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Test 7

1.      Fill in the missing words.

connect       plagiarism        generation        impact        gadgets        texting      download             extension         timetable      computer screen   

1)      I`m ….  an email to my e-friend in Australia.

2)      Joe`s eyes hurt because he spent all day looking at the …… .

3)      The younger …… are obsessed with new technology.

4)      Although he is being accused of …… , Peter insist that no part of his sociology paper has been copied from any other source.

5)      It`s taking ages to …… this file.

6)      In order to …….to the Internet you need a modem and a working telephone line.

7)      Teens these days use their mobiles as an …… of themselves.

8)      Having the TV on while she`s studying has a very negative ……..on Jane`s ability to concentrate.

9)      David couldn`t remember what time his geography class started, so he checked his …… to find out.

10)  Paul has lots of ……., but his favourite is his MP3 player.

2.      Complete the sentences with the correct modal (might, must, could, should, needn`t, need, mustn`t, can`t, don`t have to, may).

1)      You ……. do all your homework today, you can finish it tomorrow.

2)      “ …… you move over a bit so I can sit down, please?” he asked.

3)      You ….. raise your hand and wait before you ask a question.

4)      You ….. spend more time studying if you want to get good marks.

5)      Karen ……. leave school early tomorrow. She has a dentist appointment after school.

6)      You …… use your mobile phone in the classroom.

7)      Sue …… have been at the party last night. She`s on holiday in Italy right now.

8)      “Our Physics teacher ……. be away tomorrow, but I`m not sure”.

9)      You ……buy me a present. It is already the best present if you come!

10)   You …… work hard. It`s really necessary for you now.

3.      Fill in to, on, for, from, about.

1)      Tim was absent …...class yesterday, as he had the stomachache.

2)      Don`t worry …... your new job. With the skills you have, I`m sure you`ll do well.

3)      Dan has so many problems that it`s difficult for him to concentrate …… his studies right now.

4)      The bully at school is being mean …… a number of students. I`m going to report it immediately.

5)      Bob always blames other people …… his mistakes.



4.      Complete the phrasal verbs with the correct preposition.

1)     I gave …... all my old clothes to the charity shop.

2)     I don`t believe Jack gave …….  secret information about company. There must be some mistake.

3)     As soon as Mrs. Peterson gave ..….. our report cards, she asked if we have any questions about our marks.

4)     Don`t give ..…. . I know you can do it!

5)     I have to go to the library and give ……. some books I borrowed.

5.     Translate into English:

1)     спросить учителя о помощи

6)     подводить кого-либо

2)     расписание

7)     табель успеваемости

3)     пересдать экзамен

8)     достоинства и недостатки

4)     оценивать, выставлять оценку

9)     проверить электронную почту

5)     повторять (материал)

10)           установить программу

6.     a. Match to form compound nouns.






















b. Use the answers from 6a to fill in the gaps below:

1) The boy spent the afternoon playing ……. in the park .

2) Nick really needs a …… because his hair is too long.

3) We`re thinking of spending the …… in the mountains.

4) I found Steven King`s latest novel in the …….. near my house.

5) You`ll find all the ingredients you need in the ……… .

6) Our house has three ……… .

7)  Brushing with …….. helps prevent tooth decay and cavities.

8) If you have a ………. you should take an aspirin.

9) The teacher asked the students to write all the new words in their ……… .

10) I saw the job advertised in yesterday`s ……………. .

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