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Итоговая контрольная работа по английскому языку для 9 класса

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Итоговая контрольная работа для 9 кл. УМК New Millennium English. Итоговая контрольная работа для 9кл. УМК New Millennium English . автор: Гроза О.Л.,Дворецкая О.В. автор: Гроза О.Л., Дворецкая О.В.

Variant-I. Variant-II.

I. Fill in the gaps with the right form of the verbs. I. Fill in the gaps with the right form of the verbs.

A man went into a shop and asked for a kilo of apples which (1)______ The man (7)______ them and (8)_____ to leave the shop when the

one dollar. The shopkeeper (2)_______ them to him. Then the man (3)_____ shopkeeper asked him for the money. “ The money for what?” asked

Can I (4)____the apples for a pound of plums? The price (5)_____the same.” The man. “The money for the plums,” (9)_____ the shopkeeper. “But I

The shopkeeper (6)_____the apples and gave him the plums. gave you the apples for the plums,” (10)_______the man. “Well, then the

money for the apples.” “But you still (11)______your apples.” After that

the man (12)__________ out of the shop.

  1. cost, costed, will cost

  2. has given, gives, gave 7. took, has taken, had taken

  3. had asked, asked, was asking asks 8. is going, has gone, was going

  4. exchanging, exchange, exchanged 9. says, said, has said

  5. is, were, are 10. answers, answered, had answered

  6. agreed, will agree, has agreed 11. had, has, have

12. walked, is walking, walks.

II. Open the brackets using Conditionals-1-2-3. II. Open the brackets using Conditionals-1-2-3.

1. If I am an inventor , I ______(make) a flying car. 1. She would enter to the university, if she ______(pass)the exams.

2.They would have solved it, if they______(know)the problem. 2. If we try to study German, we _______(read) books in German.

3. If you ______(be) a millionaire, you would built a shelter for animals. 3. If they __________(research) the Moon, they would have lived there.

4. If the flight had arrived in time, the delegation __(not/be late)for the meeting 4. I ______( live) in desert island , if it had been possible.

III. Write in Passive Voice. III. Write in Passive Voice.

1. Constable found the boy after a week. 1. Police are investigating the accident.

2. Volunteers has organized the donation. 2. Our government had changed some points in the Law of Education.

3. They will post the letter and the parcel tomorrow. 3. The Olympic game held once in four years in Greece.

Keys: I. 1. cost Keys: I. 7. took

2. gave 8. was going

3. asked 9. said

4. exchange 10. answered

5. are 11. have

6. agreed 12. walked

II. 1. will make, 2. had known, II. 1. passed, 2. will read

3. were , 4. wouldn’t have been 3. had researched, 4. would have lived

III. 1. The boy was found by constable after a week. III. 1.The accident are being investigated by police.

2. The donation has been organized by volunteers. 2. Some points in the Law of Education had been

changed by our government.

3. The letter and the parcel will be posted tomorrow by them. 3. The Olympic game was held in four years in Greece.

Используемые литературы:

1. Ю.Б. Голицынский. Английский язык. Сборник упражнений. 2009г. Издательство КАРО 2. Н. Гичева, О. Дворжец. Л. Черкашина. 1200 тестов по английскому языку. 2010г. Издательство Айрис-пресс.

3. О.Л.Гроза. О.Б. Дворецкая и др. Английский язык нового тысячелетия. Учебник 9 класс. 2011г. Титул.

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