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Интерьер дома. Линия и пространство.

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  • Contemporary style of decoration

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    Contemporary style of decoration

  • What is a modern style in the interior?Design trends, not limited to a rigid...

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    What is a modern style in the interior?
    Design trends, not limited to a rigid set of expressive means, are a kind of antipode of the classics. The style denies her desire for decorativeness, a clear adherence to the canons.

    The concept of a comfortable and functional habitat dominates here, where every detail is logically embedded in the context. The flow is characterized by minimalism. It is realized in a focused attention on volumes, pronounced linearity, textures, which creates fertile ground for design experiments.
    Beautiful interiors in a modern style are convenience for life, practicality in operation and aesthetics based on design trends.

  • Characteristic features1. Simplicity and clarity are at the forefront. The ma...

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    Characteristic features
    1. Simplicity and clarity are at the forefront. The main principle is that the form does not overshadow the content. Hence the rejection of flashy decor, straightforward furniture design.
    2. Maximum simplicity equals comfort. A neat finish in a neutral color scheme creates a background where you can equally focus on rest, communication or work.
    3. The layout tends to create an open space, without complex structural elements, often with panoramic glazing. A common solution is a studio-type interior.
    4. A discreet environment is a wonderful environment for original accessories, art objects, works of conceptual art.
    5. Artificial and natural materials are equally appropriate here.
    6. Modern style abhors mannerism and intricacy, which can be found, for example, in retro and ethnic. And when the situation is minimalistic, it is also beneficial from a practical point of view (in terms of time and financial costs for cleaning, furniture care, etc.).
    7. The design is readily modified into styles that are close in idea. Make the sofa upholstery look like a zebra skin, dilute the monotonous interior with paintings in silver frames, a couple of abstract sculptures – and get art Deco. Arrange lamps with metal fittings, vase-flasks, decorate furniture facades with shiny inserts, and the wall with an urban photo - and techno is ready.

  • The Law of StraightnessStrict orientation along the coordinate axes and the t...

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    The Law of Straightness
    Strict orientation along the coordinate axes and the three-dimensional structure of space, expressed through lines, angles, planes, is the fundamental principle of design in actual design, from architecture to interior items.

    But even here there is a place for freedom and creativity: you can diversify the composition by including several smooth lines. Just let it be simple geometric shapes: circle, sphere, cylinder. More intricate designs are the lot of traditional design.

    In the interior design of a townhouse, the role of such corrective elements is played by chairs in the dining area.

  • Open space as a zoning principleThe layout of modern apartments and houses em...

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    Open space as a zoning principle
    The layout of modern apartments and houses embodies the idea of open space. This means a minimum of partitions and the ability to use one room at the same time for different tasks: this is how the kitchen-dining room, living room-kitchen, living room-study, bedroom-living room appear. The organization of space by means of zoning will not give rise to a feeling of emptiness. Such means are:
    grouping of furniture;
    sliding transparent partitions;
    wall decoration;
    multi-level lamps.
    The beautiful interiors of a private house in the village of Millennium Park are built on a combination of open space and techniques from traditional and modern styles.

  • Floor, ceiling and wallsThe wish for the floor covering is to be smooth and p...

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    Floor, ceiling and walls
    The wish for the floor covering is to be smooth and plain. Laminate, tile, natural stone, self-leveling floors are suitable for these purposes. Natural shades are preferred: coffee, nutty, milk, cognac. If it is wood, then light ash, maple, dark wenge are good.
    You can refuse the carpet altogether or choose a product with an unusual texture (for example, the effect of scuffing), a geometric pattern.
    The task of wall decoration is to create a background on which furniture and accessories will look advantageous. Therefore, the surfaces should be smooth, do not distract attention with drawings and texture.
    Suitable finishing materials: decorative plaster, paint, liquid or vinyl wallpaper. If you make one wall brighter, highlight it with a plaster bas-relief, 3D wallpaper, then the room will not look boring and monotonous.
    The standard solution for the ceiling is a smooth white surface. If the area allows, they make suspended two-level structures with built-in lamps. Chandeliers and lamps by design correspond to the style: made of glass and metal, without decorations.

  • Furniture with perfect shapesModern styles in the interior prefer furniture o...

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    Furniture with perfect shapes
    Modern styles in the interior prefer furniture of pure forms.
    The priority is a clear design and lines, sofa supports are put on public display, and not hidden behind drapery.
    Upholstered furniture has symmetrical proportions, is convenient and practical to use. Upholstery – woven or leather (made of artificial or natural materials), smooth, plain. Textiles can introduce a couple of bright spots into the design, breaking the monotony of the situation.
    To save space, furniture is made to order from MDF or chipboard. Most often these are transformers: wardrobes, sofa beds, folding tables.
    The minimum set of furniture for the living room is a sofa, armchairs, a coffee table, a wardrobe or a modular system for the width of the wall.
    To compensate for the excessive straightness of furniture forms, you can use a round table on a disk base, a low sofa.

  • Neutral color schemeThe main palette of modern design is white, beige, gray,...

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    Neutral color scheme
    The main palette of modern design is white, beige, gray, black. It is not necessary to use banal, straightforward colors, you can turn to complex composite shades.
    In monochrome, semitones are responsible for expressiveness, as well as textures and volumes that come to the fore. In contrast, the background is painted white, light brown, light gray, and the furniture is selected dark.
    A bright interior in a modern style is a typical format. White color is especially popular, which expands the space and makes it easy to perceive. Additional colors and bright objects will help to avoid the effect of facelessness.
    Neutral shades of the warm spectrum (for example, brown) will logically pick up the motif of natural materials.
    When combining several colors, one should dominate, be as calm as possible in emotional coloring. Especially in the bedroom. And if you want a splash of color, you need a point for focus – an accentuated wall, a colorful accessory, part of the furniture.
    An example of a modern interior style in bright colors is the white finish of a country house. Together with panoramic glazing, color helps to embody the idea of an open, clean space.

  • Features of the decorWhat is suitable: posters, large paintings without frame...

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    Features of the decor
    What is suitable: posters, large paintings without frames, abstractions, sculptures with streamlined silhouettes, graphics, live plants.

    What won't do: eclectic collections of trinkets, floral patterns, textiles with lush draperies.

    A few words about the design of window openings. If the window is on the whole wall– it can be left completely open. If you want to hang curtains, the fabric should be evenly colored, without floral motifs, a geometric pattern is allowed, a combination of shiny and matte threads. The classic method of fastening is suitable - on grommets, so the folds are smooth and uniform. Roman curtains, Japanese ones will do. But heavy curtains with lambrequins and tassels, of course not.

  • Modern style photo

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    Modern style photo

  • Modern style photo

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    Modern style photo

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