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Конспект урока: Types of tourism для студентов 2 курса по иностранному языку

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Преподаватель английского языка Галимжанова Культай Ешмуханбетовна

Тема урока: Types of tourism

Цели урока:

Образовательная: расширение словарного запаса по теме «Виды туризма»; формирование грамматических навыков по английскому языку; правильная постановка произношения устной речи на английском языке; расширение кругозора по данной теме;

Развивающая: развитие устной речи студентов на английском языке;

Воспитательная: воспитывать культуру общения у студентов;

Тип урока: комбинированный урок;

Методы обучения: ознакомление, рассказ, работа с учебником;

Межпредметная связь: п/о «Виды туризма»;

Средства обучения: карточки, тематические картинки, компьютер.

Ход урока


Greetings, Good morning, students. I am glad to see you and hope that you
are ready for the lesson and are in
а good mood.

You are welcome to our lesson.

2.Опрос домашнего задания: Заполнить таблицу



What Is Tourism?

What are the main groups of services in tourism?

What is World Tourism Day?

What are the main groups of services in tourism?

What are the purposes of this organization?

3.Изложение нового материала:


Sightseeing – осмотр достопримечательностей

Wild lifewaɪldˌlaɪf] – дикая природа

A whale [weɪl] – кит

Archaeologicala:kɪǝ'lɒdӡɪkl] – археологический

Christian ['krɪstgǝn] – христианский

The main focus ['fǝʋkǝs] – главная цель

To be closely connected ['klǝʋslɪ] – быть тесно связанным

Hiking ['haɪkɪŋ] – пешеходный поход

Mountaineering [ˌmaʋntɪ 'nɪǝrɪŋ] – горный поход, альпинизм

Canoeing [kǝ'nu:ɪŋ] – водный туризм

Extreme [ɪks'tri:m] – экстремальный

To attract – привлекать

Dangerous ['deɪndӡǝrǝs] – опасный

A jungle [dӡlŋgl] – джунгли

A desert ['dezǝt] – пустынна

A cave – пещера

Attractive – привлекательный

A balloon [bǝ'lu:n] – воздушный шар

Private ['praɪvɪt] – частный

On board – на борту

A spacecraft ['speɪsˌkra:ft] – космический корабль

Resource [rɪ'sɔ:s] – ресурс, источник

Environment [ɪn'vaɪrǝnmǝnt] – окружающая среда

Sustainable [sǝs'teɪnǝbl] – не наносящий ущерба окружающей среда (здесь)

Low impact ['lǝʋ'ɪmpækt] – слабое воздействие

To take into account [ǝ'kaʋnt] – брать во внимание

Types of Tourism

People travel for many purposes and in different ways. That is why there are a lot of types of tourism you can choose from. If you like sightseeing, it can be cultural tourism, if you are fond of music, will take music tourism, if you enjoy nature, wildlife tourism will be best. Other examples of tourism are whale watching, archaeological, Christian, wine, and many others.

Educational tourism has become very popular in the modern world. Visiting another country to learn about its culture or to practice the skills one has got in class are the main focus of educational tourism. Students all over the world take part in Student Exchange Programs and Study Tours which help them to live and study for some time. It usually takes some months. The International Practicum Training Program provides students with practice abroad.

For some people tourism and sport are closely connected. Sport tourism including hiking, mountaineering, canoeing, bicycle tours and other kinds are for of sport and want to keep fit.

Extreme or shock tourism based on extreme sports attract those who like to travel to dangerous places (jungles, deserts, caves, and so on ) or take part in dangerous actions. There is always an element of risk in such tourism which is attractive to those who need adrenalin [ǝ'drenǝlɪ]. Under-ice diving in the White Sea, travelling across the Chernobyl zone, rafting ['ra:ftɪŋ], flights on balloons are only some examples of extreme tourism.

Space tourism has become reality in the 21st century. The start of space tourism was made at the end of 1990s by the private company from the USA, “Space Adventures [ǝd'ventʃǝz], Ltd. ” In 2000, it made a contract with a commercial [ǝd'mᴈ:ʃl] Russian space company “Mir Corp” for space tourism and in 2001 the first space tourist, an American businessman Dennis Tito, made his first flight to the International space station “Mir”. The Russian Space Agency is now the only organization providing transport for space tourists. They fly on board a Soyuz spacecraft for US $20-35 million. All space tourists are trained at the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut ['kɒzmǝnɔ:t] Training Centre in Russia. Commercial space travel may be the norm as soon as 2012 as new technologies [tek'nɒlǝdӡɪz] in spacecraft building will make space transportation more available. The first orbiting hotel, “The Galactic Space Suite [swi:t] Hotel” is going to be open. Space ports all around the planet will be build in near future, the first ones in Singapore [ˌsɪŋgǝ'pɔ:], United Arad Emirates and in the USA. They will include training centres for space tourists.

When organized correctly, tourism should take care of natural resources and develop and cultural life of the region ['ri:dӡ(ǝ)n]. But sometimes fast developing tourism industry can become dangerous to the environment. That is why a lit is said about sustainable tourism now. It’ s a tourism industry which makes a low impact on social, economic, natural and cultural environment of the region and also takes into account needs of tourists. In other words, sustainable tourism is organized in such a way when tourists enjoy their rest and respect the environment and culture of local people. The World Tourism Organization made a special program which is aimed at development of sustainable tourism.



Ответьте на вопросы.

Whey are there so many types of tourism?

What does “educational tourism” mean?

How long do exchange programs usually take?

Whet attracts young people in exchange programs?

Whet kinds of sports are closely connected with tourism?

Can you give any examples of the newest kinds of tourism?


Whet and how did space tourism start?

Whet will make space tourism more available and people in near future?

In what countries will the first space ports be built?

Will training of space tourists be available there?

Why do people space more and more about sustainable tourism nowadays?

What are the two main ideas of sustainable tourism?

What types of tourism would you like to take up?

Выберите подходящие по смыслу слова (sightseeing, abroad, attract, attractive, dangerous, private, commercial, available, environment, respect) и заполните пропуски.

Red Sguare is very… to tourist from our country and from … .

companies try to … more partners.

Growing industry can become … for the … .

Partners and children should … each other.

They invested their money into new… projects.

Leading theatres in big cities are expensive and are not … to everyone.

Many people think that … is pleasant and useful.

Выберите подходящие по смыслу словосочетание (to take into account, to take part up). И заполните пропуски.

Don’t forget to … cold weather.

When did you … photography?

If you … tennis now, you’ll be able to … in the competitions next summer.

I have … in all the concerts at our college.

He … gardening five years ago and his roses are the now.

You should … the age health of the people who will … in the game.

Переведите словосочетание и составьте с ними предложения.

To go on sightseeing tour, to take up running, to attract young people, a dangerous illness, desert animals, farting down mountain rives, a private talk, to take into account other people’s ideas, to respect old people, to live and work abroad, the latest actions, to look for available kinds of rest.

5.Домашнее задание: Выучить новые слова.

6.Подведение итогов урока:

Thank you for our lesson. You have worked hard. 1 am satisfied with your work. 1
give excellent marks to ..., good marks to......

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