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Реферат «My Trip to the USA»



Contents:D:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\нью-йорк\usa_120620091227_4.jpg


Washington D.C.…………………………………………3

New York ………………………………………………….6

Boston ……………………………………………………10

Los Angeles ……………………………………………..13

Chicago …………………………………………………..14

Las Vegas ………………………………………………..15

Conclusion ………………………………………………16

Saucers …………………………………………………..16


I am going to invite you to make a virtual trip to the biggest and most important cities of the USA. Изображение:US map - geographic.png

The USA is one of the largest countries in the world. It is situated in the central part of the North American continent. It consists of 50 states. The official language is English. The population of the United States is 250 million people; most of the people live in towns. There are many big cities in the country. They are Washington, New York, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Detroit.

My task is to find out what makes these cities so important for the USA and attractive for visitors of the United States.

Изображение:Flag of the United States.svgИзображение:US-GreatSeal-Obverse.svgD:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\фото Америки\америка\EAGLE.jpg

American Flag US Great Seal Obverse Bold Eagle


Washington D.C. is the capital of the United States of America. It is situated on the banks of the Potomac River. Washington D.C. does not belong to any state. It is a city and a district, the District of Columbia. It is located on the East Coast. D:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\вашингтон\ваш-2.jpg

This place was chosen by George Washington, the first president of the USA. The city was named after George Washington. It has been the federal capital since 1800. Washington D.C. is called the heart of America. It is the place where the federal government works and where each President of the United States lives. D:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\фото Америки\америка\Вашингтон.jpg

D:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\вашингтон\вашингтонский монумент.jpg

In Washington there are a lot of monuments to famous people and many places of interest. This is the Washington Monument.

It is 555 feet tall. George Washington was the first President of the USA. George Washington was born in Virginia and grew up on a large farm. He led the American army in many battles during the War for American Independence.

This is the Jefferson Memorial.

D:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\вашингтон\Jefferson Memorial.jpgD:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\фото Америки\америка\томас джеф.jpg

It was built in honor of Thomas Jefferson, the third President of the USA. He wrote the Declaration of Independence.

This is the Lincoln Memorial, built in honor of Abraham Lincoln. D:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\фото Америки\америка\линкольн.jpgD:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\вашингтон\линкольн. вашингтон.jpg

D:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\вашингтон\Lincoln Memorial.jpg

He became the sixteenth President of the USA. Lincoln wrote the Emancipation Proclamation, which freed the blacks from slavery. Inside the memorial is a statue of the former president.

This is the White House. D:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\вашингтон\белый дом.jpg

D:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\фото Америки\барак.jpg

It is the official residence of every President of the USA, except the first president, George Washington. At that time the White House was not built yet. There are 132 rooms in the White House.

The Capitol is the place where laws are made.

D:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\вашингтон\The Capitol -2.jpg

American Senate’s sittings take place there. It is the tallest building in Washington, D.C. and the most famous place.

If you like reading you can visit the Library of Congress.

D:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\вашингтон\the Library of Congress-2.jpgD:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\вашингтон\the Library of Congress-3.jpg

It is the largest national library in the world. It takes 340 miles of shelves to hold all of the books.

This is the National Air and Space Museum.

D:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\вашингтон\National Air and Space Museum-1.jpgD:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\вашингтон\National Air and Space Museum-2.jpg

Here you can see the history of flight, from the first plane to the Apollo space ship.

Washington D.C. is worth visiting.

New York

D:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\нью-йорк\new-york.jpg

New York is the largest city in the United States. It is situated at the mouth of the Hudson River. New York includes 5 districts: Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queen’s and Staten Island. Today, the Big Apple is a world capital and the world leader in finance, the arts and communications. There are a lot of museums, art galleries and educational institutions. The city is the home of the United Nations.

New York is associated with the Statue of Liberty for me. D:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\нью-йорк\usa_120620091227_4.jpg

The Statue of Liberty stands on Liberty Island in New York Harbor. It is as tall as a skyscraper. This Statue was a present from the people of France to the people of the USA. It was in 1886. A Frenchman made this “Lady”. His name was Frederic Bartholdi. He copied his mother’s face for his statue. Today the Statue of Liberty still welcomes people to America. D:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\нью-йорк\вид на манхэттэн. нью-йорк.jpg

Manhattan is the main island of New York.

Here you can see Wall Street, the financial center of the country. Here are the biggest banks of the USA.

D:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\вашингтон\мировой банк вашингтон.jpgD:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\нью-йорк\Wall Street.jpg

This is Broadway. There are more than 30 theaters here!

D:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\нью-йорк\broadway-sign.jpgD:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\нью-йорк\нью-йорк.jpg

You can see a different performance every day.

Carnegie Hall.

