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Итоговая контрольная для 8 класса

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МОУ Валериановская школа


Руководитель ШМО Директором МОУ Валериановской школы

_________Г.В. Мотузова __________ А.В. Труш

«___» ________2014 г. «___» ___________ 2014 г.

Итоговая работа (промежуточная аттестация) по английскому языку для 8 класса

Учитель:Гришкевич Е.А.

Пояснительная записка

Итоговая работа (промежуточная аттестация) по английскому языку для 8 класса состоит из 2 разделов: Раздел 1 – Чтение, Раздел 2 – Лексика – Грамматика и проводится в 1 варианте.

Раздел 1 – Чтение включает в себя задания двух типов: 1) задание на соотнесение заголовков или утверждений с текстами – 10 баллов; 2) задание на выбор одного ответа из трех предложенных – 5 баллов. Время, отведенное на выполнение данного раздела – 20 минут. Максимальная сумма баллов за данный раздел – 15.

Раздел 2 – Лексика – Грамматика включает в себя задания двух типов: 1) задание на выбор одного ответа из трех предложенных – 8 баллов; 2) задание по словообразованию – 7 баллов. Время, отведенное на выполнение данного раздела – 20 минут. Максимальная сумма баллов за данный раздел – 15.

Черновые пометки могут делаться прямо на листе с заданиями, так же допустимо использование отдельного черновика. Любые черновые пометки (черновики) не проверяются и не оцениваются. Оценке подлежит только вариант ответа занесенный в графу ответов.

Таким образом, максимальное время выполнения данной контрольной работы – 40 минут , а максимальная сумма баллов за работу – 30.

Шкала перевода баллов в отметку:

25 – 30 баллов – «5» (отлично)

18 – 24 баллов – «4» (хорошо)

11 – 17 баллов – «3» (удовлетворительно)

0 – 10 баллов – «2» (неудовлетворительно)

Итоговая работа (промежуточная аттестация) по английскому языку 8 класс



Section 1. Reading

1.1 Read the dialogue. Write the correct name next to each statement.

Zak: Did you go out last night?

Matt: I went to the cinema. I saw a great film!

Zak: Really? I just stayed at home and watched TV. It was a bit boring. I never know what to do in my free time.

Matt: I have the opposite problem! I have lots of hobbies and I never have time to do all of them. In the past, I had even more. I was a member of a lot of clubs at school, but I decided it took too much time. Now I’m only in the computer club.

Zak: Maybe I should join a club. My free time just seems to disappear!

Matt: You probably do more than you think. What did you do in your free time last week?

Zak: Let’s see. On Monday and Tuesday evening, I played video games. Then on Wednesday some friends came to hang out at my house. We surfed the Internet. On Thursday evening I didn’t have any free time because I had a lot of homework. On Friday I went out with my family to a restaurant.

Matt: It sounds as if you need a hobby. Why not learn to play an instrument? I play the guitar and it’s a lot of fun. Or how about collecting something? I collect coins. My dad gave me some American coins a year ago, and now I’ve got hundreds, from all over the world!

Zak: Well, I don’t like the idea of collecting things, and I’m not very good at music.

Matt: Do you like doing sport? A sport can be a great hobby. I play tennis and basketball every week. And I went skateboarding last week with my elder brother. I’m a beginner, but it was a lot of fun!

Zak: That sounds really interesting. I’d like to try that.

Matt: Great! Let’s call my brother and see when he’s free.

Write the correct name next to each statement.

Zak – Matt

This person…

  1. didn’t do anything interesting last night.--------------

  2. did a lot of things in his free time in the past.------------

  3. saw friends one evening last week.-------------

  4. started a hobby because of someone in his family.------------

  5. did a fun activity with someone in his family recently.-----------






1.2 Read parts of five different stories. Match a story type from the box with each story.

adventure story – love story – ghost story – science fiction story – detective story

  1. Mr Granger didn’t hear the door open. He was sleeping-dreaming about his childhood in Vienna. He didn’t hear the floorboards creak or feel the cold air that entered the room. He didn’t smell the strange damp smell that filled his bedroom. He didn’t see the white figure of a woman that floated across the room, looked at him in his bed, and then disappeared through the wall into the room next door.

  2. First Officer Taylor was staring thoughtfully out of the window as Lunar Explorer 2 landed on the dusty planet. He was worried. There were no signs of Lunar Explorer 1. Where was the other spacecraft? Where were the crew? «Well, this is it», he said to himself. «It’s time to find out if there really is alien life on Centura». He looked at Captain Warlock. She nodded. «Time to go outside and take a look», she said.

  3. The wind was blowing and snow was starting to fall as Colin climbed the steep, dark hill. But he did not notice the cold. He kept repeating one word to himself as he climbed: “Linda, Linda, Linda”. Finally, he saw it a faint light in the distance. He ran the last half mile to the old, wooden hut. He cried out, «Linda, are you there?» but he knew in his heart that she was waiting for him. The door opened and Linda stood there in front of him. They ran to each other. «Linda, I love you,» he said gently. «I love you too, Colin!» she said. «Come inside where it’s warm».

