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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Лексико-грамматический тест по английскому языку по темам "Животные" и "Страдательный залог" (10 класс)

Лексико-грамматический тест по английскому языку по темам "Животные" и "Страдательный залог" (10 класс)

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Exercise 1 Decide which answer (A, B, C or D) best fits each space.


If you decide to buy a pet, you should (1) ___ out as much as possible about the pet you (2) ___. Cats are easy to (3) ___ after and seem to be (4) ___, but also need the company of people. If your cat find someone who (5) ___ for it more than you do, it will change owners! A small puppy may look like a (6) ___ pet, but don’t forget that it will (7) ___ up. You may not be able to (8) ___ up with a very large dog that is too big for its (9) ___ and which (10) ___ on sleeping on your bed! Unless you (11) ___ it, it may attack people, or (12) ___ loudly day and night. Nobody loves a (13) ___ pet. Perhaps this is why so many people (14) ___ in for birds or fish as pets. Whatever you decide in the (15) ___, think carefully before you make a decision.

Exercise 2 Choose one of the words in italics to fill in the gaps. There’s one extra word in each case.

1. Mice and rats are excellent and funny ___. 2. Pets, animals kept for pleasure and ___, were domesticated and selectively bred for coexistence with human beings. (companionship/ companion/ companions)

3. The fisherman uses the animal as a plaything; most fish ___ physical damage. 4. As a result, they die or are doomed to a long ___. (suffers/ suffering/ suffer)

5. Types of pets rise and fall in popularity, just like anything else. Nevertheless, practical ___ determine choice. 6. In order to obtain the young animals, which ___ most desirable as pets, many adults of the wild species are killed. (considerations/ consider/ are considered)

7. When the matador finally thrusts his long sword into the bull, it is ­___ and weakened by loss of blood. It rarely dies instantly and is usually left to bleed to death. 8. The picadors’ horses also get serious ___ from a bull.(injuries/ injured/ injure)

Exercise 3 Put the words in the right order to make up sentences.

  1. down, year, are, each, Millions of, cut, trees.

  2. The, rooms, every, cleaned , hotel, are, day.

  3. will, tomorrow, played, The game, evening, be.

  4. have, men, arrested, Two, been.

  5. been, Water, discovered, Mars, has, on.

Exercise 4 Complete each sentence with a passive verb.

1. Millions of people watch this programme. This programme ___ by millions of people. 2. They will finish our new house at the end of the month. Our new house ___ at the end of the month. 3. They have elected a new president. A new president ___. 4. They rebuilt the damaged stadium last year. The damaged stadium ___ last year. 5. They have closed the mountain road. The mountain road ___. 6. Students write most of these magazines. Most of these magazines ___ by students. 7. Somebody will meet you at the station. You ___ at the bus station.

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