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Интеллектуальный марафон (6 класс)

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Интеллектуальный марафон

Задание по английскому языку 6 класс

Part A

1. Complete the questions:

  1. You went to the stadium with him, …?

  1. don’t you

  2. didn’t you

  3. won’t you

  4. wasn’t you

  1. He will see this show tonight, … ?

  1. doesn’t he

  2. didn’t he

  3. won’t he

  4. wasn’t he

  1. They are going to have a party on Sunday … ?

  1. didn’t they

  2. aren’t they

  3. won’t they

  4. don’t they

  1. She has bought many good things today, … ?

a) didn’t she

b) hasn’t she

c) hadn’t she

  1. He has to walk to the station, … ?

a) doesn’t he

b) hasn’t he

c) isn’t he

2. In each group of the words find the odd one:

1) weather, season, rain, forecast, cloudy, expensive, hot, cold

2) London, sights, monument, tourist, art gallery, museums, guide, president

3) tall, bright, monument, beautiful, merry, sad, intelligent, comfortable, pretty, slim, fat, dark-eyed

4) writer, builder, teacher, worker, driver, magazine, lawyer, painter, dancer, singer

3. Use the correct form of the verbs:

1) Every evening at 9 o’clock he… his dog for a walk.

  1. is taking

  2. takes

  3. has taken

2) What … she doing now?

  1. is

  2. does

  3. has

3) Look out of the window. It … hard.

a) rains

b) is raining

c) will rain

4) He ... school two years ago.

a) finishes

b) will finish

c) finished

5) He… a pilot during the World War II.

a) is

b) will be

c) was

4. Match the words from the left and the right column according to the their meanings:

  1. describe a) exciting

  2. writer b) book

  3. interesting c) fantasy

  4. d) well-known

  5. famous g) hero h) action

  6. fairy-tale i) author

  7. conflict J) leading

5. Choose the correct article:

  1. Mississippi is the longest river in the USA.

  1. a

  2. the

  3. -

2) … Jack London is a well-known American writer.

  1. the

  2. a

  3. -

3) … tea is cold.

  1. -

  2. a

  3. the

4) On… Monday we open at 9 o’clock.

a) the

b) -

c) a

5) It was… cold today

a) a

b) the

c) -

Part B

Put the sentences into the correct order to make up the story:

  1. He didn’t know what to do with him

  2. Next day the man the man again

  3. the policeman said

  4. Why didn’t you take him to the Zoo?” asked the policeman.

  5. Now I am taking him to the cinema”.

  6. The man did as the policeman said to him.

  7. and took him to a policeman.

  8. Take him to the Zoo”.

  9. The man still had the elephant.

  10. I did”, said the man,

  11. One day a man was walking in the park and met an elephant.

  12. and he liked very much”.

Part C

Write about ideal holiday (How you imagine it)

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