It presents the greatest orchestras and soloists of the world. D:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\нью-йорк\Carnegie Hall.jpgD:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\нью-йорк\Carnegie Hall-2.jpg

Times Square is the center of the theater district. The lights from all the theaters and advertisements are very bright.

D:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\нью-йорк\нью-йорк тайм скверjpg.jpg

Central Park is visited by thousands of people every day.

D:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\нью-йорк\Central Park -1.jpg

Here you can see families walking their dogs and young people riding their bikes and roller-skating. Some people come here to rest. They walk, sit in the sun, listen to music, or go to the zoo.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is the most famous art museum in New York. It has great art collections from all over the world. It is located in Central Park.

D:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\нью-йорк\Metropolitan Museum of Art -4.jpgD:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\нью-йорк\Metropolitan Museum of Art -3.jpg

In New York there are a lot of other museums:

American Museum the Museum of the City of New York

of Natural History

D:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\нью-йорк\American Museum of Natural History.jpgD:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\нью-йорк\Museum of the City of New York.jpg

Museum of Modern Art Frick Museum of Art.

D:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\нью-йорк\Museum of Modern Art-3.jpgD:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\нью-йорк\frick_collection-2.jpg

This is the Empire State Building.D:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\нью-йорк\the Empire State Building-2.jpgD:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\нью-йорк\the Empire State Building.jpg

It is the most famous and the tallest building in the world. It has 102 floors. A visitor can go to the top of the Empire State Building and admire the view of Manhattan.

City Hall has been the seat of New York’s government since 1811.

D:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\нью-йорк\City Hall.jpg


D:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\нью-йорк\Chinatown.-1.jpg

It has been the centre of New York’s large Chinese community for more than 100 years. There are many interesting shops and restaurants in Chinese style here.

In New York you can see famous bridges:

Brooklyn Bridge and George Washington BridgeD:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\нью-йорк\Brooklyn Bridge -1.jpg

D:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\нью-йорк\George Washington Bridge-1.jpg

They are the largest bridges in the world.

If I have an opportunity in the future, I will visit New York.

Boston, Massachusetts

D:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\фото Америки\Boston.jpg

Boston is the 5th largest city in the United States. Only New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Houston are larger. It is located on the Atlantic Ocean. Boston Harbor has been an important port. The Charles River separates Boston from another well known city, Cambridge. Boston is the capital of Massachusetts, one of the 50 states and one of the original 13 states. Massachusetts, along with Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine, makes up the region called New England. It has this name because it was originally settled by people from England.

If like sport, you will love Boston. It is home of the Boston Celtics, a basketball team, the Boston Bruins, an ice hockey team, and the Boston Red Sox, a baseball team.

D:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\бостон\Boston Bruins-2.jpgD:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\бостон\Boston Red Sox-2.jpgD:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\бостон\Boston Celtics.jpg

The Celtics and the Bruins play in the Boston Garden, which is a large stadium. The Red Sox play in at Fenway Park.

D:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\бостон\Fenway Park-1.jpgD:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\бостон\Boston Garden.jpg

Also, the oldest running race in the United States, Boston Marathon, is held in Boston each April.

D:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\бостон\Boston Marathon-4.jpg

Boston is also home of one of the best Symphonies in the United States – the Boston Symphony Orchestra. The Symphony usually performs in Symphony Hall. The Boston Ballet is also very good and each year presents Tchaikovsky’s “Nutcracker” at Christmas. D:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\бостон\Boston Symphony Orchestra-3.jpgD:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\бостон\Boston Symphony Orchestra-2.jpg

Some of the best known universities are located in Boston. The oldest university in the USA, Harvard University, was founded in 1636. D:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\бостон\Harvard University-5.jpg D:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\бостон\Harvard University.jpg It is located in Cambridge.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is also located in Cambridge. D:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\бостон\Massachusetts Institute of Technology.jpg D:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\бостон\Massachusetts Institute of Technology-1.jpg

There is also Boston University,

D:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\бостон\Boston University-1.jpgD:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\бостон\Boston Universit2.jpgD:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\бостон\Boston University-2.jpg

Boston College and many others.

D:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\бостон\Boston College-3.jpgD:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\бостон\Boston College.jpgD:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\бостон\Boston College-2.jpg

Many people call Boston a “College Town”.

If I lived in Boston, I would like to study at Harvard University.

Boston has many parks. The Public Garden has a pond where you can ride on boats in the shape of swans. D:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\бостон\The Public Garden.jpg

It is also home of a famous statue of a mother duck leading her baby ducklings from the pond. A replica of this statue is in Novodevichy Park in Moscow. D:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\бостон\The Public Garden -1.jpg

Boston is one of America’s oldest cities. It was founded in 1630. In 1773, to protest a new set of taxes on tea, a group of Americans dressed up like Indians, climbed aboard a ship full of tea and threw it all overboard into Boston Harbor.

