Инфоурок Английский язык Другие методич. материалыИтоговая контрольная работа по иностранному (английскому) языку за курс 6 класса

Итоговая контрольная работа по иностранному (английскому) языку за курс 6 класса

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Итоговая контрольная работа по иностранному (английскому) языку за курс 6 класса. УМК «Enjoy English»,М.З. Биболетова

        I.            Listening

1.       Randall used to ___________ with friends to celebrate the new year.

a)       watch fireworks

b)      watch movies

c)       play games

2.       Randall and his friends used to eat ________ on New Year's Eve.

a)       pizza

b)      salad

c)       fried chicken

3.       When Randall's children were little, he used to ___________ on that night.

a)       put them to bed early

b)      watch TV together

c)       stay up late

4.       Now, Randall usually ______________ on New Year's Eve.

a)       prepares a special dinner

b)      goes for a drive

c)       goes to bed early

5.       New Year's Day  isn't a big celebration for Randall because _______.

a)       every new day is a new beginning

b)      he doesn't like change

c)       he feels like he is getting older

     II.            Reading

Read the text «How We Kept Mother’s Day». Some sentences are incomplete. Choose A,B,C to complete the text.

How We Kept Mother’s Day

I think celebrating «Mother’s Day» once a year is a very good idea. So we decided to have a special celebration of ........(1). We thought it a fine idea. We knew how much Mother did for us and so we decided that we should do everything we could to make Mother happy. We decided .......(2).We asked Mother to arrange the decoration because she always does it on holidays. My sisters got new hats for such an important day. We wanted to buy ........(3) for Mother too, but she said that she liked her old hat better and didn’t want a new one.

Well, after breakfast we decided to take Mother for a beautiful drive away into the country. Mother is never able to go to the country because she.........(4).

But then we changed the plan a little. Father decided to take Mother fishing. When everything was ready for the trip we asked Mother to prepare ......(5). Well, when the car came to the door, we saw that there was not enough room in it for us all. Father said that he could stay at home and work in the garden. Then the two girls, Anne and Mary, said that they could stay at home, but as they had new hats, it would be a pity if no one looked at them.

In the end it was decided that Mother could stay at home and make dinner. Mother doesn’t like fishing.

So we all drove away, and Mother stood and watched us from the verandah as long as she could see us.

Well, we had a very nice day .....(6). Father caught ......(7). The girls met some friends and they talked about hats. It was quite late when we got back.

At last everything was ready and we sat down to a wonderful dinner. Mother got up and down many times during dinner; she brought things from the kitchen and......(8). When the dinner was over all of us wanted to help Mother to wash the dishes. But .......(9) that she could do it herself, and so we let her because we wanted to make her happy.

It was quite late when it was all over, and when we all kissed Mother before going to bed, she said it had been the most..... (10).

1)      A......Halloween B......Mother’s Day C.......Guy Fawkes Day

2)      A......to decorate the house with flowers B......to go to Spain in summer C......to buy a new car

3)      A......a little cat B......a new hat C......a nice dress

4)      A......doesn’t like to go abroad B......didn’t drive any more C.....is busy in the house nearly all the time.

5)      A.....some soup B......for the party C..... some sandwiches.

6)      A..... in the country B.....in the village C.....at the seaside

7)      A......a very large shark B...... a lot of big fish C.....his shirt on a nail

8)      A.....wore her best dress B......laid the table C..... carried the dishes away

9)      A..... Mother said B.....Father said C......the girls said

10)  A..... happiest day in her life B.....best day in her life C...... wonderful day in her life

  III.            Use of English

1.       Choose and write down the words connected with the following ones. (Выберите и запишите слова, связанные с приведенными ниже.)

1)      waterfalls - ___. 4) valley - ___ . 2) desert - __. 5) ocean - ___ . 3) cliffs - ___. 6) mountain - .

Слова для справок: large, great, plants, animals, beautiful, hike, high, height, powerful, Niagara, white, water, dry, big, sand, trees, yellow, chalk, colourful, attractive, exciting, symbol.

2.       Translate the words. Fill in the gaps and write down the dialogue. (Переведите слова. Вставьте их вместо пропусков и запишите диалог.)

 - Well, Polly, I know you visited 1(Уэльс)____last summer. Have you got any interesting 2(узнать)____?

- Certainly. You 3(можешь)___ ask questions.

- I’d like to know what the 4(происхождение)____of Welsh is.

 - You see, Welsh is an ancient Celtic 5(язык)____.

- And what is about thei r6 (обычаи)____?

- I know that one of the 7(обычаи)____is to wear their 8(национальный костюм)____.

-When do they usually do it?

 - They wear it on the 1st of March, their9 (национальный праздник)_____.

 - The10 (символ)____of Wales is unusual, isn’t it?

- Oh, yes. It is the11 (красный дракон)____.

 - Yesterday I saw on TV a very interesting 12(игра)____. They call it 13(регби) ____.

 - It is great. And it is not the only14 (чудо)____of Wales. - Really? What else?

 - They have got their15 (водопады)____, the high mountain Snowdan and St Winifred’s Weli. The water in it is warm!

- How interesting! Thanks for your 16 (информация)____.

- Our talk was a great pleasure for me.

3.       Fill in the gaps with the adjectives in the right degree of comparison. Write down the sentences. (Вставьте вместо пропусков прилагательные в нужной степени сравнения. Запишите получившиеся предложения.)


1)      Our summer is (hot)____than in the UK. 2) What are (happy)____days in your life? 3) What river is (long)____than the Thames? 4) Whos’e winters are (cold)____in the world? 5) What kind of climate is (warm)____? 6) What ocean is (big)____on our Earth? 7) Was this test the (easy)____of all?

  IV.            Grammar

1.       Choose the right article or its absence. Use articles a or the. Fill in the gaps where it is necessary. Write down the sentences. (Выберите подходящий артикль или его отсутствие, используйте артикли а и the. Заполните пропуски, где это необходимо, и запишите получившиеся предложения.)


1)      We have to read____newspapers for getting____ news. 2) There is ____newspaper on the table. 3) The English like to drink____tea with____ milk. 4) Give me____cup of tea with____ hot milk. 5) My friends would like to see____Black Sea in ____ summer. 6) If you go to the fields for working, your _ _ _ days are ____long and hard-working. 7) ____clover usually has got three____ leaves. 8) I can see only___________________daffodil in your hand.

2.       Write down the sentences. Underline the verbs in them. (Перепишите предложения и подчеркните в них глаголы.)


1)      Sometimes they visit very dangerous parts of the world. 2) My friend Mike lives in the UK. 3) What is Jessica doing? She is reading a detective story. 4) They will take your photo tomorrow. 5) Last week we spent our free time outdoors. 6) Look, they are watching something interesting. 7) Next year they will begin learning English. 8) They came to us yesterday

3.       Choose the right verb forms. Fill in the gaps and write down the sentences. (Выберите соответствующие формы глаголов. Вставьте глаголы вместо пропусков и запишите получившиеся предложения.)


1) They always (get / gets / is getting)____presents before Christmas. 2) Listen! Somebody (sing / sings / is singing)____in the room. 3) We (receive / are receiving / will receive)____their message next century. 4) Some days ago my friends (write / wrote / will w rite )____a lot of limericks. 5) John (visit / visited / visits)____his granny last Sunday. 6) They (are listening / will listen / listened)____to you next lesson. 7) At present my English friend (learns / learnt / is learning)____Russian hard. 8) They never (go / went / are going)____to school together

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