  4. «And where were you when you heard the scream?» asked Inspector Carter. As usual he was wearing his long brown coat and holding a small notebook and pencil. «I was having a bath», replied Mrs Cuthbertson. «I always have a bath on Tuesday evenings at that time.» «And what did you do?» «Nothing. I thought it was just the children playing. Then, while I was getting dressed about an hour later, Angela came and told me the news. Terrible, just terrible.»

  5. «Look, Maria! There it is!» Sophie bent down and picked up a small cloth bag. Her fingers trembled as she opened it. Inside, there were three gold coins, and an old folded map. «This is it! This is the map! Let’s get out of here!» «Not so fast», said a deep voice. A large man stepped out of the shadows. He was wearing a white suit and a white hat, and he was holding a gun. «Well done, ladies for finding my map for me. I don’t want any trouble. Just give me the map. Now!» Sophie looked around, but there was no escape. Slowly, she handed over the map to the man. «Thank you», he said. «Now, I’m leaving. I have to find that treasure. But unfortunately, you two ladies are staying here. Forever.»






1.3 Read the texts and for each question, choose the correct answer A, B or C.

Table tennis is quite a popular game these days. Like all games, it was invented by someone, but with this game, we’re not sure who it was. It was first played in the 1880s by British people after their evening dinner. The dinner table was cleared and some books were stood up across the centre. The players used other books to hit a small ball across the table and over the books that were standing up. That’s how table tennis was started!

  1. Where was table tennis first played?

A in a sports centre

B in someone’s home

C in a restaurant

The Mona Lisa is a painting that is known by many people. In this painting, a woman is shown sitting with her arms folded and smiling. It seems normal, doesn’t it? However, it’s her smile that makes this painting famous. The smile is very small and when you see it , you think, «What is this woman thinking about?» It was painted in the 16th century by a man named Leonardo da Vinci, and it wasn’t known who the woman in the painting was until 2005.

  1. The Mona Lisa…

A was painted in 2005

B was painted by a woman

C is a painting of a woman

What building in Australia is known by most people in the world? If you say the Sydney Opera House, you’re right. The building is known for its white top, which looks like a group of sailing boats sitting in the water. Music is played there, but the building is also used as a theatre, where plays are performed. It was designed by Danish architect Jorn Utzon in 1957, but the building wasn’t completed until 1973.

  1. The Sydney Opera House…

A is used for music only

B was designed in 1957

C was built by a Danish man

Today, the ancient Italian city of Pompeii is visited by millions of people every year. What makes this place so special? It was destroyed in 79 AD by the volcano that the city was built on. The city was completely covered and no one knew it was there for almost 1,700 years. Then, in 1749, the city’s buildings were found in the ground. Scientists started to study the area to learn what life was like so many years ago, and many people visit it today for the same reasons.

  1. Pompeii was covered in the ground…

A for millions of years.

B for more than 1,700 years.

C for almost 1,700 years.

Many Americans believe that their country was discovered in 1492 by a man from Italy known as Christopher Columbus. This is true in a way, but Columbus never actually saw what is called the United States of America today. The first piece of land that he saw was an island known as Hispaniola, which is found hundreds of kilometres to the south-east of Miami. He made four trips from Spain to this island and other islands nearby, in Central America and South America, but he never reached North America.

  1. The land that Christopher Columbus first saw is known as…

A North America

B Central America

C Hispaniola






Section 2 Use of English

2.1 Read the story about a family trip. For each question, choose the correct answer, A, B or C.

Jason and his family (1)------ to go on a «ghost holiday» in England. They (2)------ to Pluckley, a town that’s home to 13 ghosts. While they (3)------- there, Jason saw a figure of a woman in the forest. She was staring at their car while she (4)-------above the ground. Jason told his dad, «Stop the car! It’s one of the ghosts!» When Jason’s dad (5)------ the car, the woman disappeared. While they (6)------in the town, the people in the village told Jason’s family about the «screaming forest» a place with «lost» ghosts. They went there one evening before dark. Nothing happened at first. Then, while the wind (7)------, Jason heard a voice. «Did you hear that?» «Someone is saying, «Jaaa-sssooon!»»

His mum replied, «Yes, that’s your sister!» She was standing behind Jason, and when he (8)------around, she started to laugh!

1 A were deciding B decided C was deciding

2 A was going B go C went

3 A were driving B was driving C drove

4 A were floating B float C was floating

5 A was stopping B were stopping C stopped

6 A were staying B stayed C was staying

7 A blew B was blowing C were blowing

8 A was turning B were turning C turned









2.2 Complete the sentences using the correct form of the word in bold.

  1. Why did the teacher ____ leave the class? SUDDEN

  2. I_____ agree that your cousin is very handsome! TOTAL

  3. You are ____ right. The French are amazing cooks! COMPLETE

2.3 Use the words given in capitals to form a word that fits in the gap in the same line.


Hello, there. It’s going to be a (4)______ day for most of you, CLOUD

although it’ll be quite sunny in the far north.

After a (5)_____start to the day, temperatures will rise, FOG

but it’ll be quite (6)_____all morning. WIND

(7)____weather is on the way later this week. Goodbye, now. SNOW









Сумма баллов:

Оценка: учитель: Гришкевич Е.А. (_______)

Общая информация

Номер материала: ДВ-521000

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