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Итоговая проверочная работа 10 класс


Name ____________________________

Class ____________________________


1 Put the words in the correct order.

Example: Italian you do like food ?

Do you like Italian food?

1 did Ben yesterday where go ?


2 are listening you to what ?


3 many people at party the how were ?


4 going on go holiday year this you are to ?


5 Millie her with does parents live ?


6 Sarah doing now what is ?


2 Complete Helen’s email. Use the verb in brackets in the present simple or present continuous.

Hi Yukimi

My name’s Helen and I live (live) in London. I play the piano and I 1 _________ (love) jazz. What about you? 2 _________ you _________ (like) music? I’m a student but it’s the summer holidays, so now I 3 _________ (not study). I 4 _________ (work) in a restaurant. I 5 _________ (need) the money because I’m going to visit Japan next year! I 6 _________ (not speak) Japanese very well, so I 7 _________ (have) some lessons. 8 _________ you _________ (learn) any languages at the moment?

Write soon


3 Complete the sentences with who, which, or where.

Example: A restaurant is a place where you can eat.

1 That’s the woman _________ works in the pub.

2 A pharmacy is a shop _________ you can buy medicines.

3 Kangaroos are animals _________ live in Australia.

4 A pilot is a person _________ flies a plane.

5 A dictionary is a book _________ gives definitions of words.

6 A hotel is a place _________ people stay when they’re on holiday.


4 Complete the sentences with a verb from the list.

write copy answer work look speak turn cover cross

Example: Look at the board.

1 _________ down the words.

2 _________ out the wrong answer.

3 _________ off your mobile.

4 Don’t _________ Italian in class.

5 _________ in pairs.

6 Ask and _________ the questions.

7 _________ the text. Don’t look at it.

8 Listen to the CD and _________ the rhythm.

5 Complete the sentences with the correct word.

Example: Mark makes me laugh. He’s really funny.

funny talkative hard-working

1 She’s very ___________. She pays for everything!

extrovert generous serious

2 Simon never does any work! He’s very ___________.

shy hard-working lazy

3 My teacher’s really ___________. She’s nice to everybody.

funny friendly quiet

4 Don’t be ___________! Buy her a present!

mean generous quiet

5 Alina’s ___________. She loves meeting new people.

hard-working extrovert serious

6 You were very ___________. Why didn’t you say anything?

talkative friendly quiet

6 Underline the odd word out.

Example: feet legs knees fingers

1 eyes shoulders nose mouth

2 teeth stomach tongue lips

3 back arm hand finger

4 heart brain stomach foot

5 neck shoulders heart back

6 ears feet hair legs


7 Match the words with the same sound.

laughs head touch lives heart hear

Example: snake laughs

1 zebra __________

2 egg __________

3 ear __________

4 up __________

5 car __________

8 Underline the stressed syllable.

Example: stomach

1 opposite

2 unfriendly

3 grandfather

4 intelligent

5 abroad


Pronunciation total


Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation total



1 Read the article and tick () A, B, or C.

Looking for love

Looking for Love is an agency that finds partners for single people of any age. Read about Lisa.

My name’s Lisa. I’m 25 years old and I’m from Manchester. I’m single and I’m looking for love.

I’m a journalist on a local newspaper, which means I write stories about local issues and sometimes I interview politicians. I like my job, but I’d like to work on a national newspaper one day. That’s because I want to have the opportunity to work abroad.

I have a small group of friends who I’ve known for years. I even went to school with some of them! I’m not really extrovert but I do like going out and having fun. We usually go out to parties, nightclubs, and restaurants. I also like cooking and I make great pasta! My ideal night in is a good meal, a glass of wine, and a DVD. I like thrillers much more than I like romantic comedies!

I’m not very sporty, but I like to keep fit. I stopped smoking last year and now I go running twice a week and I sometimes go to the gym at weekends. I eat lots of fruit and vegetables and I try not to have red meat or too much coffee. At work, I drink water or tea.

I prefer men who are interested in serious issues because I like talking about politics and what’s happening in the world. However, I also like men with a good sense of humour. These characteristics are more important to me than physical appearance.

Please contact Looking for Love if you think you’re the kind of person I’m looking for!

Example: Lisa is _____.

