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Plants and animals (7 класс)

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Form: 7


The theme of the lesson:

Plants and animals

The aim of the lesson:

Give a information about the animals and plants

The results:

А: Pupils know the names of animals and plants.

В: Pupils learn the grammar: Tag question

С: Pupils give a short information on the theme


А: I know the names of animals and plants

В: I learn the grammar: Tag question

С: I give a short information on the theme


ICT, marking, youth ages, leadership.

Lesson equipment:

Presentation, projector, netbook, papers with tasks

The procedure of the lesson:

Stages of the lesson


Teacher`s activity

Pupil`s activity

Organization moment

8 min

Good morning pupils

  • Who is on duty today?

  • Who is absent?

  • What date is it today?

  • What day is it today?

Let`s check up your home task with the method “Quick answer”

  1. What do you say about geography of KZ?

  2. Is Kazakh language with a rich history?

  3. What do you say about Kazakh language?

  4. How do you understand this text?

  5. Abay Kunanbayev`s stories were translated into different languages. Is it true or false?

Dividing into 3 groups:

Today we shall speak about animals and plants. Let`s remember and name the animals which you know. And remember what kind of animals do you know?

Pupils choose the pictures then dividing into groups.

A cow, a cat, a dog, a rabbit, a wolf, a fox


3 min

  1. Do you like animals?

  2. What is your favourite animal/

  3. What kind of domestic animals do you know?

  4. What kind of wild animals do you know?

  5. Have you got any pets at home?

  6. Do you like flowers?

  7. Do you plant flowers in summer?

  8. What is your favourite flower?

  9. Do you have a pot flower at home?

New Words:

A squirrel -тиін

A wolf-қасқыр

A rabbit-қоян

A fox-түлкі

A tiger-жолбарыс

A lion -арыстан

A camel-түйе

A horse-жылқы

A bear-аю

A snowdrop-бәйшешек


Insects -жәндіктер

Mammals -сүтқоректілер

Domestic-үй жануары



  1. Yes, I do

  2. My favourite animal is…

  3. Horse, cow, camel, dog, cat, sheep

  1. Wolf, tiger, fox, lion, monkey, rabbit

  2. Yes I have a dog, a cat, a cow and a horse

  3. Yes, I like flowers.

  4. I plant flowers every summer.

  1. My favourite flower is rose.

  1. Yes, I have many pot flowers at home

Main part

19 min

Protecting the poster. Pupils bring the pictures and make a poster.

1-group «Plants»

2- group «Domestic animals»

3-group «Wild animals»

Let`s relax.

Work with text: Animals and Pets

There are a lot of animals on our planet. They can be wild and domestic. Wolves, foxes, giraffes are wild animals. Cats, dogs, sheep are domestic animals. People always call them “pets”. They live everywhere, from tops of mountains to the depths of the sea. People hunt them for food and for fun. We must take care of the animals. People divide animals into four groups – reptiles, birds, insects and mammals. Reptiles are animals without wings who lay eggs. Some reptiles are very dangerous. Dogs, kangaroos, dolphins are mammals. Cats are mammals too. They have 4 long legs, so they run quite fast

Method " True or False?"

  1. Cats, dogs, sheep are wild animals.

  2. People hunt them for food and for fun.

  3. Tigers and lions are domestic animals.

  4. Dogs, kangaroos, dolphins are mammals.

  5. Wolves don’t like meat.

Guess the word”

  1. This animal sleeps all winter in a den.

  2. It lives in the desert. It needs very little water.

  3. It has got long ears. It eats carrots.

  4. It is a big cat. It lives in the jungle.

  5. This animals looks like a dog but it is wild.

  6. It lives in Africa and India. It eats grass, leaves.

Grammar : Tag question or disjunctive question

Ex 3,4 p 118-119

Ex 2 p 64 WB

Using the pictures pupils make a poster then protect it

Pupils read the text.

Using the text pupils do the tasks


5 min

2 min

Key words

squirrel, wolf, live, rabbit, fox, tiger, eats, lion, hunt, camel, horse, bear, forest, snowdrops, field, domestic, grass, dangerous, meat.

Прямоугольник 7Reflection: I liked the lesson. It was interesting and not difficult for me.

Прямоугольник 5 The lesson was interesting, but there were some difficulties.

Прямоугольник 9

The lesson was boring, I haven’t learnt anything

H/t Ex 3 p 64 WB

My favourite animals” write 5 sentences

Pupils use the key words they make a sentence or word combination.

Pupils say their opinion about the lesson.

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