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Конспект урока по английскому языку (7 класс)

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Ашық сабақ жоспары

Пәні: Ағылшын тілі

Сыныбы: 7 «А»

Мұғалім: Нұрмағамбетова М.А.

Өтілетін күні: 10.10.2015.

Тақырыбы: «The Internet»

The procedure of the lesson:

І.Organization moment – greeting:

  • Good afternoon, dear students and guests! Welcome to our English lesson!

  • We can travel thanks to computers and computer network, which is called the Internet. It completely changed our life. Now we can travel anywhere and anytime we like. So, the Internet and research on the Internet is the theme of our lesson today.

  • Today at the lesson we shall develop your speaking skills, enrich you vocabulary read, translate, listen, watch some videos, do some exercises

  • I give you these sheets of paper. Here you see three types of smiles, your task is to give yourselves marks putting ticks under the smiles. If you manage to do the work well put a tick opposite the happy smile. If not - opposite the sad one. If you are not sure put a tick under the neutral smile. On your desks you see folders with some files of different colors. You will need them during the lesson.

  • ІІ. Checking up their hometask:

Работа в группах.

Now divide into groups. You have folders with files on your desks. Some of them are blue, the others are green. Those students who have blue folders sit on this desk, who have green ones on that one. Your team is called Yandex, your team - Google.

ІІІ. Presentation:


Ознакомительное чтение. Работа с текстом.

Daniel Trent's web page

ІҮ: Игра по цепочке. Ask each other questions one by one. 

Does he / she ...? Do you...? I... . He / she ... .

Use the following word combinations:

play interactive games

download music files

go on the Internet

surf the cyberspace

create web-pages

talk in chat rooms

send e-mails

do research

shop in the Internet

transfer information

visit websites

b) Find the correct word or abbreviation in the text. (Приложение 4)

1) An address for Web pages ___________

2) A coding system that creates links ________

3) This finds and shows Web pages ________

4) Rules for transferring files ________

5) A group of computers joined together _______

c) Match the groups of verbs below with their general meaning from the box.

(Move; make, start; join; look; find)

1) Browse, surf, view ________

2) Download, navigate, transfer ______

3) Connect, link _______

4) Discover, locate _______

5) Originate, create, invent ________

Групповая работа. Написать синквейн об интернете.

Do you know what a cinquain is? It is a kind of Japanese poem. It consists of 5 lines. The first line is the name of the word, the second is two adjectives, the third is 3 verbs, the fourth is a phrase, and the last is the noun again, a synonym of the first line. Here you see 3 examples of cinquains.

Now try to write your own cinquain poem about the Internet. Work in 2 groups, I give you 3 minutes.

Заключительный этап. Подведение итогов. Рефлексия.

1) Самооценка работы на уроке.

Count your smiles (happy, neutral and sad).

2) Рефлексия.I liked the way you worked at the lesson and I would like to know your opinion about it.

1. Was the lesson interesting for you?

а) yes, of course; c) I don`t know;

в) I believe so; d) No, it wasn`t.

2. Can you speak on this topic now ?

а) yes, I can; c) it is difficult for me;

в) I am not sure; d) I am afraid not.

3. Will you be able to discuss this topic?

а) I am sure, I can; c) I don`t think so;

в) I hope, I can; г) no, I won`t;

4. What did you find the most difficult at the lesson?

а) to read and translate; c) to listen and understand;

в) to ask and answer questions; d) to do exercises.

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