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English Plan-"Room" For Kids

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hello_html_m666cf6d8.gifThe plan of the lesson

Time & day: 18.02.2016 year

Group: “Erketai”- 5 years old

Theme: Room

The aims:

To teach children to tell about a room. And to learn the new words by this theme. To train to pupils the correct naming of the rooms, talking about the fact that they live in the house. To provide understanding questions, and giving full answers. To enlarge children’s vocabulary on the topic by a room. To cultivate love for their room. To learn to describe a room. To do exercises, to play, make up dialogue, sentences. To develop children’s memory, skills, habits.

The type: Mixed

The kind: Demonstration lesson

Methods: answer-question, play, dialogue, action.

Visual aids: Pictures, disk, books, toys, market, balloon.

  1. Organization moment

A song “Hello!”

T: Good morning, children!

Ch: Good morning, teacher!

T: How are you?

Ch: We are fine!

T: Do you want to say a rhyme?

Ch: Yes, OK!

A rhyme “My toy”

My toy bear, Yes!

My toy car, Yes!

My toy boll, Yes!

My toy ball, Yes!

  1. New lesson

    1. New words

Sitting-room-қонақ бөлме

Bedroom-ұйықтайтын бөлме


Bathroom-жуынатын бөлме

Sofa- диван



Washing-machine-кір машина

    1. Doing exercises

  1. Let’s play “Loto”



Bedroom- Bed

Kitchen- Cooker

Bathroom- Washing-machine

  1. Logical task

(What room is not?)

c) Greating work

(Make up your room)

d) Action song

I am wash-This is bathroom

I am eat- This is kitchen

I am really- This is sitting-room

I am sleep- This is bedroom

  1. Conclusion

Describe your room”

(How many words do you know? – Find your toy’s room by balloon’s correct answer)

T: Now, children, our lesson is over. You were very active today. I think that our lesson were interesting. Thank you, for your hard work and for your attention.

Ch: Good-bye, teacher. Thank you, for your hard work.

The kindergarten by named “Beibarys”

(Demonstration lesson)

Group: “Erketai” 5years old

Responsible: Muzapparova Ayagoz

Kyzylorda 2016 year

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