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Контрольный тест к 4 разделу учебника К.И.Кауфман "Happy English.ru" (9 класс)

  • Иностранные языки

Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:


1 Translate into Russian

  1. The parents don’t pay attention to their daughter that’s why she behaves badly. - __________________________________________________________


  1. A lot of teenagers say that their parents nag them.- ____________________


  1. No matter how much I object my parents want me to be a doctor. -_______


  1. Children are often ungrateful to their parents. -________________________


  1. Parents embarrass me in front of my friends. –______________________


  1. It occurred to me.-_____________________________________________

  2. My parents don’t want me to be a loser. -___________________________


2 Use the complex object with TO or without TO

  1. We expect you _____come to his birthday.

  2. She made him ____promise to give the picture to her.

  3. The teacher wanted me _____read this book.

  4. Who made your brother ____do it?

  5. I wouldn’t like my friends ____see me now.

  6. Don’t let them ____upset you so much.

3 Complete the sentences

  1. The American Civil War was the war between ____________and ____________

  2. The__________________states had slaves.

  3. One of the most important battles took place near _____________________.

  4. The President at that time was_________________________.

  5. As a result of the war, ____________________was abolished.

  6. Washington stands on_________________________

  7. The letters DC mean_______________________________________

  8. The government institutions _____________, ______________________, ____________________ are in Washington, too.

4 Сomplete the sentences

  1. ______________________is the home of the President and his family.

  2. __________________________________is a group of museums.

  3. _______________________________is the federal agency.

  4. ____________________________is a river.

  5. _______________________________is the place where laws are passed.

  6. ___________________________is a monument to the first President of the


  1. ______________________is the President’s wife.

The Potomac, Congress, the Smithsonian Institution, the Washington Monument, the White House, the First Lady, the FBI.

5 What sights do you see?




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