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Theme of the lesson: Special people

Aim of the lesson: To develop of pupil’s speech habits and reading skills.

To revise the comparative and superlative adjectives

Presentation of the new material ‘’Special people’’

Language material: Comparative and superlative adjectives

Equipments: cards, the famous people’s portraits, slide

The procedure of the lesson

  1. Organization moment.

Teacher acquaints the pupil’s with the main task of the lesson

  1. Home task

Ex -7 The comparison of adjectives







  1. New theme

What do you know about these people?


The 3-rd of December

Theme: Special people. (Әлемге танымал адамдар)

1.The shortest person in the world was called General Tom Thumb. He was born in 1838 in the USA and was only 102 cm tall when he died in 1883.

2.King George IV had the biggest bath. It was 4,88 m long, 3,05 m wide and 1,83 m deep

3.China has the largest population in the world – about one milliard.

4.The funniest name?

Mr Zzyzzy Zzyryxxy who lives in Chicago and that’s true

5.The hottest place in the world is Mali in West Africa, which has an average temperature of 28 C all the year round.

Ex:2 p: 71 Complete the sentences

1) The _______________ name is Zzyzzy Zzyryxxy.

2) The ______________ person in the world was General Tom Thumb.

3) The ______________ place in the world is Mali.

4) The country with the ________________ population is China.

5) The ________________ bath was 4,88 m long.

Write some sentences about the people in the photos


Abai Kunanbaev

Date of birth: ( 1845-1904)

Place of birth: Semipalatinsk region

Nationality: Kazakh

His poems: Described the nature, life and traditions of simple people


The most famous work: ‘’ Words of education’’

Physical minutes


My car is __________ than of my friend’s.


the fastest


2. She is __________ person in class.

more intelligent

the intelligent

the most intelligent

3. My book is ____________ than yours.




4. Give opposites.

Fast –

Cheap –

Quite –

Low –

Old –


The Kazakhstan hotel

Price: 14.800 tenge

Built: 1978

Rooms: 364


The Ankara hotel

Price: 59.800 tenge

Built: 1996

Rooms: 290

The Almaty hotelhello_html_4b57c44c.png

Price: 11.400 tenge

Built: 1960

Rooms: 257

  1. Conclusion

Answer the qestions

Who is the shortest person in the world?

Where the hottest place in the world?

Who had the biggest bath?

Where the largest population in the world?

What is the funniest name in the world?


Exercise 10 .

Write sentences comparing the three hotels


Краткое описание документа:

Theme of

the lesson: Special


Aim of the

lesson: To

develop of pupil’s speech habits and

reading skills.

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