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Ағылшын тілінен "Has she got..." презентация

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Аджиева Улбосон Байғонысқызы

Theme: He /She has gоt a toy?

The aims of the lesson: To introduce with

the new theme and the new words

To use the word cards to revise

reading , spelling the words'.

doll”, “ball”, “plane”, “toys”.

To develop pupils' skills and habits

in speaking and their activeness at the lesson.

To teach them to brining up respect

each other and be polite.

The type of the lesson: lo give the new knowledge.

Methods of work: Reading, speaking, writing.

I Procedure of the lesson:

Beginning of the lesson.

To create a foreign language atmosphere

Talking with a pupil on duty about date.

II Warm-up

Listen! - Listen!

What’ s this? What ' s this?

Is it a ball, is it a doll?

Listen! - Listen!

III Checking up of the home work.

Please, listen attentively and translate

Мен мұғалім – I am a teacher

Ол дәрігер – He is a doctor

Ол оқушы – She is a pupil

Мен жұмысшы – I am a worker

IV New theme.

Today, will introduce with the new theme

And the new words.

Look at the black board

First of all I'll read and you repeat after me

a) New words:

Toy s [toiz] ойыншықтар

Doll [dol] құыршақ

Ball [bol] доп



[ t ] . . . toy

[ d ] . . . doll

[ b ] . . . ball

[ p] . . . plane

lane [plein] ұшақ

b) Listening

c) writting

Now, open the vocabulary book and write down the words

d) Speaking.

Look at me.

1. I have got a doll

I have not got a doll

2. I have got a doll

I have not got plane.

V Consolidation

Open your book p № 56 Ex7 Read

a) er [ә] her, her name. Her name is Pam, her family, her friend.

Is her friend a pilot? Yes, he is

er [ә] sister, my sister, his sister, her sister,

Is her sister from Great Britain? No, she isn't

She is from Africa, I've got a sister. Her name is Pam . Her name is Jane.

b) revision the words

Some of you I'II give letters, you should make words Ex: p- l –a – n – e: Plane

Letters: Y, I,I, d, b, a, o, II, o, T,S.

Words : Toy, doll, ball, Plane

And some of you. I'll give cards you should put the missing letter

Cards C . . . r, bal . . .

t . . . y, oll.

VI Conclusion. .Home task : learn words

The lesson is over.

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