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Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку в 5 классе "The world of childhood"

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The theme: “The world of childhood”

Aims and objectives: - To practice the grammar theme: was/were+ time expressions

- To practice the dialogue speech in everyday English

- To develop pupils outlook on the world of English

- To repeat the vocabulary

- To study the new words: amusement arcade [ə'mju:zmənt a:'keid], bowling alley ['bəvlin'æli], cinema ['sinimə], coffee bar ['kafi 'ba:], concert, fast-food restaurant, Internet café, library, takeaway

Equipments and didactics: pictures, crossword, presentation, DVD.

The procedure of the lesson:

I Motive

  1. Greeting

Teacher: Good afternoon, boys and girls!

Pupils: Good afternoon, teacher!

Teacher: How are you?

Pupils: We are fine, thanks. And you?

Teacher: I am fine, too. I am glad to see you. Sit down, please.

  1. Organization moment:

Teacher: Who is on duty today?

Pupil: I am on duty today.

Teacher: Who is absent?

Pupil: I am absent.

Teacher: What date is it today?

Pupil: Today the 20th of February.

Teacher: What day of the week is it today?

Pupil: It is Monday today.

  1. Phonetic drill:

Clowns grow glowing crowns.

  1. Speech drill:

Teacher: At first let's watch the video about children and childhood.

Teacher: And who can tell me what is childhood?

Pupil 1: Childhood is when the world to come is an adventure to be met.

Pupil 2: Childhood is running and hiding peeking around blind corners hoping you have been followed.

Pupil 3: Childhood is dreaming of being in the best.

Pupil 4: Childhood is being the perfect person (or not being caught out when you're not being the perfect person).

Pupil 5: Childhood is a mass of contradictions you don't want to unravel.

Pupil 6: Childhood Is a nice cosy bed, clean sheets and Mummy's kisses.

  1. Checking up the home task:

Teacher: Boys and girls, what was your home task for today?

Pupil: Today we had to learn by heart the poems about childhood, and the proverbs with the moral meaning.

Teacher: Ok. Who wants to tell the poems?

Pupil 1: Childhood is rare
Unlike a bear
Childhood is fun
Unlike eating a bun
Childhood is like fire
Like the excitement of getting hired
Childhood is like honey
Like a hopping bunny

Pupil 2: My childhood garden
lush and green
it was so happy it made me scream
my joy and hopes
and all my mopes
my childhood garden

Pupil 3: My childhood garden
flying high
with the little lies
the grass fine
up in the sky my kite
my childhood garden

Pupil 4: The best time of your life
when you feel very, very good
what is that time called?
Oh Yes! Its childhood!
It’s the only time you remember
when you were in your best mood
what is that time called?
Oh Yes! Its childhood!

Teacher: And now let's remember the proverbs which will help us in future.

Pupil 1: A cat in glove cathes no mice. Еңбегіне қарайөнбегі.

Pupil 2: A friend in need is a friend indeed. Ерді кебенек ішінде таңы.

Pupil 3: All is well that ends well. Басы қатты болса, аяғы тәтті болар.

Pupil 4: Appearance are deceitful. Мал аласысыртында, адам аласыішінде.

Pupil 5: Better late than never. Ештен кеш жақсы.

Pupil 6: Don't look a gift horse in the mouth. Орамал тон болмайды, жол болады.

Pupil 7: East or West, home is best. Өз үйім, кең сарайдай боз үйім.

Pupil 8: Every dog has its day. Дүние кезек, терме тезек.

Pupil 9: Everything is good in its season. Әр нәсенің өз уақытты бар

Pupil 10: He laughs best who laughs last. Сойылды соңғы соққан жеңеді.

Pupil 11: Live and learn. Оқусыз білім жоқ, білімсіз күннің жоқ.

Pupil 12: Honesty is the best policy. Арынды жасыңнан сақта.

Pupil 13: Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today. Бүгінгі істі ертеңге қалдырма.

Pupil 14: Never say die. Салын суға кетпесін.

Pupil 15: No pains, no gains. Еңбексіз – өнбек жоқ.

Pupil 16: Pride goes before a fall. Қанаттының бәрі сұңқар емес.

Pupil 17: Tastes differ. Талғамға талас жоқ.

II Realization.

Teacher: As you see, dear guests, we speak about childhood. And one of the most popular parts of the childhood are tales. My dear pupils, do you like tales?

Pupil: Yes, we like tales.

Teacher: And what tales do you like?

Pupil: I like “The Bread roll”, “The turnip”, “Alladin”, “Sleeping Beauty” and many others.

Teacher: I see you know many tales. And I know that you have prepared the scene of one the most famous tales is “The turnip”.

Pupil: Yes we prepared the tale “The turnip” and want to show it to you and our guests.

Teacher: Ok. Let's see the scene.

The scene “The turnip” (See Appendix 1)

Teacher: Boys and girls do you like Disney's tales.

Pupil: Yes, of course. There are very good and interesting tales.

Teacher: Ok. If you know these tales let's decide the crossword about it. You see the table where we have many letters. In these we have to find the names of tales or heroes of the tales. I will show you the example. The words which you have find are given on the list of paper. The first word is Cinderella. Now I will show you this word. Who wants to find the next word?

Pupil 1: May I am teacher.

Teacher: Yes, you may. What is the second word of the crossword?

Pupil 2: It is Peter Pan. It is name of the tale and the name of the main character.

Teacher: Ok. Thanks. Sit down please. Next?

Pupil 3: Sleeping beauty. It is the name of the tale about the princess.

Teacher: Very well. Thanks. Next?

Pupil 4: Next is the word Alladin.

Teacher: Next?

Pupil 5: Fantasia. It is the name of the tale.

Teacher: Thank you very much. Sit down. And about the next word?

Pupil 6: Pocahontas.

Teacher: Next?

Pupil 7: Tarzan. It is the tale about the boy who lived in the jungle.

Teacher: Yes. It is very interesting tale. Who wants to be next?

Pupil 8: Mulan.

Teacher: Next?

Pupil 9: Brother Bear.

Teacher: Sit down. And the last word is?

Pupil 10: The last word is Dumbo.

Teacher: I see you passed the crossword very well.

III Reflexion

Teacher: Today we have told about childhood. You were very active on the lesson. All of you took the part on the lesson, some in the scene, some told the poems and crossword, I see that all of you know the proverbs which will help you to grow by the rules of life, using the right ethic rules. And now I want to listen what about your dreams?

Pupil: I want to live and not to die!

I want to laugh and not to cry.

I want to feet the summer sun

I want to sing when life is fun.

I want to fly into the blue.

I want to swim as fishes do

I want to stretch out friendly hands.

To all be young of other lands.

Teacher: Ok. And what about else pupils?

Pupil 1: I want to win an Olympic race.

I want to see the Earth from space.

Pupil 2: I want to travel to Katmandu.

I want to be rich and famous, too.

Pupil 3: I want to be in Hollywood's screen.

I want to invent a new machine.

Pupil 4: I want to be very clever and wise.

I want to win the Nobel prize.

All pupils together: But most of all, I want to be healthy and strong, and nice.

Pupils sing the song “May there always be sunshine!” (Appendix 2)

2) Giving the marks:

Teacher: Girls and boys your marks for today are…

3) Giving the home task:

Your home task will be to write the composition about your dreams.

And on this moment our lesson is over, thank you for active answers and I want to thank out dear guests for visiting this lesson. If you have opinions, you can say it to our pupils.

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