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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Итоговая работа по теме "Degrees of Comparison"
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Итоговая работа по теме "Degrees of Comparison"



Ex.1. Read and translate these sentences:

  1. This T- shirt is too small. I need a larger one.

  2. I don’t play tennis much now. I used to play more often.

  3. She will certainly win at the championship. She works harder than her team-mates.

  4. John isn’t as good at physical education as Helen.

  5. His injury was much more serious than the coach at first had thought.

  6. The more a gymnast practises a new element the better he’ll perform it.

  7. This exerciser is almost twice as expensive as the one we bought last year.

  8. I’ve decided to retire from competitions. It’s the most difficult decision I’ve ever made.

  9. Our football team played really badly in the qualifying tournament. We played worst of all other teams.

  10. He is a very good forward. He is the best forward of the World Football Championship.

Ex.2. Group the words into three columns A, B, C.

1.cold; 2. important; 3. bad; 4. slow; 5. simple; 6. good; 7. useful; 8. far; 9. much; 10. easy; 11. comfortable; 12. ancient; 13. round; 14. expressive; 15. little; 16. widely; 17. hard; 18. low. 19. certainly; 20. friendly.

er / est

more / most

irregular form

Ex.3. Compare the things and people.

    1. of equal size and quality

Model: The Russian language is difficult. And Belarusian?

The Belarusian language is as difficult as Russian.

  1. Jack is very athletic. And Bob?

  2. Football is very popular with Belarusian teenagers. And hockey?

  3. Jogging is very good for health. And walking?

  4. Our team’s performance was very successful at the last championship. And your team’s?

  5. His coach is very qualified. And yours?

  6. Synchronized swimming is very spectacular. And rhythmic gymnastics?

  7. John did well in the exam. And Ann?

  8. The coach can rely on Mary. She is very responsible. And Kate?

  9. Anatomy is a difficult discipline. And biochemistry?

  10. These girls are top-class gymnasts. Sue is very flexible. And Mary?

    1. of different size and quality

Model: The USA is large. And Great Britain?

Great Britain isn’t as large as the USA.

The USA is larger than Great Britain.

  1. Soccer is very popular in Great Britain. And rugby?

  2. Jack is very good at team sports. And John?

  3. Wembley stadium is very modern. And Dynamo stadium?

  4. The Olympic Centre Raubichi is quite far from Minsk. And Staiki?

  5. Helen is very nervous before the interview. And George?

  6. Jack is a slow forward. And Ronald?

  7. The examination in exercise physiology was easy enough. And in sports psychology?

  8. English is a useful language if your are in sport. And Italian?

  9. Some years ago David was a good footballer. And at present?

  10. A Porsche is an expensive car. And a Fiat?

4. Use the right form of each adjective:

  1. Which is (long) day of the year?

  2. Winter is (cold) season.

  3. Moscow is (large) than St. Petersburg.

  4. Where is it (beautiful), in the mountains or near the sea?

  5. Apples are (cheap) than oranges.

  6. In spring the days are (long) than in winter.

  7. It is (cold) today than yesterday.

  8. The Russian grammar is (difficult) than the English grammar.

  1. Find the mistakes and correct them:

      1. He is the most old boy in our class.

      2. The dog is fattest.

      3. The picture is the beautifulest in the shop.

      4. My tent is gooder than yours.

      5. My backpack is more big than hers.

      6. My sweater is cheapest than his.

      7. This camera is the expensivest.

  1. Put the adjectives in the brackets in the right form.

      1. June (hot) September.

      2. December is (long) November.

      3. February is (short) month.

      4. Russia is (large) country in the world.

      5. Baikal is (deep) lake.

      6. . Himalayas (high) mountains.

      7. Volga is (long) than … Thames.

      8. Football is (popular) game.

7. Compare the geographical places.

  1. Himalayas – 8848 meters high/ Rockies – 4300 meters high

  2. Volga – 3531 kilometers long / Ob -5410 kilometers long

  3. Moscow – 862 years old / New York – 383 years old

  4. Baikal – 1620 meters deep / Ladoga – 225 meters deep

  5. Paris - beautiful / London - beautiful

  6. Russia - 17 million sq. km/ Canada - 9.976 million sq. km

  7. Atlantic Ocean – 93.3 million sq.km / Pacific Ocean – 179,7 million sq.km

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