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Открытый урок по английскому языку на тему "Weather"

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Theme of the lesson: “How is the weather like in…?”

The aim of the lesson:

- to enrich the pupils’ vocabulary notes on the theme “Weather”;

- to develop the pupils’ speaking and writing skills;

- to teach them to love their country and its nature.

The type of lesson: combined

The visual aids of the lesson: presentation on POWER POINT, slides, pictures

The procedure of the lesson:

1. Орг. Момент.

- Good morning, pupils! I’m glad to see you again! Today we have guests, let’s greet our guests and say «Hello!» OK, sit down, please.

- Who is on duty today?

- Who is absent today?

- What is the date today?

2 psychological treatments.

Pupils try to say each other complements f. e. you are so good.

3. Checkup home task.

At first let’s check up your home task/ you were given to draw the map of Kazakhstan and say where the cities of Kazakhstan situated using the detections South, North, West, East

Before to start checking home task you must guess the theme of our lesson I’ll give you puzzles you must collect and guess the theme of our lesson.

Yes you are right my dear friends, today we are going to speak about different seasons and weather. I hope you’ll work well.

4 Warming – up activities.

T: Look through the window!

- What is the season now?

- It’s spring.

- What seasons do you know in the year?

- There are winter, spring, autumn, and summer.

- Do you like spring?

- Yes, I like spring. –

What season do you like?

5. Vocabulary target. Read and repeat!

Сloud – облако

Sun – солнце

Rain – дождь

Snow – снег

Fog – туман

Wind – ветер

Frost - мороз

6 working on grammar «suffix y» для образования прилагательного от существительного

Sun ---------------- sunny

Cloud ----------- cloudy

Fog ----------- foggy

Wind ------------ windy

Frost -------------- frosty

Storm -------- stormy

Rain -------- rainy

Snow ------------- Snowy

7 Oral exercises

A] Reading and translating.

My name is Ann. My favorite season is autumn. The trees are brown, yellow and red. It’s foggy, rainy and cloudy. Children go to school. We like to ride a bike on a warm autumn day.

It’s winter now. Children like to play snowballs. The houses and trees are white. I don’t like winter, because it’s cold and snowy.

Then spring comes. It’s warm and sunny. I like spring, because children play in the park. Birds come. The trees are green.

Summer comes. We swim in the river. It’s hot. We listen to music, play computer games, read books or watch TV. I like to draw pictures.”

b) You’ve listened to the text and now be ready to do the following task. Say true or false.

1. Ann likes autumn very much. T

2. Ann can ride a bike in winter. F

3. She likes winter. F

4. Ann doesn’t like to draw pictures. T

5. The children play computer games, read books or watch TV in summer. T

8) Relaxation: the song “How is the weather”

9 works with poster the theme of our posters are 4 seasons

10) Put the extra word away and guess the season:

a) Rain, foggy, yellow trees, snow, cloudy (autumn)

b) Warm, green trees, first birds, May, New Year (spring)

c) Snow, frost, flowers, skate, cold, January (winter)

d) Sunny, July, snowman, swim, hot (summer)

Giving home task ex:

Reflection of the lesson.


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