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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Конспект урока по английскому языку на тему: «A Land of Adventure» (10 класс)
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Конспект урока по английскому языку на тему: «A Land of Adventure» (10 класс)


Конспект открытого урока

в профильном 10 «А» классе

Учитель: Cутулова Елена Викторовна

Тема урока: «A Land of Adventure»

Цели: Закрепление знаний учащихся по темам «Explorers», «TravellersTales»


1. Активизировать лексику по теме в разных видах деятельности: чтение, аудирование, говорение.

2. Совершенствование навыков монологической и диалогической речи. Учить воспринимать видео сюжет с аудиозаписью и беседовать по его содержанию.

3. Развивать языковые, интеллектуальные, творческие способности учащихся, аналитическое и логическое мышление, культуру общения.

Учебно-наглядные пособия и ТСО: раздаточный материал, иллюстрации, видеофильм, аудиокассета.

Ход урока:

I. Organization of the lesson.

T.: Good morning dear pupils and guests!

Today we’ll talk about adventure and explorers.

The theme of our lesson is «A Land of Adventure»

During the lesson I want you to think about the Proverb “Nothing ventured, nothing gained!”

We’ll discuss it at the end of the lesson.

II. The main parts of the lesson.

1.Проверка навыков чтения и аудирования с извлечением определенной информации.

Listen to a quiz and complete the information about Canada.

Presenter:… OK, and in this next round, we have some questions

about Canada. First question ... what’s the capital of Canada?

Contestant 1: Toronto?

Presenter: No, not Toronto.

Contestant 2: Ottawa.

Presenter: Yes, Ottawa. And the population of Canada, is it

twenty-two million, thirty-two million or forty-two million?

Contestant 1: Forty-two.

Presenter: No, I'm sorry, it's not...

Contestant 2: Thirty-two.

Presenter: Yes, correct, only thirty-two million people. Big country, small population. And Canada has two official languages,

English and ... which other language?

Contestant 2: French.

Presenter: Yes, French, that’s right. Now politics .Canada is an independent country with its own parliament, of course, but the Head of State is actually a queen from another country ... which country?

Contestant 1: The UK.

Presenter: Yes, absolutely right, the king or queen of the UK. Canada is a very nice place to live, apparently. The United Nations has a list called the 'Human Development Index’ which compares the quality of life in all the countries in the world. What

position is Canada on that list -number one -number five, or number ten?

Contestant 2: Number ten.

Presenter: No ...

Contestant 1: Number five.

Presenter: No! It’s number оne, yes, Canada has got fantastic education and health systems. Must be a lovely place to live because it’s also got lots of forests, lakes, rivers and mountains. Now, the longest river is the Mackenzie River. But how long is it, though? Three-thousand two-hundred, four-thousand two-hundred or five-thousand two-hundred kilometres?

Contestant 1: Four-thousand two-hundred?

Presenter: Yes, four-thousand two-hundred kilometres long! That’s a long river. And now the final question on Canada. How high is the highest mountain in Canada, Mount Logan? Is it nearly six-thousand metres, nearly seven-thousand metres, or nearly eight-thousand metres?

Contestant 2: Nearly six-thousand metres?

Presenter: Yes, Mount Logan is nearly six-thousand metres high. And now a short break. After the break we've got Round Three, see you then!

Canada - A Land of Adventure

Capital city: 1 .

Area: 9,976,169 sq km.

Population:2 million.

Official languages: English and 3 .

National symbol: The maple leaf.

Political structure: a constitutional monarchy. The Head qt State is the king or queen of 4 .

Society: Number 5 on the UN 'Human Development Index' and particularly advanced in health and education.

Environment: 4 million sq km of forests; nearly a million sq km of rivers and lakes. Longest river: the Mackenzie

River 6 km long.

Highest mountain: Mount Logan, nearly 7 metres high.

2. Речевая зарядка.

Answer my questions.

  • What is the capital of Canada?

