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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Личное письмо в формате ЕГЭ. Подготовительные упражнения.
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  • Иностранные языки

Личное письмо в формате ЕГЭ. Подготовительные упражнения.


Личное письмо в формате ЕГЭ. Подготовительные упражнения.

I. Read the rubric and underline the key words. Then, answer the questions.

Your friend wants to move to your area and is looking for a house to rent. He/she has asked you to help. Write a letter to your friend describing a house you have seen and giving further details.

  1. What type of writing is it?

  2. Who is sending the letter? What is the relationship between you and the recipient of the letter?

  3. What style is appropriate? Justify.

  4. What information do you need to include?

  5. What opening and closing remarks can you use?

II. Opening/Closing remarks.

Opening remarks:

  1. a thank you to the person for the last letter

  2. questions/wishes about recent events, the person’s health, comments about the news, etc.

  3. an apology for the delay in writing/replying

  4. the reason why you are writing

Closing remarks:

  1. the reason why you must end the letter

  2. greetings to the person’s family/friends

  3. wishes/a promise (e.g. to write again soon)

  4. a request to the person to reply soon/an invitation to visit, etc

Match sentences 1-8 points a-h in the box above.

1 …. I’ll write again when I’ve got more time.

2 ….Well, I’d better sign off now because I’m supposed to be meeting my friends at the cinema in half an hour.

3 …. Write and tell me how you get on at the party.

4 …. I hope you’re well and truly over your cold by now.

5 …. I thought I’d take a few minutes to write to you with the information you asked for.

6 …. Say hello to your sister for me.

7 …. Sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you but I’ve been very busy with exams.

8 …. Thanks a lot for your lovely letter, which arrived last week

III. Choose the informal expressions.

  1. Opening a letter (Dear Jane, Dear Sir, Dear Mr. Jones)

  2. Initial greetings (It was great to hear from you, I am writing with reference to your letter, Thanks for writing to me)

  3. Congratulations (Well done, I would like to offer congratulations on, Let me congratulate you on)

  4. Opinion (In my opinion, To my mind, I hold the view that, Personally I have no doubt that, My own thoughts are)

  5. Advice/Suggestion (Why not try, What about trying, It is recommended that you, You could, I urge you to, I suggest that, If I were you)

  6. Linkers (Moreover, Also, Then again, Furthermore, Better still, As well as that, What’s more, Additionally)

  7. Endings (Do drop me a line if you have time, I look forward to hearing from you without delay, Hope to hear from you soon, Keep in touch, I hope to hear from you at your earliest convenience)

  8. Closing a letter (Yours faithfully, Your sincerely, Love)

IV Read the sentences and put an F for formal and an I for informal language. Then say: a) which sentences can start or end a letter; b) what kind of letter each sentence belongs to.

  1. I am writing to request your advice on a business matter.

  2. I look forward to receiving any information which might be of help.

  3. I’m writing to say how sorry I am for the misunderstanding.

  4. I trust this matter will receive your immediate attention.

  5. Well, that’s all my news for now. Write back soon.

  6. Thank you again for the invitation and I hope we can get together some other time.

  7. Once again, thanks for all your help.

  8. I am writing to inform you that new courses will commence on July 4th.

  9. Hope this advice has helped.

  10. I’m writing to invite you to our house-warming party.

Неофициальный стиль. Полезные фразы.

I. Opening Remarks:

Thanks a lot for your letter.

It was great to hear from you.

I’m sorry I haven’t written for ages/for so long.

It was a nice surprise to receive your letter.

It is always good to hear from you.

It was great to get your letter and hear all your news.

I always love to hear your news.

II. Closing Remarks:

Write back soon.

Write again soon and tell me your news.

Keep in touch.

Give my regards/love to your parents.

Well, that’s all my news for now.

Well, that’s all for now.

Write back soon.

I’m looking forward to your next letter.

I’m looking forward to hearing all about it.

III. Main Body:

Tell me more about…..

I’d like to know more …

It will/must be great to…..

It’s really cool…./It’s nice that …

I can’t wait to …

You are right that …

Good luck with …(N/Ving)

Congratulations on …(N/Ving)

I’m so happy to hear …

I think/I expect/I (just) hope/ I am sure/ I enjoy/ I want/ I wish/ I prefer/I’d like/As for me/ To my mind

IV. Linking Words:

But, also, so, because, too, of course, certainly, well, only, really, now, quite, then, and, just, anyway, as well, since, first of all……

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