This was known as the Boston Tea Party.

D:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\бостон\the Boston Tea Party.jpgD:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\бостон\the Boston Tea Party-5.jpg

Boston has been the final home of many immigrants to the United States. In the 19th and 20th centuries, many Italian and Irish immigrants moved to Boston. Today, many other nationalities are also represented in Boston.

Los Angeles, California

Next town, I am going to tell you about, is Hollywood. It is synonymous with the American motion-picture industry. Hollywood is a special part of a larger city called Los Angeles, California, and it attracts lots of people. It is easy to see where Hollywood is. There is a big sign on the hills. The white letters are fifty feet tall. In the past Hollywood was all farmland. But California’s climate and area were perfect for the motion-picture industry: mountains, desert and ocean. The first film studio was established there in 1911. Today’s movies are made in other places too, but Hollywood remains the centre for music recording companies and for advertising. When we think of Hollywood, we think of movies and famous movie stars. They are part of Hollywood history. Many stars live in Hollywood. Today it is possible to make a trip to Universal Studios Hollywood. It becomes a journey through a hundred film fantasies. An open-air tram takes visitors through the movie studios and they experience recreations of classical movie special effects. I wish I visited Hollywood and saw famous film stars.D:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\голливуд\Hollywood-3.jpgD:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\голливуд\лос андж.jpgD:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\голливуд\Hollywood.jpg

D:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\голливуд\Hollywood-2.jpg

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago, Illinois, has been called the most typically American City. Chicago is on the Lake Michigan, and waterways and railroads made Chicago a natural link between the products of the Midwest and the markets of the East. You can see many architectural landmarks if you visit the Loop. D:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\чикаго\the Loop.jpgD:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\чикаго\Chicago, Illin.jpg

The Loop is Chicago’s downtown area. It got its name because Chicago’s elevated railway makes a circle, or loop, around it.

Chicago’s tallest buildings are the John Hancock Tower, or “Big John”, the Standard Oil Building (“Big Stan”) and the Sears Tower, which is the tallest building in the world.D:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\чикаго\John Hancock Tower.jpg

D:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\чикаго\Standard Oil Building -1.jpgD:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\чикаго\the Sears Tower-1.jpg

Chicago is famous for its beaches. Most of the area along Lake Michigan is open to the public as beaches and parks. D:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\чикаго\пляж.jpg

D:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\чикаго\пляж-1.jpg

I wish I saw the skyscrapers in Chicago.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is a center of gambling in America. For this reason, some people say that the name Las Vegas comes from a mispronunciation of the phrase “lost wages”. In reality, “Las Vegas” in Spanish means “the meadows”. Early settlers were impressed by the fact that Las Vegas was an oasis of green grass in the middle of a desert. D:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\лас вегас\Las Vegas, Nevada-2.jpg

Today Las Vegas is still an oasis – not of grass, but of neon lights. Las Vegas’s hotels, casinos use so much neon that Las Vegas has been nicknamed the City of Lights. Many admirers and many critics of Las Vegas agree that it is an “adult Disneyland”, a fantasy oasis in the Nevada desert. D:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\лас вегас\казино.jpgD:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\лас вегас\Las Vegas, Nevada-3.jpg

D:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\лас вегас\казино-1.jpgD:\ДОКУМЕНТЫ\ИРА\КЛАССЫ\9 класс\жмуров реферат\лас вегас\казино-4.jpg


These cities are very important for the USA. They connected with the history of the country, with the development of America, and the way of American life. American people are proud of their history and their country.

Sources :

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Курс профессиональной переподготовки «Немецкий язык: теория и методика обучения в образовательной организации»
Курс повышения квалификации «Специфика преподавания английского языка с учетом требований ФГОС»
Курс повышения квалификации «Специфика преподавания немецкого языка с учетом требований ФГОС»
Курс повышения квалификации «Специфика преподавания французского языка с учетом требований ФГОС»
Курс повышения квалификации «Специфика преподавания испанского языка с учетом требований ФГОС»
Курс повышения квалификации «Специфика преподавания итальянского языка с учетом требований ФГОС»
Курс повышения квалификации «Специфика преподавания китайского языка с учетом требований ФГОС»
Курс профессиональной переподготовки «Теория и методика билингвального обучения иностранным языкам»
Курс повышения квалификации «Организация кросс-культурной адаптации иностранных студентов в образовательных организациях в сфере профессионального образования»
Курс повышения квалификации «Теория и методика преподавания основ латинского языка с медицинской терминологией в организациях СПО»
Курс повышения квалификации «Специфика преподавания русского языка как иностранного»
Курс профессиональной переподготовки «Организация деятельности помощника-референта руководителя со знанием иностранных языков»
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