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Итоговый лексико-грамматический тест по английскому языку (9 класс, IV четверть)

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I. Choose the right form of the verb:

1. If I had known it, I (go) to meet them. a) would go b) would have gone

2. If he had stopped the bus, the accident (happen). a) would happen b) would have happened

3. If the weather was bad, we (not go) out. a) would not go b) would not have gone

4. We (not go) to the theatre if Peter wasn’t well. a) would not go b) would not have gone

5. They would have enjoyed the picnic if the weather (be) warmer. a) had been b) was

6. I would have gone out if my mother (not be) at home. a) wasn’t b) hadn’t been

7. If the blouse matched the skirt, Sarah (buy) it. a) would buy b) would have bought

8. If you didn’t wear a warm coat, you (be) cold. a) would be b) would have been

9. I (forget) about your birthday if you hadn’t reminded me. a) would forget b) would have forgotten

10. If I (know) George, I would have invited him to the party. a) knew b) had known

11. If you (leave) now, you would meet Ann in the street. a) left b) had left

12. If you (drink) that, you would be poisoned. a) drank b) had drunk

13. He would have been late for his job if he (miss) the bus. a) had missed b) missed

14. I would eat supper if you (prepare) it. a) had prepared b) prepared

15. If you had done that, you (be) all right. a) would have been b) would be

II. Match the English words with the Russian translations:

1. an adventure film a) мультфильм

2. an action film b) фильм ужасов

3. a science fiction film с) исторический фильм

4. a horror film d) фэнтези

5. a historical film e) фантастика

6. an animated film f) приключенческий фильм

7. a fantasy film g) мыльная опера (сериал)

8. a soap opera h) боевик

III. Choose the correct word and complete the sentences.

1. – Who … in this film? – Oh, give me a minute. I always forget her name.

a) starred b) star c) actress d) directed

2. “The Day Watch” was a real … . It cost millions to make and people queued for hours to get the tickets for it. a) star b) blockbuster c) drama

3. – We can’t go to the movie tonight. Oh, no! Why? – The tickets … .

a) are not there b) are sold out c) are in the sale d) sold

4. What’s … today? – Nothing special. Just an old comedy with Mister Bean.

a) off b) up c) wrong d) on

5. I’d like to see the new Star War film. It’s so exciting: spaceships, cosmic empires, pirates. – You go on your own, you know I hate … . a) science fiction b) drama c) cartoons d) westerns

6. What do you think of this young actor? – He is really … .

a) promising b) successful c) celebrity

7. This film is likely to become a hit. It has a brilliant … . a) actor b) cast c) film studio

IV. Make up and write down 5 questions to the sentence:

Tanya would pass her exams next month if she worked hard.

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