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Контрольная работа (5 класс)

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  1. For question 1-5 , choose the correct answer a or b. you will hear the talk twice.

  1. Kwanza is…

  1. An African-American holiday B)a British holiday

2.The color of Kwanzaa are….

a) red, blue, black b)red, green, black.

3.People celebrate Kwanzaa for…

a) 7 days b) 3 days

4. The rules of kwanzaa are about ….

a) friendship b) family safety

5. parents give presents to their children on

a)31st December b) 1st January

2. Чтение

Отнесите заголовок с содержанием текста.

1. Books

2. Food

3. Sport

A. We want to tell you about traditional dishes. British traditional dishes are fish and chips, roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. Try Cornish pasties and Haggis- a Scottish dish. We are sure will like scones with cream and jam.

B.I have a little free time, because I have a lot of hobby. I am fond of reading. I can play basketball, darts and snooker. But I can’t play football. My friends enjoy playing football and I want to play with them.

C.We want to buy a present. But we don’t know what. It should be useful present. We go to the shop and there we can buy a folk song or fairy tale, or magazine about football. I know our friend likes reading. We buy English fantasy tales. They are great.

3. Поставьте в предложения подходящий предлог времени (on, in, at).

1. The exhibition opens10 a.m. … Sunday.

2. Dad will arrive late … night, so I will see him only … the morning.

3. We don’t go shopping … weekends.

4. Jane was born … the 15th of December … 1989.

5. The snow usually starts melting … spring, … April.

6. Mike has lunch … noon.

7. I will call you back … 5 minutes.

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