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Контрольная работа по английскому языку на тему: "В прошлом" (6 класс) Spotlight

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Test 7

1. Write the opposites.

1) crowded-




2. Match the words to form phrases.

1) run a) town

2) ruined b) a home

3) weekly c) an idea

4) ghost d) buildings

5) get e) newspaper

3. Rewrite the sentences in the Past Simple.

1) We sometimes meet on weekends.(a month ago)

2) I often walk after school.(last Friday)

3) It’s a wonderful day today. (yesterday)

4) They read books on Sundays. (last Sunday)

5) He makes notes every week. (a week ago)

4.Fill in the gaps with the right word.

1) I feel t_ _ _ _ when I work for a long time.

2) Mary hasn’t come back from school yet. I’m getting w _ _ _ _ _ _.

3) He’s leaving for Canada next week. He’s so e _ _ _ _ _ _.

4) She feels s _ _ _ _ _ _ _ when she is alone in the dark.

5) I felt p _ _ _ _ _ _ when I didn’t understand something.

5. Put the verbs in the Past tense.

1) The man …… (hear) a load noise in the dark.

2) I …..(have) a good time yesterday.

3) My friends and I …..(drink) Cola.

4) Tom ……(say) something to his friend.

5) He….. (jump) back in the water.

6.Match the questions to the answers.

1) When was Walt Disney born? a He USA

2) When did he die? b He was a famous director

3) Where was Disney from? c In 1966

4) What was he famous for? d In 1901

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