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Олимпиада по английскому языку 9 класс

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9 класс


You are going to read a text about American jazz. For questions 1-7 choose the answer A,B,C, or D which you think fits best according to the text Write the answers in the table after the text.


American jazz is a mixture of sounds from such varied sources as American and African folk music, European classical music, and Christian songs. One of the characteristics of jazz is its improvisation: certain parts of the music are written out and played the same way by various performers, and other improvised parts are created during a performance and vary widely from performer to performer.

The earliest form of jazz was ragtime, lively songs or rags performed on the piano, and the best-known of the ragtime performers and composers was Scott Joplin. Born in 1868 to former slaves, Scott Joplin earned his living from a very early age playing the piano in bars around Mississippi. One of his regular jobs was in Maple Leaf Club in Sedalia, Missouri. It was there that he began writing his more than 500 compositions that he produced later, the most famous of which was «The Maple Leaf Rag».

1 American jazz is…

a) folk music

b) disharmony

c) a mixture of different songs

d) a mixture of different musical styles

2. When a musician improvises, he…

a) makes up some parts of music as he plays

b) plays only the written parts of the music

c) performs only a varied parts of the music

d) performs the same way as other musicians

3. According to the passage, ragtime was…

a) songs performed only at the Maple Leaf Club

b) songs performed only in bars around the Mississippi

c) the first type of jazz

d) lively songs of slaves

4. Which of the following statements is true according to the passage?

a) Scott Joplin was a slave when he was born

b) Scott Joplin`s parents were slaves when Scott was born

c) Scott Joplin`s parents had been slaves before Scott was born.

d) Scott Joplin`s parents became free in 1868

5. Scott Joplin…

  1. lived in bars around Mississippi

  2. had nowhere to live

  3. got money by playing the piano in bars around Mississippi

  4. did not want to live in the state of Mississippi

6. The name of Scott Joplin`s most famous composition probably came from…

  1. Christian song

  2. the name of the place where he was born

  3. the maple tree near his school

  4. the name of a saloon where he performed

7. “The Maple Leaf Rag ” is Joplin’s…

  1. most well-known composition

  2. best composition

  3. last composition

  4. first composition

2.Language in Use

Choose the right variant

1.I... glasses since I was a child,

a) wear, b) wore, c) am wearing, d) have been wearing.

2. When the phone rang, I... dinner.

a) cook, b) was cooking, c) had been cooking, d) have been cooking.

3. He usually had dinner at 4 p.m., ... ?

a) had he, b) hadn't he, c) did he, d) didn't he.

4. We all... mistakes when we are young.

a) do, b) make, c) did, d) made.

5. We ... two compositions this month.

a) write, b) wrote, c) were writing, d) have written.

6. He ... school this year.

a) finished, b) was finished, c) has finished, d) is finished.

3.Use the word given in capitals at the end of each line to form a new word that fits in the space in the same line. Write the answer in the table after the text.

Finding an accurate ….. from one language to another is TRANSLATE

not always easy and the job of an ….. can be unpredictable. INTERPRETE

Many …… in one language do not work in another language EXPRESS

and trying to give a good idea of what a …… wants to say SPEAK

can be difficult. The most important thing is that no ….. INFORM

should be lost. You have to be ….. certain COMPLETE

that they understand the message and ….. spoken language YOU

has to be very good. You can provide a real ….. CONNECT

for people who speak ….. languages. They are certainly DIFFER

an important part of international ….. COMMUNICATE

4. Country Studies

Choose the right variant

1. What's the name of the most famous clock in Britain?

a) Big Albert, b) Big Stephen, c) Big Wren, d) Big Ben.

2. What's tartan?

a) a dish, b) a pattern of the kilt, c) a bird, d) a dance.

3. The traditional English drink is ... .

a) coffee, b) tea, c) cocoa, d) milk.

4. What's the name of the London underground?

a) Metro, b) Tube, c) Subway, d) Underground,

5. Where is the official residence of the Queen?

a) Chatham House, b) Regent Palace, c) Westminster Palace, d) Buckingham Palace.


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