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Зачетная работа по дисциплине "Английский язык"



контрольной работы к зачету (экзамену)

по дисциплине Английский язык

1. Choose the right variant.

1. We took puppy to live with us.

a) a b) the

2. I like chocolate.

a) the b) —

3. We arrived in Toronto on first of June.

a) -, the, —; b) the, the, —; c) —, the, the

4. My boyfriend comes from Netherlands.

a) — b) the

5. What fine weather we are having today!

a) a b) the c) —

6) Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in Britain.

a) the, the b) —, the c) —, —

7) Once I went to my holidays to Lake Baikal. It was great.

a) the b) —

8) Internet costs about $ 5 month.

a) a b) the

9) Sherlock Holmes lived in Baker Street.

a) the b) —

10) I have never traveled across Atlantic.

a) the b) —

11) British Museum is one of biggest in world.

a) the, —. the b) the, the, the c) a, the, the

12) book I was telling you is by Ray Bradbury.

a) a b) — c) the

2. Use the necessary form of pronouns.

  1. He washed face and hands.

  2. Look at them. are playing like kids.

  3. Do you know that woman. Yes, I know .

  4. Is John at home ? Can I speak to .

  5. That is his book. Give to him.

  6. We live near . They are neighbours.

  7. My father always repairs his car .

  8. Don't touch the book. It's .

  9. What colour is the shirt? It is so far that I can't see colour.

  10. Why are you sitting here? This desk is not .

11. I know this man. house is opposite .

  1. All my friends enjoyed at my party.

  2. Children, help to sweets.

3. Choose the suitable word. Write your answers in he answer boxes.

Family, nephew, brother -in-law, wife, aunt, naughty, single, son, daughters, married, eager, cousins] first- year, boyfriend, uncle, jolly, brother, well-bred, full, mother, father, sister, fond, name.

Hi, my (1)____is Jane. My (2)____name is Jane Louse Brown. I am 20.I study at a college, I am a (3)_____ student. I am (4)_____. But I've got a (5) ___. He is very (6)___ and (7)

My (8)____is not large. Actually I've got a (9)____and a (10)____. I have no (11)_____. My sister is (12)____. Her husband is my (13)____. They have got a (14)____. He is my (15)______. He is four. Sometimes he is (16)____.

He is (17)___of birds and animals. We have got white mice, a hedgehog and a parrot in the house. Now he is (18)______to have a rabbit.

My mother has a (19)______. He is my (20)_____. His (21)____is my (22)____. They have got a large family. They have got three (23)____: Kate, Jane, Betty. They are my

(24)____. We often come and see each other.

1 name
























4. Выберите правильный вариант.

1. ... is cold.

A. it В. there

2. ... is a garden near a house.

A. it B. there

3. Is ... a library in your school?

A. it B. There

5. Укажите правильные варианты перевода.

1. The flowers are in the vase.

А. Цветы в вазе В. В вазе цветы.

2. There is no telephone in the room.

А. Телефона нет в комнате. В. В комнате нет телефона.

6. Выберите правильную форму глагола.

1. We ... five days a week.

A. work В. works

2. She ... in Moscow.

A. live B. lives.

3. They ... their parents every weekend.

A. visit B. visits.

4. He ... school two years ago.

A. finishes B. finished.

7. Write sentences from these words. Put the verb in the right form.

1. Her, play, friends, often, volley-ball.

2. Go, library, Kate, to, day, every, the

3. Your, doesn't, in, aunt, Moscow, live.

4. I, very, go, cinema, to, often, the

5. Much, watch, Grandmother, to, like, TV, very.

9. Put questions to the underlined words.

1. You speak English well. 2. They went to the forest on Sunday

1) Who l)Who

2) What language 2) How often

3) How well . 3) Where

4) When

  1. Раскройте скобки.

  1. He (not to drive) a car.

  2. Yesterday Lily (to come) home early from school.

  3. She (to watch) TV every day.

  4. Where (to go) we last summer?

  5. Let’s go to the cinema tonight. The film (to begin) at 8 p.m.

  6. Is that the phone?” “Don’t worry I (to get) to get it”.

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