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Контрольное чтение 6 класс


Тексты для контроля чтения, 6 класс


Read the text and answer the questions

People who come to Britain for the first time find some of the customs new and interesting. The English do not shake hands each time when they meet. When you go to a friend’s house for a meal, it is not the custom to say “Thank you” at the end of the meal as in most European countries. Here you wait until you are leaving to go home and then you thank your friends for their invitation. Very few people, even people with quite a lot of money, have servants in their homes. It’s very difficult to find a servant and to find a good servant is even more difficult. They also want too much money for their job. So families do most of the housework themselves, and husbands usually work as much as wives. Most of the housework is done on Saturday mornings or afternoons when nobody works.

1. What do tourists find strange in Britain?
2. When do you usually say “Thank you” if you have a meal at a friend’s house?
3. Do all rich people have servants?
4. Do wives do most of the housework?
5. Why do people do their housework on Saturdays?


Read the text and answer the questions

Most English people who live in big cities like to get out of town for a day. Those who have a car find it easier, but you can also go by train where you want. It will take you about two hours to get to the south coast from London by train. People spend a Saturday or a Sunday at the sea, visit famous historical places or just have a picnic in the country. There are a lot of places to see so you’ll never be bored. Some time ago the shops didn’t work normal hours. They opened quite late and closed early, at about five. Of course, they didn’t work at weekends. Now everything has changed. Most shops close at seven or eight and some of them even work twenty- four hours. But people still prefer to do their shopping on Saturday morning. They don’t have to worry, because most shops try to make shopping as pleasant as possible.

1. Is the south coast far from London?
2. Where can you have a picnic if you live in a city?
3. Where can you buy something at night?
4. Do the shops work on Saturdays now?
5. When do people usually get out of town?


Read the text and answer the questions

Some time ago the British had very difficult money system. There were twelve pence in a shilling and twenty shillings in a pound. It means that they had more than one hundred pence in one pound. For a tourist it was almost impossible to understand and use this system. But in 1971 it was changed to a simpler one. One pound is now one hundred pence, which is the same as in most money systems of the world. You can sometimes think that over half of the people you see in the streets of London in summer are not Londoners, and most of them are not British at all. This is because London is one of the most popular cities of the world. Millions of people come here every year. So you can hear a lot of different languages on buses, in the Underground, in cafes and restaurants.

I. How many pence were there in one pound before 1971?
2. Is British money system different from systems of European countries now?
3. When do most tourists come to London?

4. Why can you hear a lot of languages in the streets of London?
5. Why was it difficult for tourists to use the old British money system?


Read the text and answer the questions

English people do not talk as much as Europeans do. If you travel by train for an hour, people will not talk to you during the journey. And if you are not silent they will think you are not being polite. This is true about everything. But on the whole the English are very friendly. If you ask them the way to some place they will tell you everything you must know. In every street of London you will find a policeman. They are always ready to help. When you have a problem, you can ask a policeman and he will do all that he can do. Most of them are tall and good-looking men, but there are also some women. The policemen and policewomen usually walk around the city, but they can have a motorbike or a car if they want to get to some place very fast.

1. Why mustn’t you talk to people on trains?
2. Can you ask people the way in the streets?
3. Who must you ask for help if you have a problem in London?
4. Are there only men in the police?
5. Why do the police use cars and motorbikes?


Read the text and answer the questions

People think that English food is bad, but it is not always right. The English like vegetables and potatoes. They also eat a lot of meat. If you don’t like traditional English food, you can go to one of numerous restaurants. These restaurants cook food of different countries of the world. You can have an English breakfast, a French lunch and an Italian dinner in one day. The tea, of course, is one of the most famous things about England. Teas in this country are always very good and pleasant. There is a tradition to have tea at about five o’clock every day. The English usually drink their tea with some milk in it. You can have some biscuits or a lovely cake with your tea. And you usually talk about different things over a cup of tea with your family or friends.

1. What do the English usually eat?
2. Are there Italian restaurants in England?
3. What do the English usually do at five o’clock?
4. How do the English like their tea?
5. What do the English usually do when they have tea?

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