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Lesson plan "Unit 8 Out and about" (10th grade)

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Ak Orda” School-gymnasium No 45

Demonstrative lesson

Grade: 10 “A”

Teacher: Kussepova G.T.

The theme: Unit 8 Out and about

Date: 12.12.13 y

2013-2014 academic year

Approved by:


Kyzylorda region, Shiely district

English teacher of

45 “Ak Orda” school-gymnasium

Kussepova Gulzat Tungushbaevna


ІI quarter

Grade: 10 “A”


45 minutes

Subject: English

The theme

Unit 8 Out and about

The aims of the lesson

  • To give information about people, who spent holidays in different countries and their expressions;

  • To teach them to give their own opinions and decisions;

  • To teach them to work in groups.

The expected result

  • They will know about people, who spent holidays in different countries and their expressions;

  • They will be able to give their own opinions and decisions;

  • Students will be able to work in groups.

The main idea

They will get information about traveling places and expressions of people, who has been there.


travel and tourism

text type and function

(FCE Reading Part 3)


infinitives and -ing forms

Vocabulary builder

key topic vocabulary, word formation (irregular forms), metaphors (life)


listening for specific information (FCE Listening Part 2), Soundbite: /s/ and /z/


giving examples (FCE Speaking Part 4)

Use of English

prefer, would rather,

had better,

parts of speech

(FCE Use of English Part 4)

Working model

Using set phrases


letter of application


Warm-up “Cinquain”

Test (5 questions)

Team work “Reading and speaking”

Team work “Roulette”

Individual work “Work with disk”


  1. Assess with traffic light cards

  2. Assessment paper

  3. Get stars

  4. They will see their marks on the top of the task (Smiles)


Work Book exercises

Teacher’s notes about the lesson (what will teacher and students do during the lesson?)

  1. Introduction

Getting warmed up


Two groups choose one of travel types and write “Cinquain”

  • Dividing the class into groups (two groups)

(they will be divided into two groups by using picture pieces connected to the new unit)

  1. Check up their homework

They will do the test within 5 questions to check their knowledge about materials taught in Unit 7.

Green card – all correct answers

Yellow card – 1 or 2 mistakes

Red card – 3 or more mistakes

  1. Team work “Reading and speaking”

-they will determine their roles: “secretary”, “leader”, “observer”, “speaker” and “tiems keeper”;

-they will read the text with using “Popcorn” game;

-“Observer” will assess the works of his her classmates by completing “assessment papers”

Text will be divided into two groups.

Text for the first group

Is it the beach as usual for you this year, or are you planning to do something a little more adventurous? To give you some ideas, we sent five daring teenagers off on holiday and we got them to report back. Read on to find out more ...


Name: Amy Barker, 14
Holiday destination:

Sydney, Australia

We were exhausted when we arrived because the flight takes about 24 hours, with a stopover in Singapore. We all had jetlag and the first thing we did was go to bed! We were there for ten days, so we didn’t have time to travel around too much - Australia is huge and it takes days to get anywhere. We stayed in Sydney, but there was plenty to do there. I was a bit unsure when Dad suggested going to the Sydney Opera House (dance music is more my style!) but we saw a fantastic rock concert. The Harbour Bridge is really impressive, and I bought some great souvenirs as presents for my friends.

Recommended? Definitely.

Nhello_html_m55d7cfe0.jpgame: Ryan Fletcher, 13

Holiday destination: Skopelos, Greece

We go abroad every year, and I’d been to Greece twice before so I knew what to expect, but it was the first time I'd been to Skopelos. We normally stay in hotels, but this time we decided to try self-catering rooms. Mum and Dad soon realised that they didn’t want to do much cooking so we went out every night, which was great. I love Greek
food, especially seafood. We spent most of our time on the beach, and Skopelos has some great
beaches. The resort of Skopelos itself was a bit quiet, but I met a couple of local people my age so it wasn’t too bad. I’d had enough of the beach, really, after two weeks.

Recommended? Yes, although I prefer staying in a hotel.