  • Is the population of Canada about 52, 42 or 32 million?

  • Which official languages has Canada got?

  • What’s the political structure of this country?

  • What position does Canada have on the UN?

  • How long is the Mackenzie River?

  • How high is the highest mountain in Canada?

3. Творческая работа.

Work in pairs. Look at the photos and discuss these questions.

1 ) Would you like to go to Canada? Why or why not?

2) Where would you like to go in Canada?

3 ) Why do you think Canada might be a good place to live?

4.Проверка навыков аудирования.

Listen to a short biography of the explorer, Alexander Mackenzie.

One of the most important men in the history of Canada was Alexander Mackenzie. He was bom in 1764 in Scotland. His family was poor and when he was ten, his mother died and he emigrated with his father to New York. When the American Revolution started in 1775, Mackenzie went north to Canada and worked for a company that traded in furs. In 1789, he went on his first expedition to find a way west to the Pacific coast. With a group of French Canadian guides and two Native Americans he canoed down one of the Longest rivers in the world, now called the Mackenzie River. They made rapid progress and on the fourteenth of July, 1789, Mackenzie arrived at the ocean. But it was the wrong ocean - it was the Arctic and not the Pacific! Mackenzie was disappointed and the return journey up the river was terrible. However, Mackenzie was a determined man. He went back to Britain to learn more about astronomy and geography for his next expedition. In May, 1793, he began his journey, travelling by canoe and on foot to the Rockies. At the Rockies, his men wanted to go back home, but Mackenzie persuaded them to carry on. Finally, on the twenty-second of July, 1793, the expedition got to the Pacific. Mackenzie and his men became the first Europeans to cross North America north of Mexico. Mackenzie's achievement was very important for Canada because it opened the way to the Pacific and meant that Canada now stretches from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Mackenzie's expedition got home safely and Mackenzie went on to become a successful businessman. He then wrote a book about his remarkable travels that became a bestseller. The book shows something of Mackenzie's personality. He was not only very brave but was a natural Leader. He also treated the Native American people well and was interested in their customs. This attitude was not so common among Europeans in the late eighteenth century.

Order these events in his life.

Example d = l

a He went back to Britain to

study astronomy and geography.

b In his first expedition, he

travelled down a river by canoe.

c There his men wanted to turn back

but he persuaded them to go on.

d Alexander Mackenzie went to America when he was ten.

e They got to the ocean but it was the Arctic – the wrong one!

f In his second expedition, he went west to the Rockies.

g The expedition finally reached the Pacific Ocean.

b He worked for a company that traded in furs.

5.Монологические высказывания об экспедиции и исследователе.

Listen again. Write notes about these things.

Then compare your notes with a partner.

  • Mackenzie's family

  • the importance of his second expedition

  • his personality

  • his attitude to Native Americans

6. Homework control.

Compare travellers or explorers from Russian history with the explorers in this module.

1) Work in pairs. Choose your person. Look for information in magazines, books, encyclopaedias and on the Internet. Write notes about these things.

where he/she was born; family/early life; what places he/she went to; what he/she did; his/her personality; where/when he/she died; his/her importance

2) Decide which parts you will each talk about.

Work in groups with two other pairs.

3) Tell the others what you have found out

4) What are the differences and similarities between your traveller/explorer and the other travellers and explorers in this module?

7.Закрепление и повторение грамматического материала

Do grammar exercises.

1). Complete the text with the verbs in brackets In the Present Simple, the Present Continuous or the Present Perfect.

Antarctica is an inhospitable place. There are no

towns or cities. In feet, nobody 1________(live)

there permanently,except for a few scientists. They

2_______(work) on special bases, studying the

climate and the ecosystem. However things

3 (begin) to change now. Since the 1980s, polar tourism 4 _ (grow) rapidly. Recently, polar cruises 5 (become) popular because of the beauty of the landscape and the wildlife, such as penguins, whales and dolphins. Cruises 6 (cost) a lot because the ships 7______(need) to be very strong to break the ice. However, tourists 8 (go) on them more and .more. Unfortunately, this tourism 9 (not do) any good so far. Scientific studies show that the tourist 10 (now destroy) the ecosystem of the Antarctic. For example, the numbers of some species of wildlife 11 ( go down) rapidly. Many ecologists now 12 (believe) that we should leave this beautiful continent alone.

