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Итоговый тест по английскому языку за 5 класс (ФГОС)

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  1. Vocabulary.

Put the missing words in. is worth, is famous , are proud , Royal, the capital, free, is very rich , are full .

London is ( 1 ) of Great Britain. It ( 2 ) for its museums, churches and parks. In London most museums are ( 3 ). In Madame Tussaud’s Museum you can see wax figures of the members of the ( 4 ) family: the Queen, her husband and their children. London ( 5 ) in parks and Londoners ( 6 ) of their parks. London’s parks ( 7 )of trees and water. London ( 8 ) visiting!

  1. Grammar.

9) He has never … Big Ben.

a) see b) saw c) seen

10) They … met a big tiger in the park.

a) have b) has

11) Look! A funny monkey … !

a) jump b) have jumped c) is jumping

12) He … just … the work.

a) have finished b) has finished c) is finishing

13) He … an interesting book by A. Cristie yesterday.

a) read b) have read c) reads

14) Dad usually …on Sundays.

a) works b) is working c) work

15)They…hamburgers and chips.

a) are liking b) like c) likes

16) …you … that nice bird in the tree?

a) are seeing b) is seeing c) do see

17) Last year we ... London

a) will visit b) visited c) visit

18) My friend ... History.

a) like b) likes c) liked

19) Your mother doesn't like sport, ...

a) don't she? b) doesn't she? c) does she?

20) Linda ... going to visit Moscow.

a) am b) is c) are

21) ... she ... Maths?

a) does likes b) does like c) do like

22) Children ... close and friendly families.

a) need b) needs c) are needing

23) My brother will visit Buckingham Palace next week, ...

a) will he b) willn't he c) won't he

  1. Reading

Conan Doyle

Many years ago a young doctor began to write stories about a man who was a detective. Readers liked his stories because they were very interesting and the doctor decided to become a writer. The doctor was Conan Doyle and he wrote about Sherlock Holmes.

Conan Doyle wrote his first story about Sherlock Holmes in 1887. In this story the detective meets his friend Dr. Watson. Holmes and Watson lived at 221 В Baker Street in London.

Many discussions take place about where 221 В was. There is no house there now. But a large company has its office near the place. This company answers twenty or so letters which still come every week to Sherlock Holmes, 221 В Baker Street. Most come from the United States and many people ask if Mr. Holmes can help them with some problem.

The company answers saying that, "Mr. Sherlock Holmes is no longer working as a detective".

There is a pub ( бар ) in London called Sherlock Holmes. One of the rooms in the pub is Sherlock Holmes' room. It has many things the room in Conan Doyle's stories had - Holmes' hat, some letters written to Sherlock Holmes, chairs and tables like those described in the stories. Also, there are some pictures of Holmes and Conan Doyle, of actors who played Holmes and Watson in films, on television and radio.

In 1961 lovers of Sherlock Holmes formed the Sherlock Holmes Club. They meet three or four times a year to talk about Sherlock Holmes. The members of the Club know the stories about Sherlock Holmes very well, and they discuss these stories at their meetings.

True or false.

  1. Conan Doyle was a doctor.

  2. Many people write letters to Sherlock Holmes now.

  3. Twenty or so letters still come to Sherlock Holmes every year.

  4. There is a pub in London called Conan Doyle.

  5. The members of the Sherlock Holmes Club help people with some problem.

  1. Writing.

Write about your friend. Describe his (her) appearance, main characteristics, hobbies.

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Итоговый тест по английскому языку за курс 5 класса по учебнику М.З. Бибалетовой (ФГОС) содержит 4 вида заданий:1. Лексические;2. Грамматические;3. Чтение;4. Письмо. Первая группа заданий предполагает проверку знаний лексических единиц по темам, изученным в 5 классе.В грамматической части теста осуществляется проверка навыков употребления и образования изученных грамматических структур.Задание по тексту выявляет способность ученика извлекать информацию из прочитанного материала.В задании «Письмо» проверяется умение использовать изученный материал для написания логически связанного текста описательного характера.
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