Name: Rebecca Key, 13

Holiday destination: Summer Camp, France

It was the first time I’d been on holiday without my parents and sister, so I was really looking forward to it. At the same time, I was a bit nervous about meeting so many new people. It was a real adventure holiday. The camp was in the countryside and they’d organised things
like rock-climbing, horse-riding and canoeing. I soon made friends and we had a lot of fun. You can keep the rock-climbing (I was never very good at heights!) but the canoeing was brilliant! I keep in touch with some of the people by email and we’re planning to go again next year.

Recommended? Great for action-lovers. Didn’t meet any French people, though!

Text for the second group


Name: Simon Watson, 12

Holiday destination: Maldon Farm, Kent

We hadn’t had a holiday in Britain for a very long time. Usually, it’s Italy or Spain. Maldon Farm looked nice in the brochure, and it’s only an hour from where we live, so we got there very quickly. You stay in
rooms on the farm and you’re expected to help out with the animals every day. My mum and dad thought it would be good for me and my brother to learn about that sort of thing. Well, it just seemed to me more like hard work than a holiday! I enjoyed swimming in the pool, but we couldn’t use it for three days because of the rain! There wasn’t much to do and I was glad to get home. Mum and Dad seemed to enjoy it, anyway.

Recommended? Okay for people who like looking after animals.


Name: Hanna Bridgeman, 14

Holiday destination: Disneyland, Florida, USA

When my mum and dad said we were going to Disneyland, I thought, ‘That’s great for my sister (she’s nine), but what about me? I’m too old for people in Mickey Mouse costumes.’ I was looking forward to going to America, though. When we finally got there, I couldn’t believe it. The whole theme park is like a separate world. I ignored Mickey Mouse (and Donald Duck!) and headed straight for the rides. Space Cruiser was really cool, and so was the roller-coaster. In the end, we all had a great time. I’d say there’s something there for everyone.

Recommended? Yes, especially for families with young children.




Times keeper




  1. Team work “Roulette”

  • One by one the members of the group will choose the numbers and try to answer the questions. Each correct answer they will get a star. At the end of the lesson they will get nominations like “Best student” or some other nominations.

No 1 Australia

Remember the article.

Which writer(s) was uncertain about the holiday _______________

No 2 The USA

Remember the article.

Which writer found the journey tiring? _______________

No 3 The UK

Remember the article.

Which writer mentions eating out? _______________

No 4 Greece

Remember the article.

Which writers were bored by the end of the holiday? ______________, ________________

No 5 France

Remember the article.

Which writers made friends while on holiday? ______________, ________________

No 6 Kazakhstan

Remember the article.

Which writers usually go abroad on holiday? ______________, ________________

No 7 China

Use two of the words or phrases from the box to complete the definitions.

destination • stopover • jetlag • souvenir • abroad • self-catering • resort • adventure holiday • brochure

  • If you stay in _____________ rooms, you have to cook your own food.

  • A__________ is a kind of small magazine that often advertises holidays.

No 8 Spain

Use two of the words or phrases from the box to complete the definitions.

destination • stopover • jetlag • souvenir • abroad • self-catering • resort • adventure holiday • brochure

  • A_____________ is a town where lots of people go on holiday.

  • You suffer from _________ when you arrive in a country where the time is very different
    from the country you left.

No 9 Canada

Use two of the words or phrases from the box to complete the definitions.

destination • stopover • jetlag • souvenir • abroad • self-catering • resort • adventure holiday • brochure

  • Your __________ is the place you are going to.

  • A ___________ is a break in the middle of a very long flight.

No 10 Switzerland

Use two of the words or phrases from the box to complete the definitions.

destination • stopover • jetlag • souvenir • abroad • self-catering • resort • adventure holiday • brochure

  • ___________ s are fun for people who enjoy physical exercise and trying new

  • When you go__________, make sure you take your passport with you.

  • I got a model of the Acropolis as a ____________ of my trip to Athens.


Assess with using correct answers and show traffic light cards

  1. Individual work “Disk”

They will do the task No1 in vocabulary part of Unit 8


They will see their assessment on the top of their tasks (smiles)

  1. Expression of students about the lesson

What was easy for you today? What should you learn more? and etc

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