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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Итоговый тест по грамматике для 4 класса по программе И. Н. Верещагиной

Итоговый тест по грамматике для 4 класса по программе И. Н. Верещагиной

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Grade 4 Test

1. Open the brackets using Present Simple:

1. He usually (play) snowballs in winter.

2. ___your brothers (like) walk in the park?

3. He (not read) English books.

4. How often you (visit) your aunt in London?

5. How much it (cost)?

(5 points)

2. Open the brackets using Present Continuous:

1. She (listen) to her favourite song now.

2. What you (do)? I (write) a letter to my friend.

3. It’s 12 o’clock. Andy (not/do) his homework.

4. Why you (not / play) chess?

(5 points)

3. Open the brackets using Past Simple:

1. When she (meet) him last?

2. They (not/build) any houses last year.

3. He (go) to the museum 2 days ago.

(3 points)

4. Open the brackets using Present Perfect:

1. I (not see) you for ages.

2. She (not visit) her granny since Friday.

3. You ever (be) to Moscow?

(3 points)

3. Make sentences using be going to:

1. Kate / not / join / her friend’s club.

2. Nick / walk / with his puppy?

3. Ben / buy / some fruit?

4. Clark / write a composition.

5. Peg and Dick / clean / the flat.

(5 points)

4. Write 4 types of questions to the given sentence:

    1. General (Yes/No)

    2. Special (Wh)

    3. Tag (Tail)

    4. Alternative (Or)

Mark could play the guitar.

(4 points)

5. Fill in the correct preposition

1. They were going to visit us ____ 7 o’clock.

2. Moscow is situated ____ the central part of Russia ____ the banks of the Moskva River.

3. We have Maths classes ____ Tuesdays, twice ____ a week.

4. Yesterday my father bought a new car ____ the evening.

5. We are having P.E. ____ Wednesday morning.

6. In England school year doesn’t begin ____ the 1-st of September.

7._______winter pupils usually go ___ school.

(10 points)

Total: 35 points

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