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Открытый урок по английскому языку (6 класс)

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The theme: Echoes of the past

the aim: to develop the pupils ability in oral speech, answering the questions, doing tasks.

Visual aids: cards, interactive board.

The Plan

  1. Organization moment.

Cood afternoon, dear pupils. I am glad to see you. Who is on duty today? What is the weather like today?

  1. Phonetic drill.

  2. The theme of our lesson is “Echoes of the past”. Your home task was to learn by heart the new words.

Шіркеу -

қала -

қорған -

базар -

орман -

өзен -

зауыт -

алаң -

көпір -

ауыл -

көк тіреген үй -

  1. Now pupils reading the text “Echoes of the past ” and translate it.

Pupil 1: Twelve thousand years ago, our town wasn't a town. It was a camp for people of the Stone Age. The people were hunters. They lived in tents by the river. There was a forest round the camp.

Pupil 2: Four thousand years ago , our town was a small village. The people were farmers. There were some simple houses, but there weren't any streets.

Pupil 3: In the year 110, our town was a Roman town. There was a bridge across the river. There were several shops and there was a bar. There was a school too.

Pupil 4: The Roman town didn't survive and, in 1200, our town was a village again – a medieval village. There was a church and a castle. There was a shoe shop and a baker's. Once a week, there was a market.

Pupil 5: In 1820, it was a busy town again. There was a new church, a hotel, a town hall and a square. There were a lot of different shops and there was a big factory.

  1. Please, Using Message Sinquin.

    1. Noun

    2. Adjective

    3. Predicate

    4. Sentence

    5. Synonym

  1. Now please, open your workbook and do the Exercise №3 page 33

Put the words in the right order and make questions. Then write true answers.

2. Were there any interesting programme?

Yes there were/ No, there weren't.

3. Was there a party at your house yesterday?

Yes, there was/ No, there wasn't.

4. Were there any letters for you this morning?

Yes, there were/ No, there weren't.

5. Was there a lot of traffic this morning?

Yes, there was/ No, there wasn't.

  1. Now we shall deal with grammar. At previous lessons we learn The Present Simple, The Past Simple and the Present Continuous Tense. A work with cards. You must find what tense the sentence and ask questions.

1. He is sitting on the sofa at the moment.

2. I went to hospital yesterday.

3. I tidy my room every day.

4. She was wearing a long dress

  1. Now pupils do the task in the CD-er.

  2. Now listen the telephone conversation between Dana and Zhambil.

Pupil 1: Hello.

Pupil 2: Hello, is that Zhambil?

Pupil 1: Yes.

Pupil 2: Hi, Zhambil. I am Dana. I saw your notice at school today. You are selling your computer.

Pupil 1: Yes, that's right.

Pupil 2: Are you selling the keyboard and the mouse?

Pupil 1: No, I'm not selling those.

Pupil 2: OK. Has it got any speakers?

Pupil 1: Er....no, it hasn't.

Pupil 2: Is there a printer with it?

Pupil 1: Well, I've got a printer, but I want to keep it. The printer isn't for sale. Sorry.

Pupil 2: Er....the notice says a hundred and ninety-nine pounds. That's quite expensive. What about a hundred and fifty?

Pupil 1: Mmm..I'm not sure. Do you want to come and see it?

Pupil 2: Yes,Ok. Shall I come this evening?

Pupil 1: Yes,that's fine. Can you come about eight o'clock?

Pupil 2: Ok, thanks, Zhambil. See you later.

  1. Now pupils answer my questions.

1. A very tall building. (skyscraper)

2. Trafalgar is in London and Times in New York. (square)

3. The town's leaders work here. (town hall)

4. A small group of houses and shops. It isn't a town. (village)

5. You can buy things here. It is usually outside in the street. (market)

6. There are a lot of trees here. (forest)

7. If you want to drive a car across a river, this is necessary. (bridge)

8. A large building where people make things. (factory)

  1. Conclusion. Well, pupils, today we learnt a lot. We learnt some new words and phrases. I hope you liked today's lesson. Thank you for your activeness.

- your home task is to do Ex4p. Open your diary and write down, please.

- your marks for today are ….

- the lesson is over! Good bye.

General secondary school by M. Zhunusova

The theme: hello_html_27fe9d52.gif

(open lesson)

Teacher of English: Kairova N. Zh

2012-2013 year

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