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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Итоговый тест по теме "The pleasure of reading" unit 6 угл. (Афанасьева, Михеева)
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Итоговый тест по теме "The pleasure of reading" unit 6 угл. (Афанасьева, Михеева)


Test 6 The Pleasure of Reading

Task №1 Give English variants from active vocabulary. hello_html_m3f2d2a35.jpg

1. приключение

2. произвести впечатление на кого-то

3. очарование

4. содержать

5. с вытаращенными глазами

6. содержание

7. внимательный

8. поднимать

9. представить кого-то кому-то

10. уютный

Task №2 Use the correct article (a/an/the) where necessary.

1. What is … glass made of?

2. Silver is … metal.

3. Would you like … ice cream?

4. I love … chocolate.

5. Could you buy me … paper on your way home? I have nothing to read.

6. Go to the kitchen and have a look at … dinner.

7. … dinner we had yesterday was great.

8. … supper is at 7 p.m.

9. Would you like to have … light lunch?

10. What’s for … dinner?

Task №3 Open the brackets and put the verbs in the Future Simple or Present Simple Tenses.

1. We shall discuss it when Alice (to come).

2. Tell Mother if you (to stay up) late.

3. If you (to send) the letter today, they will get it on time.

4. He never says when he (to arrive).

5. When the lesson (to be) over, I will go home.

6. Ask the teacher when you (to go) to the museum.

7. I won’t be able to do the exercise if you (not to help) me.

8. Bob wonders if we (to come) to his party.

Task №4 Complete the sentences with the missing words: away/off, down, in/into, out or over.

1. The sink is running … .

2. I opened the door for the cat to run … .

3. There’s no need to run … my plans and ideas all the time.

4. Don’t run … . I want to talk to you.

5. Cross the street carefully. There is always a danger to be run … .

6. Mother asks me to go shopping as we have run … of vegetables.

7. The girl’s mother called her from the garden, and the child ran … .

8. Your time has run … . Hand in your papers.

9. The old woman was run … . by the car.

10. The clock has run … .

Task №5 Match the words and their synonyms.

1. to cope with

2. to find

3. careful, attentive

4. to ruin

5. to read a lot and very fast

6. very little

7. amazing

8. very comfortable

9. to hold

10. to pop

a. to spoil

b. cosy

c. watchful

d. impressive

e. to search

f. tiny

g. to manage

h. to devour

i. to go, come or appear suddenly

j. to contain

Task №6 Match the genres and their definitions.

1. type of popular literature in which a crime is introduced and investigated and the culprit is revealed

2. a simple children's story about magical creatures

3. a medieval tale based on legend, chivalric love and adventure, or the supernatural

4. made-up stories about the influence of real or imagined science on society or individuals

5. a story about an actual event or experience that is very unpleasant, dreadful, horrible

6. a literary work of ancient Greece or Rome

7. a story made up and handed down by the common people

a. a romance

b. a folktale

c. science fiction

d. a detective

e. horror

f. a fairy tale

g. a classic

Task №7 Give English words to the following Russian phrases.


1. увлекательная

2. легко читающаяся

3. затянутая

4. плохо написанная

5. остроумная

6. в двух томах

7. в оригинале

8. в твердой обложке

9. в сокращенном издании

10. в переводе

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