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Итоговый тест «Types of questions».

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Итоговый тест «Types of questions».

  1. Ask general questions.

  1. The UK is situated on two large islands.

  2. When I think of Britain I imagine Big Ben.

  3. London is the capital of Britain.

  4. There are a lot of sights in Britain.

  5. Each part of the UK has its symbol.

  6. Yesterday we watched a football game.

  1. Ask Wh-questions.

  1. The people in the country are kinder.

  2. The Royal family lives in London.

  3. The weather in winter is cold and wet.

  4. He is the typical Russian.

  5. We can’t see much violence on TV in Britain.

  6. He should have known the rules better.

  1. Ask tag-questions.

  1. People in Britain have rich traditions,…?

  2. The British are not very friendly,…?

  3. You’re from Russia,…?

  4. He usually makes mistakes in his spelling tests,…?

  5. She has done her best to pass the exam,…?

  6. The travellers made their way through the bushes,…?

  7. I can’t do without my parents,…?

  8. You are not allowed to do it in public,…?

  1. Ask Who- questions.

  1. He grew up in New England.

  2. The books have been returned to the library today.

  3. He never goes to the cinema.

  4. They were absent yesterday.

  5. I am going to England next summer.

  6. The match ended in favour of “Liverpool”.

  7. The Englishmen like to be punctual.

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