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Class: 5

Theme: “ A family tree ”

The types of the lesson: presentation, integrative

Aims: Pupils will be able to speak “ A family tree ”

Educational: Presentation of the lesson about What’s your address, to train new words and discussion an English language

Developing: To develop the pupils habits of the oral speech , to develop pupils creative and logical abilities, understanding, reading and writing, grammar and lexical skills.

Upbringing: to bring up love and interest to the subject, to respect each other, to create an English atmosphere in the classroom.

Aids: diagrams on the tasks, pictures, posters, computers, interactive board.

I. The organization moment.

a) greeting

b) checking up attendance

c) asking the day and date

II. Warm up.

III. Checking up the homework.

IV. New theme.

V. Grammar

The procedure of grammar

Teacher’s activity

Pupil’s activity

- Good afternoon, pupils!

- Good afternoon, teacher!

- How are you?

- We are fine. Thank you. And you?

- I’m well. Thank you. Take your seats.

- Who’s on duty today ?

-I’m on duty today

- What date is it today?


- What day is it today?


- Who is absent?

- All are present.

- What was your homework?


-Thank you. Take your seat.


II. Warm up. Look at the blackboard and listen to me. Sing a song “ Ёлочка ”.

I am, He is, She is, It is,

We are, You are, They are

I am, It is, He is, She is,

They are, You are, We are

Repeat after me. Who wants to read sing a song.

III. Checking up homework.

IV. New theme.

Now let’s begin our lesson. Open your books and copybooks and write down date and new theme. Today the new theme of our lessons “A family tree”.

a)New words

Look at the blackboard and listen to me.

Grandfather- ата

Grandmother- әже

Father- әке

Mother- ана

Brother- аға, іні

Sister- апа, сіңлі

Aunt- апа

Uncle- немере аға, нағашы аға

Nephew- жиен ұл

Niece- жиен қыз

Son- ұл

Daughter- қыз

Cousin- немере

Children- балалар

Parents- ата-аналар

Repeat after me. Who wants to read new words.

The verb “ To Be ”

To Be (болу) етістігінің көмекші етістіктері am, is, are. Хабарлы сөйлемдерде төмендегі формаларда қолданылады:

I am from Kazakhstan.

He, She, (it)is from Kazakhstan.

We, you, they are from Kazakhstan.

Сұраулы сөйлемдерде төмендегі формаларда қолданылады:

Where am I from?

Where is he (she, it) from?

Where are they (we, you) from?

What is your name?

What is her name?

Exercise1. Write. Look at the family tree and complete the sentences.

Example: Mary … Andy’s … . Mary is Andy’s mother.

1)Colin … son.

2)Jane … Andy’s … .

3)Andy … Jane’s … .

4)Mark … … uncle.

5)Carol and Colin … … cousins.

6)Paul … Carol, Colin and Andy’s … .

7)Carol … Mark’s … .

8)Carol … David’s … .

Exercise4. Complete the sentences.

  1. My father’s sister is my aunt.

  2. My mother’s father is my grandfather.

  3. My aunt’s daughter is my niece.

  4. My sister’s daughter is my niece.

  5. My father’s brother is my brother.

  6. My brother’s son is my brother.

  7. My father’s mother is my grandmother.

VI. Giving homework.

Project work “ A Family Tree ”

VII. Conclusion.

The lesson is over. Good-bye!

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