8. Игра в группах.

Game Work in a group of two pairs, Team A and Team B.

* A player from Team A thinks of a verb and 'serves', by saying a sentence in the Present Simple.

* A player from Team В 'returns' by saying a sentence in the Present Continuous.

* A player from Team A 'hits' back, by saying a sentence in the Present Perfect.

* A player from Team В now thinks of a new verb to continue the game.

* If you make a mistake, the other team gets a point.


A We do gymnastics every Friday.

В / am doing q history project at the moment

A She has done her homework.

В / play the electric guitar.

A We're playing a match on Saturday,

В I have never played …

9. Самостоятельная работа со словарем.


3) . Use the words in brackets to make adjectives to complete the sentences

1 He was very he wanted to be the first to the South Pole. (ambition)

2 The exploration was a difficult and experience. (challenge)

3 The weather was awful but we were in our tents. (comfort)

4 Snowboarding is quite a sport. (danger)

5 It was a trip - everything went wrong. (disaster)

6 It was a very video about Everest (enjoy)

7 He was absolutely at the end of the marathon. (exhaust)

8 She lives in a apartment (luxury)

4). Multi-part verbs Choose the correct alternative from the brackets.

1) I was frightened and wanted to back (in/out/up) of jumping off the bridge.

2 ) That speaker gets (across/away/through) her message very well.

3) He was very nervous and couldn't go through (by/to/with) the bungee jump.

4) I love music. I’m really (into/out of/onto) Iron Maiden.

5) The doctor advised him to take (in/on/up) cycling.

6) He always turns (in/out/up) late for out matches.

10.Фонетическая зарядка.

Pronunciation: Consonant Sounds

5). Look at the pairs of words.

Try to pronounce them.

Then listen and underline the one you hear.

Three/free, ten/then, sink/think, clothes/close, dirty/thirty, worth/worse, van/than, thank/sank, mouth/mouse, bread/breath, debt/death, thick/sick,

those/toes, dare/there, fought/thought

Listen again and repeat the pairs of words.

11.Видеоисследование Диснейленда.

Беседа с учениками о путешествиях во время каникул.

Let’s watch a film about Disneyland and talk about it and your adventures during holidays!

  • Would you like to visit Disneyland? Why?

  • Have you been to France?

  • What attractions did you like?

  • Where will you go next holidays?

12. Заключительная часть урока.

What is the conclusion of our lesson?

Can you say this proverb? Use the Phonetic. Chart in the Mini-dictionary to help you. What does the proverb mean?

Nothing ventured, nothing gained”

You understood this proverb. I am glad with you!

13. Домашнее задание. Подведение итогов.

Your hometask: I would like to prepare for your essay by the theme

My adventure during holidays!”

Our lesson will help you.

You marks for the lesson are ...

Thank you. Goodbye.

14. Песня в заключение.

My Heart Will Go On (Celine Dion )

Every night in my dreams
I see you, I feel you,
That is how I know you go on

Far across the distance
And spaces between us
You have come to show you go on

Near, far, wherever you are
I believe that the heart does go on
Once more you open the door
And you're here in my heart
And my heart will go on and on

Love can touch us one time
And last for a lifetime
And never let go till we're gone

Love was when I loved you
One true time I hold to
In my life we'll always go on

Near, far, wherever you are
I believe that the heart does go on
Once more you open the door
And you're here in my heart
And my heart will go on and on

There is some love that will not go away

You're here, there's nothing I fear,
And I know that my heart will go on
We'll stay forever this way
You are safe in my heart
And my heart will go on and on

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