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Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку "Star Hour"




Grade: 6th

The aims:

  1. To develop pupils’ skills of communication

  2. To increase pupils’ desire to learn foreign language

  3. To consolidate grammar and lexical material by means of the game

Form of the lesson: Game-competition

Equipment: stars, cards with numbers, projector, white board


Teacher: Good afternoon, dear boys and girls. Welcome to our game “Star Hour”.

There are 10 6th grade pupils from different classes who will take a part in a game to prove that they are the best, the most quick-witted and the cleverest. They should come through 5 rounds of the competition. But first of all I want to tell you the rules of the game.

  • The competition consists of 5 rounds.

  • Players answer the questions, raising numbers they have from 1 to 4

  • You can get a star for each correct answer

  • Students who have the most numbers of stars enter the next round

  • The first student, who gives the correct answer will get an extra star

  • So, in the final round there will be only two players

  • The instruction of the tour will be given before it.

Let us learn the names of our players. Don’t forget, you can get a star for the most interesting and original introduction.

Additional questions for the pupils:

Do you like studying? What’s your favourite school subject?

What do you like to do after school?

What’s your hobby?

Do you have a family? How do you spend time together?

  • It is very nice to meet you, all the students were great and did the best they could, but to my mind the most interesting introduction was ______’s. So he/she gets a star.

The first tour is devoted to holidays. You will see eight questions with four answers. You should be very attentive and raise the card with the correct answer.

Here are the questions:

    1. What holiday don’t we celebrate in Kazakhstan?

  1. Independence Day

  2. New Year

  3. Boxing Day

  4. Women’s Day

    1. When is Christmas day in Great Britain?

  1. December, 25th

  2. January, 1st

  3. December, 26th

  4. January, 7th

    1. Where do people celebrate New Year in February?

  1. France

  2. Kazakhstan

  3. Germany

  4. China

    1. What do British people eat for Christmas dinner?

  1. Fish and pudding

  2. Turkey and jelly sandwiches

  3. Turkey and pudding

  4. Hot dogs and hamburgers

    1. What is the name of the holiday which means the coming of spring and abundance?

  1. Women’s Day

  2. April Fool’s Day

  3. Nauryz

  4. Victory Day

    1. What holiday is celebrated all over the world by the people of all nationalities?

  1. Easter

  2. Boxing Day

  3. Thanksgiving Day

  4. Victory Day

    1. What holiday is celebrated on the 4th Thursday in November?

  1. Thanksgiving Day

  2. Halloween

  3. Knowledge Day

  4. Independence Day

    1. When do people carve the jack-o’-lanterns out of pumpkins?

  1. New Year

  2. Birthday

  3. Easter

  4. Halloween

You were great, but we have pupils who don’t have stars, so they should leave the game.

The second tour is Grammar one. The rules are the same. Raise the card with the correct answer.

I. _____ your motorbike? It's in the garage.

1) who’s

2) which is

3) where’s

4) what’s

II. ---- car is this? It's his.

1) what’s

2) who's

3) whose

4) Which

III. ______ five pens on my desk.

1) it is

2) there is

3) they are

4) there are

IV. They ______a villa near the beach.

1) are got

2) got

3) has got

4) have got

V. A:_______ sisters do you have?

B: Two.

1) How many

2) How

3) How much

4) How do

VI. A: Is there any sugar left?

B: __________

1) No, they are

2) Yes, there is any

3) Yes, they are

4) No, there isn’t

VII. My favorite friends are Roy and Richard but Terry doesn't like _____at all.

1) him

2) it

3) him

4) them

VIII. There aren't ______ students at school today.

1) many

2) lots

3) the much

4) the many

IX. They have’t got _____.

1) some children

2) any children

3) a children

4) the children

X. A: Do you speak Italian?

B: No, I ______.

1) not

2) don’t

3) doesn’t

4) am not

You were great, but we have pupils who don’t have stars, so they should leave the game.

The third tour is listening. You will listen to the text, then I will ask you 4 questions and you should answer them


    1. Who has only one room in the flat or in the house?

  1. Manola

  2. Ray and Elsie

  3. Brad

  4. Alise

    1. Whose house doesn’t have any walls?

  1. Manola

  2. Ray and Elsie

  3. Brad

  4. Alise

    1. Who lives in a wonderful house with 5 bedrooms?

  1. Manola

  2. Ray and Elsie

  3. Brad

  4. Alise

    1. Who lives in a very old house?

  1. Manola

  2. Ray and Elsie

  3. Brad

  4. Alise

I think you are tired a little, let’s dance for a minute (Musical pause)

The cleverest pupils are left but at the end of this tour there will be only two. Let’s wish everyone good luck. Pupils with the least number of stars leave the game.

The fourth round is lexical. I will read you the definition of the words and you should guess the word.

    1. The salt water that covers much of the Earth's surface

  1. Lake

  2. Sea

  3. River

  4. Creek

    1. An organization for teaching the children

  1. Hospital

  2. Library

  3. School

  4. Swimming pool

    1. A place where trains stop for passengers to get on and off

  1. Bus station

  2. Airport

  3. Plant

  4. Railway station

    1. Someone who you know and like very much and enjoy spending time with.

  1. A friend

  2. An enemy

  3. A book

  4. A pupil

    1. A period of time in which someone is taught a particular skill, for example how to play a musical instrument or drive a car

  1. Childhood

  2. Lesson

  3. Life

  4. Watch

Only two pupils are left.

The last round is to make as many words as you can from the word MISUNDERSTANDING

Our winner today is __________. We congratulate you with the victory. You are the best 6th grade pupil of our school. Here is a little present for you. All the participants of the game are also clever and all of them will get a small gift. Thank you very much for the game. I hope you have got pleasure and fun.

Good luck and take care!

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