A married      B divorced      C single   

1 In her job, Lisa has to _____.

A travel to other countries      B write about politics     
C interview politicians abroad     

2 Lisa met all her friends _____.

A at school      B at work      C a long time ago     

3 Lisa goes out _____.

A every night      B to quiet places      C with her friends     

4 Lisa doesn’t like _____.

A politics      B love stories      C Italian food     

5 Lisa does exercise _____.

A every weekend      B more than once a week      C rarely     

6 Lisa doesn’t often have _____.

A vegetables      B red meat      C tea     

7 Lisa prefers _____ men.

A good-looking      B hard-working      C funny     

2 Read the article again. Are the sentences true (T) or false (F)?

Example: Looking for Love is an organization for young people. F

1 Lisa doesn’t want to change her job. __

2 She goes out with some of her school friends. __

3 She thinks she is extrovert. __

4 She enjoys watching films. __

5 She plays a lot of team sports. __

6 She sometimes smokes. __

7 She drinks a lot of coffee. __

8 She likes talking about serious things. __


Write an article for the Looking for Love website. Write about these things (100–150 words):

  • your personal details

  • your job / studies

  • your interests

Quick test


Tick () A, B, or C to complete the sentences.

Example: My brother _____ Russian.

A speak      B speaks    C do speak     

1 Where _____ work?

A you      B you do      C do you     

2 What time _____ to come?

A she’s going      B is she going      C going she     

3 _____ away last weekend?

A Did you go      B Did you went      C Went you     

4 He _____ a shower before breakfast.

A usually have      B has usually      C usually has     

5 She _____ men who talk a lot.

A not likes      B doesn’t like      C don’t like     

6 My brother _____ law at university.

A studies      B studys      C studyes     

7 Be careful! You _____ a mistake.

A are makeing      B making      C are making     

8 A Why _____?

B Because I’m happy.

A are you smiling      B do you smile      C you smile     

9 How often _____ your grandparents?

A are you seeing      B you see      C do you     

10 That’s the shop _____ I bought my computer.

A which      B where      C who     

11 What _____ you do last weekend?

A were      B did      C are     

12 A What are you talking _____?

B It’s a secret.

A for      B with      C about     

13 We have classes twice _____ week.

A an      B a      C –     

14 My parents _____ work. They’re retired.

A don’t      B not      C aren’t     

15 What time _____ the shop open?

A do      B does      C are     

16 A Why are you _____ a jacket?

B Because I’m cold!

A wear      B to wear      C wearing     

17 My computer _____. It’s broken.

A isn’t working      B doesn’t working      C isn’t work     

18 I’ve bought a new machine _____ makes fantastic coffee.

A who      B which      C where     

19 Is this the restaurant _____ we had dinner last month?

A who      B which      C where     

20 They’re the children _____ live next door to us.

A who      B which      C where     



a Tick () the opposite word or phrase.

Example: shy

A extrovert    B funny      C lazy     

1 generous

A unfriendly      B serious      C mean     

2 hard-working

A lazy      B serious      C shy     

3 Stand up.

A Work in pairs.      B Sit down.      C Don’t write.     

4 Ask a question.

A Answer a question.      B Write a question.      C Choose a question.     

5 wrong

A shy      B good      C right     

b Tick () A, B, or C for words about the body.

Example: You use these to hear.

A ears    B eyes      C nose     

6 You use these to see.

A ears      B eyes      C nose     

7 You have two of these at the end of your arms.

A shoulders      B feet      C hands     

8 You have ten of these on your feet.

A toes      B fingers      C teeth     

9 You use these to kiss.

A knees      B lips      C teeth     

10 You have 32 of these in your mouth.

A teeth      B tongue      C lips     

c Tick () A, B, or C to complete the sentences.

Example: John, can you _____ question 2, please?

A tell      B answer    C speak     

11 A How do you _____ your name?

B J-A-C-E-K.

A spell      B speak      C repeat     

12 _____ a good weekend!

A Go      B Get      C Have     

13 Bye. _____ you on Monday.

A See      B Have      C Go     

14 Today’s Wednesday so tomorrow’s _____.

A Tuesday      B Thursday      C Friday     

15 A What’s the _____ today?

B The 5th of September.

A day      B date      C number     

16 Maria is sitting _____ to Salvador.

A behind      B opposite      C next     

17 Your mother’s sister is your _____.

A aunt      B niece      C cousin     

18 Turn _____ your mobile phone.

A to      B off      C from     

19 A What’s that?

B A guava. It’s _____ of fruit.

A kind      B example      C a kind     

20 Extrovert is _____ shy.

A the opposite of      B the opposite      C opposite of     



a Which word has a different sound? Tick () A, B, or C.

Example: A van      B tram      C lane   

1 A cooks      B plays      C lives     

2 A toes      B nose      C stomach     

3 A head      B hear      C egg     

4 A goes      B laughs      C works     

5 A serious      B ears      C egg     

b Which is the stressed syllable? Tick () A, B, or C.

Example: A afternoon    B afternoon      C afternoon     

6 A comfortable      B comfortable      C comfortable     

7 A extrovert      B extrovert      C extrovert     

8 A unfriendly      B unfriendly      C unfriendly     

9 A similar      B similar      C similar     

10 A example      B example      C example     


Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation total


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