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Задания к уроку английского языка в 6 классе "Мир Нарнии"

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Mr Tumnus is a good hero. I liked him very much. He is very shy and kind. He could not kidnap Lucy because they became friends. He was brave and tried to defend his friends.

Witch Jadis is a very cruel and cunning personage. She is cold. She wears a white furcoat and the crown made of ice.

Lucy is the youngest sister. She is nice and kind. She is brave and warmhearted. She is a real friend.

I liked the Lion Aslan very much. He is associated with the God in this book. He is very wise. He helped everybody. I strongly believe that good must overcome evil. But some people don’t understand it. And there must be people who can teach them how to do it. From my point of view one of the greatest teachers is the Lion, Aslan by name. He is a real teacher of wisdom, honesty and kindness. He gave good advice to everybody in the book pointing out to their merits and demerits. Thus trying to make them better than they are.

  • Edmund? Would you like a sweet?

  • Of course, I would. I am fond of sweets.

  • I see you have a toothache. Bring your brother and sisters to me and you will eat them every day.

  • I’ll try.

Sir Clive Staples Lewis is an English and Irish writer and scientist. He is known for his works in the fantasy genre. He was one of Oxford literary group the "Inkling". Lewis spent his childhood in Ireland Ireland. His friend was J. Tolkien, the author of The Lord of the rings. They are famous writers.


«What is Peter like?» «Peter is brave like a lion».

1.Lucy a) kind like God

2.Edmund b)cruel and cunning

like a snake

3.Susan c) devoted like a dog

4.Aslan d) nice and warm-hearted

like the sun

5. The Witch Jadis e ) wise like an owl

Make up disjunctive questions

1. Narnia is a magic country,________?

2. Lucy was the first who came to Narnia,_______?

3. Peter fought bravely,__________?

4.Children will become kings and queens of Narnia,_________?

5. There are a lot of different creatures in Narnia,______?

6. Mr. Tumnus did not want to kidnap Lucy,________?

1. Have you done a good job at the lesson

2. Did you like the lesson?


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