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Контрольная работа по английскому языку для студентов 1 курса

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Рассмотрено и одобрено на « Утверждаю»

заседании ПЦК Директор ОГБОУ СПО «НТЖТ»

«____»________________2015года _________В. И. Односторонцев

протокол №___________ «______»___________2015 год

председатель ПЦК

____________Демидчик О.А.


ПО УЧЕБНОЙ ДИСЦИПЛИНЕ __Английский язык______

Task 1..Fill in the blanks with the following verbs: get/getting, go/going, watch/watching, rain/raining, drive/driving. (Вставьте в предложения нужный глагол: Получить / получающих перейдите / собирается, часы / смотреть, дождь / дождь, вести / вождения)

1.What time do you usually… up in the morning?

2.Where are you…?- To the shop.

3.Did you… television last night?

4.Put up your umbrella. It’s… .

5.The police stopped her because she was… the car too fast.

Task 2.Choose the correct answer  for each of the sentences: (Выберите правильный ответ для каждого из предложений):

1. If his nose were smaller, he … very handsome.  

  a) would be         b) was

2. I would come if I … a car.

 a) would have     b) had

3. If she hadn’t told him, he … .  

 a) will never find out    b)would have never found out

4. If I … about it, I would have told you.  

  a) know                 b) had known

5. I wish I … win the competition.    

  a) could                 b) have

6. He wishes we … good friends.    

  a) are                     b) were

Task 3. Choose the correct modal verb for each of the sentences: (Выберите правильный модальный глагол для каждого из предложений):

1. When I was 5, I … speak English.  

  a) can       b) will be able to       c) could

2. Kate is a very talented girl. She… sing and dance.  

  a) could   b)can          c) was able to

3. I think I… to the party on Friday.  

  a) will able come     b) will be able to come   c) will come

Task 4. Turn the following sentences into reported speech using the words in brackets (Включите следующие предложения в косвенной речи, используя слова в скобках).

1.”You should go to the doctor.”  (my mum/advise)

2.”Open the window, please.”       (our teacher/ ask)

3.”Don’t be late!”                            (his dad/ tell)

4.”Let’s go to the theatre.”            (my friend/ suggest)

Task 5. Fill in the missing words and phrases. Use them from the list given below:( Заполните пропущенные слова и фразы. (Используйте их из списка приведенного ниже)):

1. My best friend is … collecting stamps.

2. I am … boring lessons.

3. I and my friends like to … bikes in summer.

4. My sister’s husband is three years … than her.

5. Do you want to … the Zoological Society of London?

6. My … brother gets along with our parents very well.

7. “Harry Potter” is … reading.

8. My father … the rubbish.

(takes out, tired of, older, elder, fond of, worth, join, go by)


Task 6.  Fill in the article (a/an, the) where it’s necessary. (Вставьте нужный артикль (a/an, the), где необходимо.)

1. … Mark Twain is famous for his book “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”

2.  … Smiths have … dog and … cat.

3. “Is this your ... friend?” — “No, it isn’t my ... friend, it is my sister”.

4. This is ... tree. ... tree is green.

5. I can see three ... children. ... children are playing in … yard.

6. What's … highest mountain in the world?

7. He lives in … Paris.

8. He is  … economist.

9. … Earth goes round … Sun.

10. What … strange girl!

Task 7. Insert the verb in a sentence or to have or to be in the right form. (Вставьте в предложении глагол или to have или to be в нужной форме)
Smirnova ... on duty today.

2) I ... not ready for the lesson.

3) He ... a pucture.

4) She ... a globe.
5) Everybody ... present at the lesson.

6) Who ... in the classroom?

7)... you got a tape - recorder?

Task 8. Choose the correct option. (Выберите правильный вариант)

1. My father ____________ doctors. (like/ likes)

2. My mother and father ________ to play with my cat. (like/ likes)

3._______ Cliff want to be a doctor? ( Do/ Does)

4. Where _______ your sister like to play with her friends? (does/ do)

5._________ they want to be doctors? (Do/Does)

6. What _______ she want? ( do/does)

Task 9. Converted to digital expression. (Переведите в цифровое выражение).

1. Eleven

2. Twenty-seven

3. One hundred and fifty-eight

4. Ninty-two

5. Three hundred and fifty-five

6. One thousand, nine hundred and fourty-six

7. Eighty-three

8. Six hundred and seventy-one

9. Four thousand and five hundred

10. Seventy-five

Task 10. Translate into English of a numeric expression. (Переведите на английский цифровое выражение).

1. 125

2. 347

3. 1873

4. 789521

5. 13

6. 2/3

7. 5/7

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