poisoned with gas. The war also created an acute scarcity of foodstuff, essential commodities and cloth. This led to unprecedented inflation. The standard of living fell drastically. Since the prices shot up, life of millions became made miserable.

The war also proved the moral degradation of man, for he killed his own species in an unparalleled scale. Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy and militarist Japan inflicted unimaginable cruelties upon the combatants, non-combatants, as well as on innocent men, women and children. The dropping of the two atom bombs by the U.S. upon Japan in August 1945 demonstrated how man was competent enough to wipe out the entire human race, within a split second. Both the victors and the vanquished were guilty of behaving like barbarians.

Victory.... And the win came through 1418 days. The price was too high . We live in the XXI century, but one of the terrible events of the twentieth century - the Great Patriotic war - we will remember for a long time. We need to honor their past. We must bow to those great years! We should be grateful to the fearlessness and courage people who fought for our happy life They were not frightened and without hesitation went to war to protect our country Now days it is difficult to find people who as well as the current veterans have sacrificed their lives This time must never happen again How much pain it has brought to people I want to live to study to marry to have my own family in peace I want military action has never been in the world Look what is happening in Ukraine I hope that we will live together happily .People must understand that war will destroy our fragile world! We can resolve any question without the aid of weapons and threats.

Even today, 70 years after the end of the great Patriotic war, a war that has taught many generations to appreciate peace and peaceful life, explosions and people die. But today the war is waged by an invisible enemy, and that he is more dangerous and worse

When I hear the song "Arise, great country..." immediately remind of the great Patriotic war. This song is called to victory. it is impossible to listen quietly. The strength, the pride, the will to live gives this song to me .

It was exciting for me to perform this work. We, young people, do not know very much about people who fought during the Great Patriotic War, who did not spare their lives, who underwent war winter frosts, walking on swampy land, absence of food and rest, danger and risks of war numerous wounds and pain. These are the people with whom we are proud of, to whom we admire, to whom we devote songs and poems.

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