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Итоговая контрольная работа по английскому языку к SPOTLIGHT 5

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Conclusion test for the 5-th form (Spotlight 5 )

  1. Read the text, read the sentences below and write TRUE or FALSE.

The Kamchatka brown bear is very, very big. It can weigh 400kg. When it stands up, it can be 2.50 m tall. It is very strong, with big teeth and long, sharp claws.

These big animals are usually very peaceful. For most of the year they live in thick forests and eat berries, nuts and roots. In the summer months, millions of salmon swim up Kamchatka’s rivers from the sea. These fish are the bears’ favourite food. Bears travel hundreds of kilometers to live next to the rivers and catch the salmon. Bears are very good swimmers, and their thick fur keeps them warm in the ice-cold water.

When summer finishes, the bears go back to the forest. There they make a warm den where they can spend the winter.

  1. The Polar bear is not very big.

  2. It can weigh 400 kg.

  3. The don’t live in thick forests.

  4. The Kamchatka brown bear eat berries.

  5. Salmon is the bear’s favourite food.

  6. Bears are not very good swimmers.

  1. Choose the right variant.

1) Emma works in a hospital. _____ is a doctor.

a) He b) She c) I

2) He ____ got two notebooks in his schoolbag.

a) haven’t b) have c) has

3) Tom and Nick _____ my friends.

a) aren’t b) isn’t c) haven’t

4) She’s got ____eraser on her desk.

a) a b) an c)---

5) This is a camera and ____ are computer games.

a) that b) this c) these

6) The pen is on the desk. ____ isn’t in the schoolbag.

a) It b) She c) He

7) Dennis can sing but he ___ draw.

a) isn’t b) can’t c) can

8) This is Adam and this is _____brother.

a) its b) her c) his

9) There is ____ armchair in the room.

a) a b) an c) ----

10) There are many trees ___my garden.

a) in b) behind c) on

11) _____ the window, please.

a) Open b) Opens c) Opening

12) This is a picture of ___family.

a) my b) me c) us

13) _____ Nancy walk to school?

a) Do b) Is c) Does

14) They have guitar lessons _____ the evening.

a) in b) on c)at

15) Look at them! They ____ in the garden.

a) plays b) are playing c) play

16)Bill ____ TV every evening.

a) watch b) watches c) is watching

17) Emma sleeps early ___ night.

a) in b) on c) at

18) What time ____you get up?

a) do b) are c)have

19) How often ____they do the shopping?

a) are b)does c)do

20) Have we got ____ tomatoes?

a) some b) any c) much

21) I need to buy a ___ of jam.

a) bowl b) bottle c) jar

22) How _____ juice is there in the bottle?

a) much b) many c) jar

23) Students ______talk or eat in class.

a) can b) must c) mustn’t

24) It’s hot. I _____ open the window.

a) will b) will not c) can

25) Tom ____ his friends on Saturdays.

a) meets b) is meeting c) will meet

  1. Find the Past forms of the verbs.

1) go 1) saw

2) make 2) found

3) see 3) ate

4) buy 4) went

5) eat 5) thought

6) take 6) had

7) write 7) made

8) think 8) took

9) have 9) bought

10) find 10) wrote

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