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"Эссе учителя английского языка"

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Among the professions there are several professions that have been and will be in demand in the community. For example, teacher. Specialists of this profile are always required.

How to become teachers. For me, this issue began to be addressed in early childhood.

Always in my memories of childhood, in the garden waiting for the moment when mom will come and take with you to work. She taught children, and I waited for when I grow up and can go in as a teacher. And when mom came home from work she sat down to write lesson plans, reports and read notebook I sat down and dreamed that when she grows up, she will check notebooks and grading.

Today, already over six years of teaching experience. In life many things change rapidly. Today to teach children and so and so, ten years ago, is unacceptable. Fast current time constantly brings to life new features, new requirements, finally, a new fashion.

Study, study... endlessly. Is there a pedagogical threshold of maturity at which you learn will become optional? But then stop developing. Study is always, in varying degrees, is a must. If to the acquired experience, skill and knowledge, a bit wider than you need now, add ingenuity to do what no one else did – it is innovation and step to leadership!

It should be noted that to combine educational and pedagogical activity is very difficult. From the teacher requires special knowledge and skills. One of the advantages of the teaching profession can be called that, through his work, the formation of personality, a real person. In the end, the teacher is required not just to convey information, but to teach the child independently to look for, understand, and draw conclusions. That is, to help him acquire the skills he will use throughout life. And that the teacher should be able to see a child with potential, and not to judge it according to conventional criteria.

The teaching profession is unique in its kind. As you know, almost at all times of human existence was the need for teachers. Today this profession is in demand. Before teachers associated with the school. Young teachers are becoming less and less, they are reluctant to work in the school and it is not clear why.Teachers transmit knowledge and your experience on the course, various master classes.Our profession is so alive that it does not allow us to stand still, to constantly be aware of all the events, starting from the global and ending with the changes in youth slang, fashion, music, etc. the Teacher should keep pace with the times, needs to master the taught material. And above all, a teacher must be human. The teaching profession is one of the most noble. Who, if not the teacher will give the necessary knowledge, will introduce the fascinating world of science, learn how to act in critical situations. Each class teacher is a little performance. I believe that important quality of a teacher is the ability to love children. We need to understand each of them.Professors, teachers, educators. All together it's the teachers. The teacher is an educated man, with a huge vocabulary who can analyze the necessary information. Teachers need to be prepared for the publicity and consequences. Most importantly, you need to be able to inspire confidence in the child.

"Teacher are not born, become a teacher" - a phrase with kotoroya did in College. Because in order to become a teacher, you need to go the hard way of personality, self-knowledge, because it is a profession that requires continual introspection and commitment. In the word "teacher" present root "to give." Developing in our demanding profession, we find ourselves in shepotenko knowledge, developing yourself first.

To be honest, I never thought that I would become a teacher. In childhood dreamed of estatemillionaire, a ballerina, a veterinarian, and then did go to serve in the army all his life. Enrolling in a teacher training College, I was sure that then it will arrive on the translator and become a flight attendant on international routes. Only once in practice in the camp, I realized that I love children and I'm not a burden to take responsibility for children.I realized that working with children is very interesting, and the most important thing is to feel what the children need your support, experience and knowledge.

In the first year of working with children I was a bit scared, suddenly I don't like children, you will not be able to control them. Ushinsky wrote: "...the doctrine, devoid of any interest, kills student hunting for doctrine...". So I try to teach a lesson so that in the eyes of the students appeared frustrated. After all, interest is the key to knowledge, it is necessary to maintain in children. To be able to attract students ' attention and to generate interest in its subject matter and pedagogical skills that you seek.

The lessons should not only build knowledge and skills, but also to educate People. The training system must be focused on the development of student's personality, the maximum disclosure of personal potential of a child.

I believe that the choice of profession should be approached with great responsibility, you need to assess your abilities, desires, interests. To listen to the elders, make the decision that affects your future life. Sometimes it happens that the girl gets tired of other people's children, and their no longer starts, but fortunately I'm not tired children, but rather more want to make their children to feel responsibility only for their child. My example was my mom who came from work tired, but at work she always left with a smile. Mom always said that tired at work not from children but from their love and attention. And when I came to school to work as a teacher that felt it myself. I believe that if every day to go to work with a smile, to give my good mood to the students, the work will not be a burden, because children feel your warmth and return it to you doubly, which helps to strive to the last day of work at the school to keep this love to the children and the daily smile when you walk out the door to work no matter what...

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